Simply Supplements Complete Brand Review

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Simply Supplements is a healthcare brand that capitalizes on convenience and affordability, offering customers a treasure trove of supplement products. From CBD oils to ashwagandha capsules, their ranges encompass vitamins, herbal extracts, amino acids, fatty acids, and more.

In our review, we’ll look at how the company implements quality checks, what products they have on sale, and the additional services they offer customers.

Simply Supplements: Quick Summary


  • Over 150 supplement products
  • Crafted in accordance with EU standards
  • Affordable products; price match guarantee
  • Lab-tested and GMP-approved
  • 5-star rating on TrustPilot


  • Difficult to browse strengths
  • Website may be overwhelming for new visitors

Simply Supplements Review

Simply Supplements is a UK-based company with 10+ years of experience in the supplement market. But with over 100 brands crowding the healthcare sector, sustaining a business is no easy task. What’s their secret?

Simply Supplements have successfully balanced stringent product quality control with full transparency for their customers. In real terms, this means being open and honest with their manufacturing methods.

The company retains strict EU standards, uses GMP-approved facilities (Good Manufacturing Practices), and lab tests its products.

As well as crafting all their products exclusively in the UK, the company retains strict EU standards, uses GMP-approved facilities (Good Manufacturing Practices), and lab tests its products.

Additionally, many of their supplements are Vegan Society Registered which is excellent news for vegan buyers who want absolute assurance.

In terms of ingredient sourcing, Simply Supplements are also conscientious.

One great example of this is the company’s recent announcement to stop using titanium dioxide. While this material is commonly used in capsule manufacturing, Simply Supplements believes it goes against their all-natural ethos.

However, with so many products on offer, it’s difficult for us to analyze each ingredient list for quality.

Do Simply Supplements Offer Value?

Simply Supplements website gives little information about the company’s founders, contributors, or full-time team. However, this lack of clarity is not reflected in their customer service.

We were pleased to see that the company offers health and nutritional advice via their HealthyLife blog. As well as educational articles and guides, visitors are encouraged to contact the company directly with any questions they may have.

Additionally, the Simply Supplements TrustPilot page speaks for itself. With over 45,000 reviews, 87% of which are 5-star, it’s clear that the company has made a positive impact on customers.

One huge driving force behind the company is its belief in “making healthy living simpler!” Simply Supplements are firm believers that great quality supplements should be accessible for everyone.

For them, this means keeping prices down. Low retail costs aren’t the only way Simply Supplements keep their products affordable. The company uses a variety of schemes, such as:

  • Subscribe-and-save
  • Price matching
  • SimplyUnlimited
  • Refer-a-friend

The Simply Supplements Range: What Products Are Available?

As mentioned above, product variety is not in short supply on Simply Supplements website. To make the browsing process more customer-friendly, the company has split its products into four main categories. These are:

  • SimplySupplements
  • SimplyBest
  • SimplyGo
  • Vitapaws

As well as the above ranges, the company’s website also hosts a “brand marketplace”. Here visitors can purchase various products from well-established health brands such as Naturya and Bio-Cult.

We’ll explore each of these ranges in more detail below.


SimplySupplements is considered the company’s primary range. Its products include a huge range, such as:


  • Vitamins (A, C, D3)
  • Minerals (calcium, potassium)
  • Botanical extracts (milk thistle, evening primrose)
  • Amino sugars and acids (glucosamine sulphate, L-taurine)
  • Spices (turmeric, cinnamon)
  • Fatty acids (omegas)
  • Proteins (collagen)

Most products are available as tablets, capsules, or powders. However, the above list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available products. The company also sells function-based products such as Immune Support and Age 50+.

When browsing, it’s easy to see which products are vegan, as the company uses a bold infographic. Even better, each product has a published ingredient list, usage guidance, and detailed description.

SimplyBest Range

The SimplyBest range is the company’s line of premium nutritional supplements. Aside from the fancy black and gold labeling, most of these products are high-quality, multi-ingredient blends such as:

  • HeartAce Plus: Contains live polyphenols, green tea, coenzyme Q10, and more.
  • Visualex Gold: Contains lutein, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A carotenoid, and more.
  • Glucomplex: Contains glucosamine, MSM, manganese, and more.


This range is more expensive, unsurprising, given some of the blends contain more niche ingredients like MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Simply Supplements also claim to use advanced extraction methods for specific ingredients.

All products in this range are available in capsule form.

SimplyGo Range

The SimplyGo range, as the name suggests, includes products that are convenient to use while on the go. Rather than capsules, the company has manufactured this line in 5 categories:

  • Vitamin drinks
  • Protein powders
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Supplement powders
  • Slimming shakes


Overall, this range offers a more fun aesthetic, including a host of flavored products. For instance, the protein powders are available in Cookie Dough, Summer Berry, Vanilla, and more varieties.

The company makes sure to include all essential information about these products, whether that be kcals for the protein powders or detailed ingredient lists for the vitamin drinks.

Vitapaws Range

VitaPaws is the only range not intended for human use. Instead, it includes products formulated for both cats and dogs. It contains:

  • Supplements
  • Treats
  • Food

This versatility is great for pet owners, as they can decide which product type will best suit them and their pets. Also, to make choosing a product easier, Simply Supplements have divided their pet products into categories such as mood, stress, coat, joints, and heart.

Of course, deciding to incorporate a new product into your pet’s routine can be stressful. We were pleased to see that the company works with an experienced animal nutritionist, Dr. Lauren Samet.

She advises the company on formulation and also provides customer information about animal supplements. You can find even more information about her background on the Simply Supplements site.

Where to Buy Simply Supplements?

We recommend purchasing Simply Supplement products from their official site. Not only does this give you access to their full range but also the company’s reputable customer service and available money-saving schemes.

Customers can place orders online, over the phone, through fax, or even by letter, making them accessible to almost anyone.

Simply Supplements ship to several places, including the UK, EU, and other international destinations. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer an exhaustive list of destinations. However, the company claims that they provide bilingual customer service for added convenience.

Customers can place orders online, over the phone, through fax, or even by letter, making them accessible to almost anyone.

Simply Supplements Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Simply Supplements are a well-respected brand in the industry. With years of experience and a 5-star Trustpilot page, the company is a prime example of excellent customer service.

While browsing products can get a little confusing, the choice of products, whether that be niche botanical capsules or premium vitamin blends, is exceptional. Additionally, customers are given a transparent view of manufacturing, ensuring they know whether a product is lab-tested, vegan, and what active ingredients it contains, amongst other things.

For customers, who want high-quality and affordable products, Simply Supplements is a great choice.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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