Ora Organic Supplements Brand Review

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The supplement industry is completely saturated, making it tricky to find products you need. Ora Organic is a brand trying to stand out from the crowd with plant-based supplement products that also taste great. This is pretty unique in the industry, and it’s something we here at WayofLeaf appreciate.

In this review, our team breaks Ora Organic down bit by bit to let you know if it’s the brand for you. Find out everything you need to know below.

Ora Organic: Quick Summary


  • The supplements genuinely taste good.
  • Plant-based ingredients.
  • The website is very detailed and shows an emphasis on transparency.
  • Ora Organic lab tests its products and publishes the certificates.


  • There does not seem to be a refunds or returns policy.
  • There are some negative online reviews regarding the flavor of the protein powder.

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Who Are Ora Organic? Full Review

Siblings Sebastian and Erica started Ora Organic with their Maori heritage in mind. Growing up in New Zealand with a Maori background, they named the company Ora Organic, taking inspiration from the greeting ‘Kia Ora.’ Literally translated, this phrase means, ‘be well,’ and that’s what they wanted to convey with their products.

The brand promotes plant-based living, with all its products centered on plant-based ingredients. According to the website, they view this choice as more ethical, sustainable, and nutritious.

What sets Ora Organic apart from some of its competitors is its unique emphasis on taste.

That said, many supplement brands are moving in the plant-based direction. What sets Ora Organic apart from some of its competitors is an emphasis on taste. This is unique, and it’s a great step that actually makes the products enjoyable to use. One of the co-founders, chef Ron Chang, even posts plant-based recipes on the brand’s site.

So, what about Ora’s processes? This company is not just all talk, but it seems to be just as dedicated to quality and transparency. The website lists the manufacturing process in detail and even features a code of conduct.

Alongside a detailed process, the website also features lab reports. Not all supplements companies publish lab reports for their products, so we love that Ora Organic has gone the extra step.

Furthermore, the company is certified:

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free

All certifications come from the relevant authoritative bodies.

Let’s dive in and find out more about the products.

Ora Organic Supplement Products

Ora Organic breaks its products down into several categories, all of which are reviewed below. There is a mixture of capsules and powders, with a considerable number of products to try. Here’s what the WayofLeaf team thought of the items.

*The prices listed are for one-time purchases, but the Subscribe & Save feature offers 20% off.

Ora Organic Stress & Sleep Support

The Stress & Sleep Support category contains five products, including golden milk powder and several capsules. Some of the items span several types, spilling over into beauty. For example, it includes Sun-damaged Skin Support Capsules and Calming Supplement for Stressed Skin.


The Natural Sleep Aid Supplement is one of the more popular. It consists of thirty capsules containing magnesium, valerian root, and tart cherry, all of which support healthy sleep. The product description includes links to scientific studies on these ingredients, which is a fantastic touch.

Cost: $34.99

Ora Organic Workout & Recovery

In the Workout & Recovery category, Ora Organic stocks a whopping twenty-one products. The collection begins with organic powders and pills, but Ora Organic also sells protein and pre-workout powder in various forms.


In fact, most of the items in this category are protein powder in different flavors and sizes. Customers can choose between one serving or twenty servings; the former is only helpful if you’re looking to try the flavors out.

The pre-workout powder, loaded with caffeine and adaptogens, comes in three flavors: Raspberry Lemonade, Beet Pomegranate, and Ceremonial Matcha. The matcha flavor is really unique. Meanwhile, the protein powder is available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Vanilla Chai. Each serving contains 21g of protein, though it’s unclear what protein source was used. Judging by the ingredients, it’s rice protein.

Other products in this category include curcumin pills, organic greens powder, and collagen-boosting aloe powder.

Cost: $2.99 – $37.99

Ora Organic Gut Health

Unsurprisingly, the Gut Health section is chock full of prebiotics and probiotics, but there are also some enzyme capsules or powder and apple cider vinegar pills.


The probiotic options are all called Trust Your Gut. There are various options, including pills with six prebiotic strains and 16 billion probiotics. The powder is a little more exciting because it comes in delicious flavors like Apple Raspberry and Lavender Lemonade. The latter is incredibly refreshing.

Similar to the protein powder, users can purchase small, one-serving sachets or opt for thirty servings in a larger tub.

Cost: $2.99 – $49.99

Ora Organic Beauty & Skin Health

We have already seen some of the beauty products in other categories, including the Calming Supplement for Stressed Skin. This particular supplement contains turmeric, goji berries, milk thistle, and mangosteen, alongside other ingredients. Again, you can find studies on these ingredients in the product description.


The Aloe Gorgeous products – available in powder and capsule form – are collagen-boosting products. They come in flavors like peanut butter and vanilla, which we appreciate for being much better tasting than other beauty products!

In particular, the Sun-Damaged Skin Support Capsules are interesting. They contain astaxanthin, a derivative of algae that can inhibit skin pigmentation. They also possess organic apple and beetroot extract. In theory, this product can help sun-damaged skin. However, sun damage is a severe issue, and users should not rely on supplements alone to address these issues.

Cost: $2.99 – $34.99

Ora Organic Immunity

In the Immune Health category, you can find a variety of standard supplements. The range includes vitamin D tablets and curcumin pills. There is also an Immune Support supplement, which contains elderberry, echinacea, vitamin C, and garlic.


It may sound strange, but it’s a combination that the doctors at Ora believe in. For this supplement, users need to take three pills every day. There are 90 in the bottle, which is a 30-day supply.

Cost: $16.99 – $49.99

What About the Store Policies?

Ora Organic ships internationally to the USA and the UK. Unfortunately, the website lacks a Store Policies section, so it’s difficult to know what to do in the event of poor product quality. Furthermore, there is no information about shipping.

The FAQs section does mention that customers can contact Ora if their product arrives broken or damaged. The prospect of a refund is not mentioned, but Ora says it will send out another shipment.

As a result, Ora Organic does not seem to have a satisfaction guarantee. Since many supplement companies have at least a 30-day warranty, this is a shame.

What Are Others Saying About Ora Organic?

There are thousands of third-party reviews for Ora Organic online. The majority are positive, earning the brand a rating of over four out of five stars. This is a very good sign as it means that most customers have had a positive experience.

The majority of reviews are positive, earning the brand a rating of over four out of five stars.

The negative reviews are primarily for products like the protein powders. Mostly, people find issues with the flavor, particularly the vanilla. Given that protein powders are rarely the epitome of gourmet, this is a small complaint to note. If the taste is not all that important to you, then Ora Organic may be worth it nonetheless.

Summary on Ora Organic and Where to Buy

Overall, Ora Organic is an excellent supplements brand. It uses a very holistic approach to health and wellness, packing a variety of substances into each supplement. We love that the products are all plant-based and doctor-backed, too.

However, it’s a shame that a brand like this doesn’t have a returns policy. It would also be helpful to have some information about shipping before placing an order.

That said, I would use these products again. The flavor of some products may not be the best, but they are natural, and they work, and that’s enough.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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