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Airfield Supply Co. is located in San Jose, California, and is often classified as a playground for weed lovers. It offers superb customer service and has an inspirational collective mission to work towards continuous healing through marijuana and education.

As you walk in, the cannabis-centric interior will blow you away. If you want it, Airfield Supply Company probably has it. It sells products that you’ve probably never even heard of, and the quality is top-notch. It provides some of the finest medicinal strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones in the San Jose area.

The décor is inspired by the San Jose airport and makes you feel like you’re in the clouds. This happens even before you have consumed any cannabis! Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind weed store.

About the Airfield Supply Company Dispensary in San Jose, CA

In our experience, this is legitimately a dispensary that tries to provide something a little different for cannabis enthusiasts. California is saturated with co-ops and collectives at present.

What Airfield Supply Co. does well is to offer an obvious advantage over the competition in terms of product quality and quantity.

It was formerly listed as the South Bay Healing Center before recreational legalization came into effect in California. The primary aim of Airfield Supply Co. is to offer Grade-A medicinal products in a “stress-free setting.”

It opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm every day. You can order products for delivery between 7.30 am and 9 pm seven days a week.

The Products Aren’t the Only Thing That’s High Quality

We checked out the storefront and found that the staff was welcoming, receptive, and, most importantly, knowledgeable. After all, it’s embarrassing to stroll into a dispensary as a customer and be the most knowledgeable individual!

The budtenders provided plenty of recommendations. Best of all, they weren’t giving the ‘hard sell’ by pitching a particular product or strain. It shows respect for their customers and is a pleasing aspect of the dispensary. This is unlike a few dispensaries that try to sell flower close to its expiry date.


There is also a selection of high-CBD options. Just ask a budtender, and they’ll locate whichever CBD-rich options they have at the moment. They also encourage you to tell them what you’re looking for, which is nice. It shows that the customer’s needs are of high priority.

Also, the Airfield Supply Co. enables you to check out the weed growing nursery from the waiting room. It is one of the only dispensaries in San Jose that has an on-site grow room. Some of the plants are available for purchase via clones if you’re interested in developing your own buds.

The dispensary cultivates, harvests, dries, and cures almost everything in-house. They even have extraction equipment that they use to make THC and CBD-rich concentrates.

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Airfield Supply Company Has Its Finger on the Pulse

This is a dispensary that is always looking to improve things for its customers. Just last year, it announced a partnership with a top cannabis platform. It has added Treez Pay Powered by Stronghold to its growing list of payment solutions. Customers with Smartphones can pre-pay for the pickup and delivery of their purchases. It is a one-click, 100% secure transaction that makes life easier for everyone.

Medical and Recreational Weed Options

Airfield Supply Co started selling “Adult-Use” (recreational) cannabis products as soon as the law passed in California. Now, anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID can experience the quality of this fine San Jose dispensary. It still offers full MMJ service and discounts for all California MMJ cardholders.

However, prepare to pay a pretty penny for high-quality merchandise, as it should be. At the time of writing, Airfield Supply Co. charges up to $50 for an eighth of strains such as Jack Herer. With almost 27% THC, you probably won’t need to use much of it!

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Airfield Supply Co Highlights

  • A boutique-style collective that offers a wide range of products, including edibles, flowers, and concentrates.
  • This company really understands the importance of location. Conveniently located close to San Jose Airport, it caters to locals and travelers who are just landing in town or are leaving and need to pick up a last-minute package.
  • Apart from offering medical marijuana products, they also provide a wide range of other services, including acupuncture, massage, cannabis counseling, chiropractic services, and cannabis cultivation classes.
  • Concerning prices, Airfield Supply Co has products for every pocket. Flower will typically start at about $12 per gram, but if you are on a tight budget, they will cater to your needs. You’ll find some cannabis flower for $10 a gram if you look hard enough. Dry herb with higher levels of THC or CBD will obviously cost you a bit more, but you’re unlikely to feel ripped off.

Deals and Discounts at Airfield Supply Co

Similar to every dispensary we review, you’ll have to check with the business itself on the day you want to purchase your goods. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to have ‘flash’ sales and discounts that only last a few days or even hours.

Past examples of promotions that Airfield Supply Co offer include:

  • 10% off Strain of the day (Eighths and Grams)
  • 10% off Edible of the day
  • First Time Patient: FREE top-shelf joint

Checking in as a Returning Airfield Supply Co. MMJ Patient

You will gain access to an account with Airfield after your first visit. Please present a cannabis ID (doctor’s recommendation, a copy of the doctor’s recommendation, or canna card ID) and your valid California ID to the front desk staff. You will be checked in instantly.

Final Thoughts on the Airfield Supply Co. Dispensary in San Jose, CA

This dispensary is in a convenient spot for San Jose locals and visitors alike. You can enjoy the benefits of both top-shelf Mary Jane and a range of practical classes.

It seems like Airfield Supply Co. has a great thing going for them, and the cannabis community around.

Furthermore, they provide services that go far beyond the standard buy and leave dispensary. They strive to provide healing solutions and share knowledge related to marijuana.

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