CannaSource | The Complete Review

For over 20 years, this amazing dispensary has been providing its clients with top level service and products that simply attract clients to come back for more and more. Located in NE Portland, just east of I-205, CannaSource is the perfect dispensary for locals and travelers. You can also get to it with ease from the local airport.

At CannaSource their prime focus is in providing the best quality medical marijuana products. They understand the difference between THC and CBD levels within strains and know which products to recommend to their clients for best results. They really know how to deliver products that are best for both medical and recreational marijuana users.

At CannaSource, everything is tested using trusted and verified outside facilities . This ensures that this dispensary can provide to the whole of Portland, high quality products, from flowers and strains to concentrate and even edibles.

CannaSource Highlights

  • These guys have been open for nearly 20 years, and trust us, they know their stuff!
    When entering the dispensary, you’ll be encountered by the best customer service possible, helpful budtenders, and a wide range of products. We promise you that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in minutes.
  • Apart from having a showcase full of goodies, they’ve also conveniently placed an ATM within their store. This really allows ease of purchase. All their strains, flowers and edibles are always well stocked, and the quality of the flower is exceptional.
  • Prices are fair compared to other Portland dispensaries. You can say that Cannasource is truly a hidden gem! Furthermore, most of the reviews that we heard were extremely positive, especially when it comes to their prices. Their $8 grams are like everyone else’s $15 grams.

The story behind CannaSource is quite exceptional. The founder was in a severe accident, being thrown from a moving vehicle and then run over by a semi truck. After rehabilitation, the owner of this fine place wanted to find an alternative to addictive pain medications. He then understood, that medical marijuana could be an excellent solution and thus CannaSource came to life. What started as an alternative just for him, quickly turned into a solution for all medical marijuana users. Today this dispensary provides phenomenal products and service to users from around the Portland area.

Final thoughts about CannaSource

Forget all those fancy dispensaries that charge over rated prices for low-quality products. If you’re looking for a great dispensary with superb customer service, a high-level of product and wide range of goodies that you won’t get anywhere else, pop into CannaSource. We promise you that you’ll leave with a big smile.

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