The Dispensary Portland | The Complete Review

The dispensary isn’t your typical ‘supermarket’ weed store, it is more of a local store that provides its regulars with some of the best weed in Portland. Prices are a bit high compared to other dispensaries, but then again you are paying for some of the best quality strains.

The Location is excellent and you won’t have to divert much to pick up your goods. They are actually located on the MAX stop. The bud-tenders are super friendly, professional and patient. If you are a newbie at this place, you’re going to be pretty impressed with the extra care they give you, making sure you understand everything before you make your purchase.

The dispensary caters to all patients, recreational users 21+ with valid ID, OMMP patients 18+ with valid ID and a OMMP card.

The Dispensary Highlights

  • Like we mentioned, the location here is great. You can access The Dispensary with or without a car and it is superb if you simply want to jump in a grab a nice pre-roll or edible. Kinda like Weed-Takeaway
  • The place has a nice vibe and the service is unbeatable. They are open late so if you want to swing by and pick up some evening munchies, you can simply walk in.
  • This is not really a highlight, but we had to comment. Prices are slightly higher than other dispensaries and with Oregon taxes, you might come out feeling that you were over-charged. While that might be true, you must remember that you are also paying for a service. We personally didn’t mind spending the extra Dollar. The service we got was super speedy and the quality of the weed was fab! Prices will start at around $12 per gram.

The Dispensary Deals

These guys are pretty creative when it comes to their deals. They have even run a 10% off deal for people that come through Facebook. It is best to check out their Facebook page to discover the best and most relevant deals.

Final Thoughts About The Dispensary

Overall this is a great place to pick up your weed. The service is outstanding and the quality of the product is very high. Prices are slightly above our standard, but when you weigh everything out, it is definitely worth it. By the way, they have an ATM on site.

If you are around 1st Ave then definitely pop in and find out why this dispensary is the buzz of the neighborhood.

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