The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in CA [Updated REVIEW]

Just recently, the golden state of California is celebrating their successful legalization of cannabis at a recreational level. Although recreational dispensaries do not legally exist yet in CA, within a couple of years they are expected to pop up everywhere and bring a lot of extra tax profits to the state for further developments. Even if there aren’t any recreational dispensaries in California yet, there sure are some amazing medical marijuana collectives. CA is known as one of the weed meccas of the world, often tied to dank ganja and the perfect cultivation conditions.

Discover the 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in California:

1. Medithrive: 1933 Mission St, San Francisco, CA.

About Medithrive:

An innovative and revolutionary cannabis club located in the heart of SF, Medithrive has been serving patients since 2009. Providing customers with top quality products that range from edibles, concentrates, flowers and so much more, this location is outfitted with a superb interior design that leaves patients with great vibes and a huge smile. The staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable, treating every guest like a member of their own family.

  • Received an award for best Cannabis Club in San Francisco in 2010
  • Proudly conforms to all regulations set forth by the State of California
  • Offers both store-front pick-up and delivery options
  • Storefront: 2 $25 Eighths for $45
  • Storefront: Buy 2 Eighths, get one FREE
  • Delivery Only: Buy 4 Eighths for $159
Our View:

San Francisco is known for its superb marijuana dispensaries, so it really means a lot if a storefront has rated this well among the weed lovers in SF. We personally really appreciate the friendly service and clean, confidential and professional environment that Medithrive provides.

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2. Southwest Patient Group: 658 East San Ysidro Blvd, San Diego, CA.


About Southwest Patient Group:

The largest dispensary in San Diego, with over 7,400 square feet of floorspace, the Southwest Patient Group truly goes above and beyond classic Cali dispensary expectations. Offering informational tours to patients, as well as a perfectly trained and professional staff, this collective located in Southern San Diego always thinks of their patients first. Providing happy hour and new patient deals daily, as well as constant military, senior and disability discounts, SPG truly cares about its community and its cannabis.

  • Marijuana Happy Hour from 4:20PM-6:20PM Monday-Friday
  • Offering one of the largest selections of products in the entire Southern California
  • Collective personally finds the best quality flowers and concentrates from various growers throughout all of CA
  • First Time Patient: FREE Gram of flower with any purchase
  • First Time Patient: FREE Eighth of flower with $50 or more purchase
  • Happy Hour: 15% off of cartridges
Our View:

The competition for great dispensaries in San Diego is fierce, but the Southwest Patient Group brings an extremely unique concept of cannabis collectives to Southern California, with its huge floor space, patient oriented service, as well as providing personal tours of the facility to those who have med cards and are curious, we really enjoy this game-changing dispensary.

3. CaptainJacks: 2085 W Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA.



About CaptainJacks:

Located in Upland, California, CaptainJacks offers a relaxing environment for fellow stoners and weed lovers to kick back and enjoy. Featuring the only full-service dab lounge and vape lounge in the Inland Empire, plus an outdoor patio with a newly installed theatre, this dispensary isn’t just to pick up your medicine and leave, it’s an experience and a place to chill with your other medical marijuana certified friends, so you can make some great memories and enjoy some tasty ganj.

  • Wide range of products; including edibles, drinks, buds, sweets and even treats for your pets!
  • Constantly buzzing with social events and various 420 activities
  • Huge selection of glass to try
  • Wonderful daily deals to serve all types of patients
  • 10% Military Discount; 10% Senior Discount (55+)
  • MONDAYS & SATURDAYS: 2 Grams of mid-shelf $20, 2 Grams of top-shelf $25, 2 Grams private reserve $35
  • TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS: 4 Grams on any Eighth
Our View:

CaptainJacks seems to truly stand out, because it’s not the typical receive and leave dispensary experience that so many cannabis connoisseurs are used to dealing with. The staff of CaptainJacks want you to stick around to enjoy their activities and amenities, offering social lounges, as well as movie nights to blaze and watch. Very few collectives in California have involved their customers this much in their experience, which is why we give CJ’s huge props.

4. Airfield Supply Co.: 1190 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA.


About Airfield Supply Co:

With a sleek and cannabis infused interior, Airfield Supply and Co., located especially close to the San Jose airport, uses the airstrip charm as part of their design, tying it in with chic modern interior, as well as peak windows that highlight their insane grow rooms that are thriving with lively green cannabis plants. This place is like a playground for weed lovers, with superb customer service and an inspirational collective mission to work towards continuous healing through marijuana and marijuana education.

  • Boutique-style collective, offering a wide-range of products
  • Main priority of the collective is to provide healing solutions in a professional and compassionate manner
  • Located conveniently close to San Jose Airport for easy pick-up
  • Offer a wide-range of other services including, acupuncture, massage, cannabis counseling,
  • Chiropractics, Chinese Medicine consultations and cannabis cultivation classes
  • 10% off Strain of the day (Eighths and Grams)
  • 10% off Edible of the day
  • First Time Patient: FREE top-shelf doobie
Our View:

It’s rather incredible that a dispensary can include so many wellness classes and resources with the price of their medicine to collective members. Being in a convenient spot for San Jose locals and visitors to enjoy the benefits of both the top grade Mary Jane and the health improving classes, it seems like Airfield Supply Co. really has a great thing going for them and the cannabis community around. We love their approach to health and well-being.

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5. CHR- Los Angeles: 5470 East Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.



About CHR – Los Angeles:

CHR, otherwise known as California Herbal Remedies, began serving patients more than 70+ various strains of top-grade marijuana in 2007. Since then, they have won multiple awards from High Times for Best Booth, Best Glass, Best Concentrate and more. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, right off the 710, CHR even offers specialty selected strains that are lab tested to contain more than 25% THC, to ensure all those who are 420-friendly are getting the best experience possible.

  • Offers 70+ constantly changing mind-blowing strains that are some of the best in the States
  • Only selling the best bud, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates and more!
  • High Times multiple 1st place award winning collective

Happy Hour: 2PM-6PM DAILY, 20% off all edibles and concentrates, $10 top-shelf grams

Our View:

We can definitely understand why the judges at High Times rave so much about CHR. They are an incredibly generous collective and dispensary, providing their patients with awesome service and hosting both entertaining and medicinally healing events. Their booths at High Times always give away great products, and their in-store selections couldn’t get any better.

Final Thoughts:

Next time you’re visiting California, stop by one of these unique and exquisite dispensaries and collectives. Each one is special in its own way, coming up with new, innovative ways for their patients to enjoy medicinal marijuana, and bringing the 420 community together closer than ever.

It’s important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

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