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Mushrooms are finally being recognized in the scientific space for their immune-boosting properties, amongst many other benefits. In this Pukka Herbs review, we look at who the brand is, what products they offer, and where to buy.

Pukka Herbs Highlights: The Pros & Cons 

Pukka Herbs Pros

  • Huge emphasis on sustainability
  • Pukka donates 1% of all proceeds to environmental and social initiatives
  • Strong social media presence with over 104,000 Instagram followers and 78,000+ Facebook likes.
  • Free shipping on orders over £35.
  • Dosha Quiz: Customized test that provides free advice based on unique mind-body type (dosha) and personal wellbeing goals.

Pukka Herbs Cons

  • A handful of negative customer reviews
  • Some products were sold out at the time of writing

Pukka Herbs: About the Brand

Pukka Herbs is a well-known company that has made its way into some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. Owned by Unilever, the company provides organic herbal teas, lattes, and supplements for those looking to naturally boost their well-being with the support of premium-grade plants. 

The company was founded in 2001 with one simple idea in mind; to connect people with the incredible health benefits of herbs. The word pukka means “real, genuine, or authentic” in Hindi, and this accurately embodies everything the brand stands for.

Partnering with Unilever has afforded Pukka new levels of reach and influence.

Partnering with Unilever has afforded Pukka new levels of reach and influence. Moreover, the brand has had a positive influence on Unilever as well, by helping the massive corporation work towards their goal of creating a more sustainable world.

The founders of Pukka Herbs aimed to create a regenerative business, and it’s since become one of the fastest-growing organic businesses in the world. The brand works with more than 5,000 organic growers globally and sells its 100% certified organic herbal teas, lattes, and supplements in more than 40 countries.

Also, Pukka products are certified “Fair for Life,” which is one of the highest independent, fair trade standards. The company is also a “B-Corporation,” demonstrating its ongoing commitment to putting the planet and people ahead of profits. 

Reviews & Customer Service

Customer reviews left directly on the Pukka Herbs website for specific products are mostly positive. There are a few negative reviews, such as for the original chai tea, with some customers mentioning that the tea is too weak. Other products, like the Pukka castor oil, elderberry & echinacea tea, and Wholistic ashwagandha supplement, have received very positive feedback.

Unfortunately, Trustpilot does not reflect similar positive reviews. There are a total of 15 reviews, more than 50% of which are bad. Customer service, low-strength, and bad-tasting tea were some of the reasons given for the bad ratings.

On the contrary, there were several excellent, 5-star ratings claiming that the tea is incredible, customer service is great, and delivery is quick. It’s fair to say that Pukka Herbs has mixed reviews, and customers have different opinions when it comes to the overall brand reputation.

Pukka Herbs Products & Costs

Boasting the best that nature has to offer, Pukka Herbs health products consist of teas, lattes, and supplements. The brand also has a line of gifts to choose from. Pukka’s creations are crafted to connect as many people as possible with the power and beauty of nature. (See the product line below). 

Pukka Tea

There are a huge array of Pukka teas to choose from. Some of these include Night Time Berry, Three Mint, Turmeric Gold, Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, and lots more. Each has a different purpose.


For instance, the Three Mint tea is good for refreshing the palette, the Night-Time variety is perfect before bedtime, and the Revitalise tea is great for, as the brand puts it, “waking your wonder.” Most options come in a box with 20 tea bags and retail for £2.99.

There are also a few Pukka teas (USA) box options. This includes Active Tea, Support Tea, and Relax Tea selection boxes, as well as a mixed selection box. Each box comes with a selection of five different teas and a total of 45 tea bags. These boxes cost £13.99.

Pukka Latte

Currently, there are two latte varieties: Turmeric Gold Latte and Cacao Maca Magic Latte. The Turmeric Gold option is a luscious blend with cardamom & saffron. It comes in a 90-gram bag and contains 15 servings.


The maca latte is a luxurious chocolatey blend with ashwagandha and is reportedly made from the finest grade herbs. It also comes in a 90-gram bag with 15 servings.

Both varieties can be added to 250ml of warm milk (preferably unsweetened almond milk). Initially, mix two heaped teaspoons of the latte blend to a dash of milk to make a paste. Then add the rest of the milk in and stir well. You can sweeten with organic honey if desired. Each variety retails for £4.99.

Pukka Supplements

The Pukka Herbs organic supplements line is vast and includes Castor Oil, Elderberry Syrup, After-Dinner Capsules, Turmeric Active Capsules, and much more.

The Mushroom Gold product is based on three edible mushrooms – maitake, reishi, and shiitake. These come in capsule form with 60 capsules in a bottle for £21.95. You can take two capsules daily with food and water.


The After-Dinner capsules are an organic aromatic blend of Seven Seeds with fennel and ginger. These also come in a 60-count bottle and retail for £14.95. The Elderberry Syrup, on the other hand, is a delicious blend consisting of ginger and thyme. It comes in a 100ml bottle, and one teaspoon can be taken three times daily. It costs £14.99.

Pukka Herbs Gifts

The Pukka tea selection box options form part of the brand’s gift range. Additionally, you can get a Pukka Christmas Calendar to celebrate the countdown to Christmas with a different organic herbal tea every day. There are 24 tea bags in a box, and it costs £9.99.

The brand also sells a Christmas Tin, which contains 30 delicious herbal tea sachets to help bring the festive spirit to life. This option retails for £12.99. (It’s worth noting that both Christmas options were “sold out” at the time of writing. Therefore, it seems these are only available to buy during the festive season).

Where to Buy Pukka Herbs Products

Pukka Herbs products are sold in several reputable supermarket chains and independent health food stores. To find your nearest independent supplier, you can use the store locator map on the Pukka website. Since the brand offers such an extensive range of products, be sure to check with the store that the items you require are available before you visit, especially when it comes to mushroom supplements because it’s not the brand’s most popular product.

Pukka Herbs products are sold in several reputable supermarket chains and independent health food stores.

Alternatively, you can shop directly on the Pukka website. The company offers free shipping throughout the U.K. on orders over £35. Orders are sent in plastic-free packaging and are delivered in 3 – 5 days. International customers can browse several other online platforms, such as Amazon and iHerb to buy select Pukka Herbs products. 

Summary on Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs is a brand that’s committed to running an ethical and sustainable business model. They truly go the extra mile when it comes to operating a business that puts people – and the planet – first.

By partnering with farmers, partners, and employees that share the same passion, Pukka strives to build a sustainable future for all. Moreover, they have a great selection of natural products, including mushroom supplements, Pukka Herbs vitamins, organic teas, and more.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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