Anesthesia Cannabis Strain Review

Anesthesia Cannabis Strain Review

The Anesthesia strain is 90% indica and 10% sativa that was created by crossing the popular old school Afghan Skunk with Herojuana. It’s a potent, highly sedative strain that’s often used to alleviate pain.

Dominant Terpene:
Common Usage
Chronic painLack of appetiteMuscle spasmsSleep
Growing Info
Anesthesia plants grow close to the ground and spread wider than growing tall. They start to bud around the 9 to 10-week mark when grown indoors and have a late October harvest when grown indoors.

As the name suggests, Anesthesia cannabis is a highly sedative strain aimed at sending users off into dreamland and alleviating pain. The story of Anesthesia began in Europe when a Whazzup Positronics Skunk Afghani female was crossed with a Sannie-bred and selected Motarebel Herijuana male. The end result was an Afghan-flavor strain that offers a deep, relaxing buzz, that reportedly helps manage pain.

People describe anesthesia as a state in which awareness of discomfort or pain in the body reduces and relaxing or sedative effects take over. As a result, the Anesthesia cannabis strain gets its name from the narcotic, body stone that it induces.

Let’s take a look at Anesthesia to find out what exactly it is, its potential medical benefits, side effects, and how to grow your own.

What Is the Anesthesia Strain?

The Anesthesia strain is a powerful, sedating, indica-dominant hybrid (90% indica and 10% sativa) that induces very physical and relaxing effects. It’s the result of crossing the popular old school Afghan Skunk with Herojuana. Breeder Whazzup created Anesthesia in 2007 in an effort to keep the Afghan Skunk genetics going for as long as possible.

The original Afghan Skunk came to Whazzup as a clone from a renowned veteran grower who had been growing the strain for years. Herojuana was chosen as the father to add medicinal strength and a more open structure to the indica density of Afghani.


A Dutch company known as Sannie’s Seeds selected Anesthesia as a “Breeder’s Choice,” which has helped to expand its popularity and availability.

This indica-dominant hybrid overrides the moderate THC levels, around 19%, and gives you a high that will knock you off your feet with just about no effort on your part. As you might expect, the high is booming and fast-acting with sedative-like properties. For recreational use, Anesthesia is ideal at the end of a long day to ease up any distress and get users ready for bed.

This strain is hunger-inducing, so be sure to fix yourself something to eat while you are still able to stand and make the most of the euphoria and bliss offered by Anesthesia. The body high is calming and focused, and you can expect a call from the sandman fairly soon after using this strain.

Anesthesia causes a deep physical mellowing that slowly works through the limbs like a warm blanket while allowing the mind to stay active. We cannot overstate the sedative and relaxing effects of the strain.


Anesthesia is a very aromatic strain that spreads its fragrances far from its origins. One can expect a pungent, earthy smell, with notes of musk and skunk.


The flavor of Anesthesia is very similar to the aroma. It has a musky, earthy flavor that is common in its Afghan heritage.


Anesthesia buds are leafy but dense, and the strain has a bright green appearance featuring numerous red strands. The crystals of the flower give it a glossy shine, complimenting the intense flavors and effects.

Anesthesia Strain Grow Info

Anesthesia strains start off as low branchy plants with broad indica leaves. When growing from Anesthesia seeds, the plants branch extensively and yield better results with ample space. However, they still usually form a large dense main cola. These plants prefer a calcium-rich substrate, but all mediums and growing techniques are okay.

The plants grow short and wide, so if growing indoors, pruning is essential. Also, due to the strong aroma, smell-proof systems may be necessary if discretion is important. When growing indoors, the flowering period is around 9 to 10 weeks, and outdoors, you can expect a late October harvest. In the right conditions, the yield is high.

Indoor growers receive approximately 500g/m² of deeply relaxing buds from these plants, and outdoors the yields up to 500–1000g/plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

THC levels of Anesthesia have measured at being as high as 22% in some tests, which puts this strain in the higher ranks of strong cannabis strains.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD levels of Anesthesia aren’t easy to find, but nothing suggests that they’re high. By all accounts, it seems you can expect at most 1% CBD. Therefore, Anesthesia isn’t a great choice to treat seizures or other medical issues that CBD alleviates.

Medical Benefits of the Anesthesia Strain

Famous for its strong, sedative indica buzz, Anesthesia is a strain that people often recommend for pain – just as the name would suggest. Let it relax your muscles and ease up any muscle tension, cramps, chronic pain, and headaches.

If you suffer from insomnia, Anesthesia is also a great strain to try. Furthermore, if you suffer from chronic nausea or a lack of appetite, try using the strain in small doses. Anesthesia is also reportedly great for inflammation and anxiety.

As a medicinal strain, Anesthesia may be too potent to be enjoyable for casual recreational smokers or beginners. However, patients who rely on indica body effects but want to keep mentally alert will enjoy the balance of these qualities.

Possible Side Effects of the Anesthesia strain

Bloodshot eyes are the most common negative side effect associated with Anesthesia. Cottonmouth, dizziness, and paranoia are also potential side effects, so novice users should proceed with caution when using this strain.

Final Thoughts on the Anesthesia strain

This hard-hitting strain promises to give users the best night’s sleep of their lives. The smooth muscle relaxing and pain-relieving qualities make Anesthesia ideal for both medicinal and recreational users. It has a little something to offer everyone.

The Anesthesia strain provides anesthetic-like effects to counteract any discomfort or pain awareness in the body. At the same time, this bud keeps users’ minds clear and engaged. This strain is great for evening and nighttime use due to its strong analgesic and sedative properties.

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