Microdosing Psilocybin for Mental Health: A Personal Experience

How microdosing magic truffles made a difference in my life…

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve struggled deeply with my mental health. I’ve been in therapy for years, and I’ve tried just about every type you can think of. On top of therapy, I’ve made drastic dietary and lifestyle changes to support my brain, in addition to trying a variety of legal nutritional supplements.

Diagnoses-wise, the labels to me don’t really matter. Still, they help put into context some of what I was experiencing and how my experience with microdosing psilocybin made an impact.

Before diving into my story and experience, I must start by saying all of this is what I went through. You’re a different person than I am, so you could very well go through entirely different things than I do. Take my experience with a grain of salt and make decisions that are right for you. Most of all, consult with a doctor if you are unsure about anything medically.

Finally, if you are having a mental health crisis, please stop reading this article and contact your doctor or a mental health helpline immediately. Your mental health should be taken extremely seriously, and there are incredible professionals out there who want to help.

A Brief Overview of My Mental Health Timeline

When I was a teenager, I mainly experienced deep sadness and depression. There wasn’t much anxiety that went along with it, but that changed as I got older. Once I learned how to manage thoughts of low self-worth and sadness through therapy and plenty of big life changes, a lot of the mental turmoil in my life became themed around worry and panic. I realized that I still hadn’t gotten down to the root.

Anyone that experiences anxiety can tell you, it can be a crippling and debilitating experience. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early twenties, and while it did feel like I had difficulties concentrating, I wasn’t sure if this was the proper diagnosis. Additionally, many of the professionals I met with didn’t know how to deal with what I was experiencing, so I took matters into my own hands by making further significant lifestyle changes. This worked for a while until things shifted again.


This past year and a half, I was hit with a brand new set of symptoms – extreme obsessions. My obsessive thinking got so bad that I was essentially experiencing a frightening and debilitating intrusive thought every 5 minutes or so, and it would send me into a spiral of paralysis and panic.

I was diagnosed by an OCD clinic with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it got far more difficult before it became any more manageable. After doing a lot of research, I realized the medication success rate for OCD treatment was pretty low, OCD being one of the more challenging mental health conditions to treat with conventional medicine. I had also taken SSRIs (the go-to prescription for OCD) in the past with horrible side effects.

Because of this, I didn’t want to take medication again. I had done years of CBT therapy as well in the past and even tried ERP (the standard prescribed therapy modality for OCD patients) with little success. It felt frustrating to try one thing after another and still continue to experience severe symptoms month after month.

Although I hit the bottom of the barrel at a few points, I somehow managed to find just enough strength to crawl my way out of that dark place again.

Working in the cannabis-field, I had heard a lot over the years about microdosing magic mushrooms because, in this industry, you hear a lot about plant-based medicine. Currently, around the world, some clinical trials are going on for the use of psilocybin in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. I wasn’t depressed anymore, but I was intrigued. I wondered how psilocybin might be able to help me with my mental health journey.

Making the Decision to Microdose Psilocybin Mushrooms for Mental Health

Honestly, the decision to start microdosing psilocybin mushrooms came easily, but I didn’t want to break the law, which is why I decided to pursue a legal option.

I had to go to The Netherlands for some important personal reasons, and having been to Holland before, I knew that psilocybin was legal there. The caveat, of course, was that mushrooms are not permitted there, but truffles are. Thankfully, the two contain the same active psilocybin, so the effect would likely be the same.

I really wasn’t hoping to feel a high from all of this. It’s just not my thing. Because of that, I was especially careful in making sure my doses were correct. I also diligently monitored how I felt every 30 minutes or so on the day of the very first dose to make any needed adjustments for future days.

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Microdosing: Where I Purchased the Psychedelics and How Much They Cost

I purchased the truffles from a coffeeshop in Rotterdam. Coffeeshops are places in The Netherlands that sell cannabis to patrons, but many of them now also sell psychedelic truffles. It’s tolerated to purchase small amounts of truffles for personal consumption without getting in trouble in Holland.

For microdosing, you’ll want to purchase the standard 15-gram dose that is typically used for one or two “trips” – the 15 grams when microdosed will last you about a month. I only paid about 20 euros for 15 grams, so microdosing is actually extremely affordable when done in The Netherlands by this means.

The truffles I selected were called Philsopher’s Stone (such a clever name). They were the mildest of any of the options on the coffeeshop’s menu. I selected this type specifically because I absolutely did not want to experience any type of psychedelic trip.

I prepared for the start of the microdosing adventure by carefully measuring out 1 gram doses with a scale and wrapping each one up individually for future use. There are also microdosing pre-measured kits available in The Netherlands. They cost about double the price, but they are more convenient. You’ll want to keep your truffles in a tight container in the fridge so that they stay fresh and don’t lose any potency.

Crafting a Microdosing Schedule

My next step was to research psilocybin microdosing and devise a schedule to follow. I decided I would consume 1 gram of truffles each time, opting to take a dose on day one, then waiting two days between the next amount.

The schedule looked something like this:

Day 1: 1 gram

Day 2: Break

Day 3: Break

Day 4: 1 gram

Day 5: Break

Day 6: Break

And the pattern continued…

Typically, most people will commit to this pattern of microdosing for multiple weeks or even months, but I was sadly only in The Netherlands for two weeks. Because of this, I had to make the most out of the time I had while still giving myself enough of a break in between doses.

Day 1 of Microdosing Psilocybin: My First-Hand Experience

Day 1 of microdosing the truffles was definitely the most uncomfortable of all the days. I still didn’t know how the Philosopher’s Stone would interact with my body chemistry, and I was nervous the 1-gram dose would be too much. I’m a relatively lightweight human being, and I can be quite sensitive to substances – even the more socially acceptable ones like alcohol.

Regardless of the nerves, I decided to try and have a normal day and not just sit in the house for hours. When I first took the initial 1-gram dose, I made the stupid decision of eating the truffles by themselves, literally just grinding them up in my teeth as quickly as I could and swallowing. For anyone who has consumed truffles before, they taste like metallic crap, for lack of a better word. Still, I somehow managed to get the dose down, but certainly was dreading the flavor of the next one.

After about 45 minutes, I started feeling some odd bodily sensations, which is when I realized the 1-gram dose was a little too much for me all in one go. I began to feel quite anxious over my body’s sensations, becoming fearful that I was having a heart attack (thanks, overactive mind). I decided to go home and return to a comfortable and familiar environment.


Once 90 minutes passed, I began viciously yawning. I knew this meant the psilocybin was really about to start taking effect. Thankfully, I did not experience hallucinations, though by this point, colors of the world around me did become brighter and it felt like I was in a delicate haze. The impact was subtle and still manageable, and by this point, the anxiety had subsided.

Mood-wise, by now, I was actually feeling pretty good. As soon as my mind began to do its usual spiral into deep, dark places, some gentle light managed to pick me up and move me forward into a better mental realm. The shift in thought pattern honestly felt refreshing, especially after so many months of experiencing such debilitating mental health challenges. I was beginning to feel like myself again, as I was before the latest string of difficulties.

Once the evening came around, the effects had subsided for the most part. I still felt pretty good and refreshed. Overall, the entire day was subtle, aside from perhaps the initial 30 minutes of anxious energy experienced. I didn’t get that “high” feeling you often have with mind-altering substances either, so I knew at least that I could tolerate up to a 1-gram dose.

The goal with microdosing isn’t to feel high, rather reap the benefits of small doses of a particular substance – in this case, the truffles. Thus, I decided to do a bit of thinking and make some changes for the next dose on day 4.

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Day 4 of Microdosing Psilocybin: Adjusting Dosing and Making Changes

After a two day break from the truffles on days 2 and 3, day 4 came around, and I knew I needed to make some changes and devise a better plan for my body.

First, I tackled the issue of the awful metallic truffle taste. My solution? I ground up the truffles with a pestle and mortar (old-fashioned, I know). I threw in a few almonds with the mix and made everything into a powder, then I scooped up the mix and placed it on a gluten-free cracker and smothered the cracker in some hummus. All of the nuts, garlic, and tahini did the trick and masked any of the nasty taste.

Next, I decided to still take 1 gram, but this time to split up the dose into two sessions of 0.50 grams. In the morning, I ate 0.50 grams of the powder and hummus concoction I devised, and then after two hours, I consumed the other 0.50 grams. By doing this, I actually didn’t even get to an uncomfortable place during the day, and I still felt uplifted overall. I was happy with this solution, so I continued the same plan for all future microdosing days.

Microdosing Psilocybin for Mental Health: What I Took Away from This Experience

Quite a bit of time now has passed since I returned from The Netherlands and stopped microdosing psilocybin, and I’ve had adequate space to reflect on the entire experience. Since returning, I have been feeling progressively better than I had for the entire year before going to Holland. I can’t say for sure that it is all to do with the microdosing, but I certainly do think it helped to whatever degree.

I must mention that I’m still currently practicing healthy lifestyle choices, attending EMDR therapy sessions, and taking a combination of natural supplements for my mental health (GABA, omega-3, ginkgo, and the amino acid NAC). Therefore, I cannot say whether or not doing so boosted my experience with the truffles.

In all, I did the microdosing for two weeks, and I do genuinely wish I could have continued on, but because of the laws in the country I reside in, I just would not have felt comfortable in doing so.

Whether or not microdosing spurred on the positive bout of mental health growth, I cannot say with complete certainty. Nevertheless, the experience I had with truffles was life-changing because I do believe it was part of why I’ve now managed to regain some of my life back and feel more in a state of equilibrium.

If you are considering microdosing truffles, please do so only where it is legal and consult your doctor or medical professional if you have any questions or concerns. None of what I’ve written about here is medical advice; I’m just sharing my own experience in hopes that it can provide a deeper insight into what it was like for someone who got something out of microdosing psilocybin.

At the end of the day, I’m just incredibly grateful and glad that natural options like psilocybin do exist. Still, I hope that, in the future, they’re more accessible to people from a variety of nations as laws change globally. I believe psychedelics can do a lot more good than harm, especially when consumed responsibly.

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