Lemon Tek for Magic Mushrooms: Explained

Experienced users of magic mushrooms may find the process of using lemon tek mushrooms interesting. Proponents of this technique suggest that it intensifies the impact of the psychedelic trip. It is a relatively simple method.

All a user needs are lemon or lime juice, mushrooms, and a little patience.

In this article, we outline the lemon tek process. We also help readers determine the potential duration of the effects. Before we begin, please note that individuals with little experience with magic mushrooms should not perform lemon tek. It can produce more intense effects than usual.

What Is Lemon Tekking?

It is the process of allowing magic mushrooms to sit in lemon or lime juice for up to 20 minutes. Apart from intensifying the experience, lemon tekking helps hide the taste of the mushrooms. Some users don’t like the taste of shrooms, so the lemon tek process helps disguise the strong flavor.


There is a divergence of opinion regarding how shroom lemon tek works. Conventional wisdom suggests that the technique works by mimicking the acids in the stomach. In the human stomach lumen, the pH of gastric acid is between 1.5 and 3.5. Lemons and limes have a pH level of between 2.0 and 2.6. Lemon tekking breaks down the mushrooms before a user consumes them.

A Different Theory

However, many mushroom users claim that lemon tekking works differently. The suggestion is that the lemon juice converts the psilocybin in magic mushrooms into psilocin.

This is important because psilocybin itself doesn’t cause the psychedelic effects associated with shrooms. Rather, it is a prodrug. This means psilocybin is converted into another drug, in this case, psilocin. When an individual consumes a magic mushroom or truffle, their stomach acid dephosphorylates the psilocybin into psilocin.

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Therefore, when someone lemon teks, the acid in the citrus speeds up the process of converting psilocybin into psilocin. This process reduces the workload of the stomach, which would otherwise get involved in the conversion. Therefore, the user’s system absorbs the psilocin faster. As a result, they feel the trip coming on faster than normal. It is also more intense though it doesn’t last as long as a typical magic mushroom experience.

How to Lemon Tek

First and foremost, lemon and lime juice work best because they are in the right pH range. Other fruit such as pineapples and oranges don’t work as well. This is because they aren’t as acidic. They have a pH range of between 3.2 and 4.3.

In theory, using any consumable substance with a pH of below 3.5 should work. This means balsamic vinegar and pomegranates could work. However, there is no reason to use something other than lemon or lime juice, considering how easy it is to attain both.

All a user needs are the following:

  • The mushrooms
  • Approximately 1-2 lemons or limes per shroom dose
  • A grinder
  • A cheesecloth
  • A glass

Remember that the shrooms lemon tek process provides a more robust psychedelic effect. Therefore, users should begin with half their usual dose. It is also a good idea to avoid using stronger outdoor species such as P. azurescens. Perhaps consume a shroom in the traditional manner to gauge its strength first. Then, on a new day, use it for lemon tekking if its effects aren’t too potent.

Lemon Tek Instructions

Here is a step-by-step guide to utilizing the lemon tek method:

  1. Grind the mushrooms into an extremely fine powder. Some users complete this step in a blender, though a high-quality grinder is sufficient.
  2. Put the powdered shrooms into a glass. Squeeze the lemon or lime juice over the mushrooms. Make sure the juice completely covers the powder.
  3. Allow up to 20 minutes for the reaction to occur. Stir the mixture occasionally.
  4. Some users down the concoction like a shot. Others fill the glass with water before drinking. Users must make sure they are ready for the effects.
  5. There is also the option to strain the mushroom bits out of the juice before consumption.

It is also possible to make lemon tek tea. Add the mixture to a cup of hot, but not boiling, water with a teabag after removing the mushroom material. Add a sweetener and ginger to improve the taste.

Lemon Tek Duration

Typically, it takes 30-90 minutes for a magic mushroom to take effect when consumed in the usual fashion. The peak of the psychedelic experience may occur around three hours after consumption.

Using the mushroom lemon tek method speeds up the effects. They can happen in 10-45 minutes, with the peak effects occurring within a couple of hours. In both cases, the effects happen faster when eating mushrooms on an empty stomach.

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The lemon tek psychedelic effects are significantly more potent, according to anecdotal evidence. Normally, the effects of magic mushrooms tend to occur in waves. When someone lemon teks shrooms, they often have a more concentrated trip, which usually ends more suddenly.

The lemon tek effect might last 4-6 hours, though some users say it is even shorter. In contrast, the standard shroom method offers a trip of 6-8 hours, sometimes longer.

For first-time users, the gentler effect of conventional consumption is the better option. It enables them to get used to how mushrooms feel without an overly intense experience.

Does Lemon Tek Work?

The psilocybin and psilocin theory makes sense but has no scientific evidence to back it up. Dr. K Mandrake is an expert in magic mushrooms and wrote The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible. According to Mandrake, all knowledge of lemon tek is theoretical only. It is based on the fact that the dephosphorylation of psilocybin increases when exposed to acidic conditions.


There is a significant amount of anecdotal evidence. Users of lemon tek mushrooms often claim a faster onset of effects, coupled with a more intense trip. Mandrake says it is a reasonable hypothesis, but there are no scientific studies on the subject.

Faster Digestion = Faster Effects

However, even if the theory isn’t completely accurate, lemon tekking does ensure that psilocin and psilocybin become more bioavailable. Therefore, when they reach the stomach, users should feel the effects more rapidly than when they consume raw mushrooms. After all, the standard method means the stomach spends 1-2 hours digesting the shrooms.

A psilocin or psilocybin lemon tek experience results in the chemical digestion of compounds in the mushroom that are otherwise difficult to break down. Once the extract hits the stomach and is already acidic, the body doesn’t need to compensate. The material is already ready for digestion.

The majority of psilocin and psilocybin in shrooms are in their cell walls. These walls consist of chitin, unlike plants, which have cell walls composed of cellulose. Chitin is harder to digest than cellulose. When someone lemon teks shrooms, the acids break down the chitin even before the mushrooms enter the digestive system.

In general, humans cook regular mushrooms before eating them. This is because the body doesn’t have the enzymes required to digest raw mushrooms.

Also, a significant percentage of people lack chitinase. This is the enzyme that helps break down chitin. Lemon tekking solves a lot of these problems.

Finally, the vitamin C in lemons has antioxidant effects. It helps prevent the oxidation of psilocin. As a consequence, we don’t lose any psychedelic compounds as they go through the digestive process. 

Lemon Tek for Magic Mushrooms – Final Thoughts

At present, the debate on whether lemon tek mushrooms provide a more intense psychedelic experience continues. Some users claim the process offers double, or even triple, the strength of dried mushrooms. They also suggest that the lemon tek psychedelic journey is more profound with an intense peak.

There is a measure of science behind lemon tekking but no hard evidence of its efficacy. Other users enjoy lemon tekking because it feels easier on the stomach. It can also disguise the strong taste of mushrooms. Plenty of users enjoy the trip but are not enamored by the taste of the fungi.

Ideally, only those with a reasonable degree of experience in using shrooms should try lemon tekking. If it is as intense as people say, the effects could overwhelm novices.

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