Apple Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review

Apple Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review

What could be better than the tart tastiness of an apple sherbet? What about one that also offers up intense motivation and a drive to move forward, no matter the cost. That’s the Apple Sherbet strain all over.

Dominant Terpene:
Myrcene, Phytol
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is about 10 weeks and is best grown indoors for better temperature control.

We all have those days when we feel as though we have taken on more than we can actually handle. Those days when you simply cannot understand how you will ever make it to the bottom of your to-do list. It is on days like these that a sativa-dominant strain can really go a long way, helping you to achieve what once felt impossible.

A sativa has the ability to provide you with the energy and motivation you need to tackle tasks head-on and end the day feeling rewarded and upbeat. The Apple Sherbet strain does just that. Packing a potent dose of THC and effects to match it, Apple Sherbet has become a popular strain among those who refuse to be defeated no matter what life throws at them.

Let’s take a closer look at Apple Sherbet and find out what makes it such an excellent strain.

What Is the Apple Sherbet Strain?

The Apple Sherbet strain of weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 30% indica / 70% sativa breakdown. Apple Sherbet originates from the popular Sherbet strain; however, there is very little information about what else was used in the breeding process. The breeders responsible for creating Apple Sherbet have remained tight-lipped about precisely what strains they used in its creation, keeping their winning formula a much sought after secret.


True to its 70% sativa genetics, Apple Sherbet offers an uplifting high and a burst of energy that makes you feel motivated and ready to achieve the impossible. Apple Sherbet is ideal for daytime use when you can really benefit from the sudden sense of energy that races through your body, just begging to be productive.

You first notice the effects of Apple Sherbet in the form of a wave of happiness that quickly takes hold, shifting to a full state of euphoria. It becomes almost impossible not to smile and find yourself feeling upbeat and positive about the day ahead.

Apple Sherbet is perfect for those times when you really need to focus on a task and block out all distractions. Apple Sherbet helps you to focus your mind, allowing you to work through tasks quickly and feel rewarded.

When smoking Apple Sherbet in social situations, the sense of focus and determination is slightly reduced; you instead find that you are much more chatty and giggly. Apple Sherbet is a fun strain for large parties, breaking down social barriers and ensuring that you have a good time.

Unlike other strains that provide a sudden burst of energy and motivation, Apple Sherbet does not leave you feeling lethargic and worn out as the effects start to wear off. With Apple Sherbet, you instead start to notice its effects slowly fade away, leaving you feeling upbeat, only with slightly less energy.


The Apple Sherbet marijuana strain has an exciting aroma that combines a mix of cooked apples with a very unexpected cheesiness. Holding an Apple Sherbet bud in your hand, you start to notice the bright apple-like aroma, which reminds you of cutting a fresh apple straight down to the core.

As you grind Apple Sherbet’s buds apart, a strange cheesy aroma starts to break its way through the apples that once filled the air. While the smell of cheese is nothing to complain about, and you could even go so far as to describe it as enjoyable, it is just not what you would expect from such a sweet-sounding strain.

Burning Apple Sherbet buds helps the fresh apple aroma to work its way back to the surface, only this time in cooked form. As the buds burn, the room quickly fills with the smell of a fresh, mouthwatering apple pie.

Apple Sherbet produces a visible smoke, which is a joy to breathe through. It is rare for Apple Sherbet’s smoke to irritate your throat and cause uncontrollable coughing, which is all too common with other strains.

Does Apple Sherbet taste as sweet as its name suggests?


As you would expect from a strain with such a sweet name, Apple Sherbet offers a sugary flavor profile, making it difficult to stop at just a few puffs. Combining both elements of its name, Apple Sherbet mixes the tang of a slightly sour apple with the sweetness of sherbet.

As you inhale your very first breath of Apple Sherbet, you cannot help but smile as the sweet sugar washes over your tongue. As your taste buds start to tingle with joy, you get the first taste of delicious sour apple, cutting through the sugar to make itself noticeable.

After exhaling, you are left with a very similar taste and feeling to what you experience when eating real sherbet. Your tongue continues to tingle, itching for just one more sweet puff of clear smoke. The combination of sour fruitiness and cloying sweetness helps you to transition to Apple Sherbet’s euphoric and uplifting high beautifully.


Apple Sherbet leaves give the plant an air of elegance that stems from their thin shape and glossy coloring. Leaves start thin at their base before slightly increasing in width in the center and then thinning back out to reach a point.

The buds themselves vary in shape, ranging from shapes that resemble ginger root to controlled cones. Apple Sherbet buds have a light green coloring, with most of their noticeable coloring coming from the orange pistils that twist their way throughout.

Apple Sherbet plants grow to average height, helping them to blend in when placed amongst other strains easily. As a result of their less than vibrant coloring, Apple Sherbet plants also blend in nicely among other plants in your garden.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you start growing your very own Apple Sherbet plants.

Apple Sherbet Strain Grow Info

Apple Sherbet plants are of moderate difficulty to grow, and while it is possible to grow happy and rewarding plants as a novice, it is essential to be prepared for a steep learning curve.

Temperature is critical when deciding where to keep your Apple Sherbet plants. The optimal temperature for Apple Sherbet plants is around 70 to 80 degrees, meaning that for some people, their plants will need to be kept indoors. It is also essential to ensure that plants are not subjected to heavy rain showers, as this can damage plants and result in a lower yield.

For novice growers, it is easiest to keep plants indoors where you have more control, and there is less chance of encountering problems. Indoor plants can take anywhere from 10 weeks up to 14 weeks before they are ready to harvest. If you grow them correctly, you can expect a slightly higher than average size yield.

If you keep Apple Sherbet plants outside, they should be ready to harvest around late September or early October. Outside plants produce a similar yield as those that are kept indoors.

Apple Sherbet strain seeds are challenging to find online, especially if you are based outside of the US. For those who are keen to start growing their own Apple Sherbet plants, the easiest method is to find clippings from mature plants for sale online.

Not only do clippings provide a much more predictable growing experience, but they also allow you to skip the initial growth stages and speed up the entire process.

THC Content – Highest Test

Apple Sherbet cannabis packs a punch with an average THC content of 26% – almost 15% higher than the average for a hybrid strain. The strain’s high THC content explains why the effects of Apple Sherbet hit so quickly and why they can often feel overpowering when you do not know what to expect.

For those who are not used to such excessive levels of THC, it is good to start with a small dose of Apple Sherbet. It is easy to smoke more than your body can actually handle due to Apple Sherbet’s delicious taste. However, with effects that take hold quickly, you may find yourself more likely to experience the adverse effects of too much THC than if you stick to a smaller dose.

With such a high THC content, what can you expect from Apple Sherbet in terms of its CBD levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is not surprising to learn that Apple Sherbet contains no more than trace amounts of CBD, given that it has a much higher than average level of THC. There are very few strains available that manage to contain high levels of both cannabinoids, and Apple Sherbet definitely conforms to this rule.

CBD is the main cannabinoid responsible for many of the medical benefits of cannabis. For this reason, many people believe that Apple Sherbet cannot be used as a medicinal strain, but this is not the case. In fact, Apple Sherbet has a number of different medical benefits that stem from its high THC content and euphoric effects.

Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider Apple Sherbet for medical purposes.

Medical Benefits of the Apple Sherbet Strain

Apple Sherbet’s uplifting high makes it an excellent option for those who are looking for a way to treat depression during the day. The mix of energy and focus allows you to put negative thoughts to one side and instead focus on the things that make you happy.

A considerable benefit of Apple Sherbet, over other strains that offer similar effects, is that it does not leave you feeling sedated and unable to really make the most of your mental motivation.

Apple Sherbet is also an effective strain for tackling stress. Whether you suffer from chronic stress or simply struggle in particular situations, a small dose of Apple Sherbet helps to calm your mind and approach things with a positive mindset.

While the majority of Apple Sherbet’s effects are focused on your mental state, the 30% indica shines through in its ability to numb mild aches and pains. In particular, Apple Sherbet may be effective at treating headaches, easing pain, and providing a burst of energy. Apple Sherbet is ideal for those times when you have an active day ahead but feel limited by physical pain.

Apple Sherbet acts as an excellent nausea suppressant, ideal for those who are undergoing treatments that are known to cause nauseous feelings. The addition of Apple Sherbet’s mental high providing an uplifting sense of energy also acts as a great motivator and can help you to feel more positive about treatment.

As is the case with all strains, there are a few potential side effects that come with Apple Sherbet and are essential to be aware of when trying to decide whether it is the right strain for you.

Possible Side Effects of the Apple Sherbet Strain

Apple Sherbet’s high THC content means that it has the potential to cause a few slightly annoying effects. Top of the list is Apple Sherbet’s ability to cause anxious thoughts and paranoia. While an anxious voice in the back of your head might not sound that bad, for those who suffer from regular anxiety, the effects can feel overwhelming and distressing. Apple Sherbet is generally not ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, so if you do decide to give it a go, stick to a small dose.

Excessive amounts of THC can also cause sudden dizzy spells, which depending on where you are at the time, can feel very disorientating. When smoking Apple Sherbet at home, feeling dizzy is easy to deal with, but when out in a large social situation, it could trigger panic.

Other less concerning side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, both of which are annoying at the moment but have no real long term impact on your health. As their names suggest, dry mouth and dry eyes cause your mouth and eyes to feel extremely dehydrated and irritated. While there is no way to avoid such effects, ensuring that you drink plenty of water can help.

Final Thoughts on the Apple Sherbet Strain

Apple Sherbet is an intensely uplifting strain that has the ability to turn even the darkest of days around. With an excessively high THC content, Apple Sherbet does not mess around, taking you from a sugary sweet smoke to energetic and uplifting high in just a few minutes.

Despite having an almost non-existent CBD content, Apple Sherbet still manages to pack in a number of medical benefits that make it a potent medicinal strain. Apple Sherbet is primarily used for treating depression and stress, although it can be equally as effective at reducing pain and other physical ailments.

The real highlight of Apple Sherbet is its delicious, sweet taste. Just as its name implies, every puff of smoke fills you with a sweet yet tangy flavor preparing you for the high that is ahead. It is more than worth braving Apple Sherbet’s 26% THC content in order to experience the strain’s candy-like flavor for yourself.

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