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Onnit is a health, fitness, and nutrition brand on a mission to empower people to achieve their fullest human potential. The company has a holistic approach to health and believes that improving one area, specifically, will improve the body as a whole. Similarly, a deficiency in anything will limit overall health and well-being.

Ultimately, it’s all about improving aspects of the mind, body, or spirit to create the best version of yourself. In this Onnit review, we will explore the brand and its product offerings more closely.

Onnit Highlights

Onnit Pros

  • Extensive range with over 250 products
  • Supplements backed by organized third-party clinical research
  • Product descriptions are detailed; explaining exactly how it may benefit users
  • Endorsed by high-profile people, like Joe Rogan and UFC fighter Donald Cerrone
  • Close to one million Instagram followers

Onnit Cons

  • Several negative reviews on Trustpilot
  • Free shipping only available for orders over $150

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Who Is Onnit: About the Brand

The man behind Onnit is Aubrey Marcus, a New York Times best-selling author and health and fitness enthusiast. He has published several self-development books and is also currently the proud host of The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, which has become hugely successful.

Based on a holistic health philosophy Aubrey calls Total Human Optimisation, Onnit first launched in 2011 with its flagship product, Alpha BRAIN. Since then, Onnit has emerged as an industry leader and boasts a range of over 250 products consisting of top-notch supplements, nutrition and protein formulas, and even fitness gear.

The company’s holistic philosophy is focused on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As such, the product selection includes formulas for mood & sleep, performance, immune health, digestive health, brain support, and more.

Since its launch, Onnit has established extremely high brand credibility and recognition. They’re one of only a few supplement brands to conduct third-party clinical research to ensure its formulas represent the pinnacle of human optimization. Moreover, they want to prove that the best supplements are made using earth-grown nutrients that can improve human performance.

Further emphasizing the brand’s reputability is its Instagram page, which is close to one million followers. Additionally, they’re endorsed by the likes of Joe Rogan, UFC fighter Donald Cerrone, and other high-profile names in the health and fitness industry. Plus, the brand has been featured in prominent publications like Forbes, Men’s Health, and Entrepreneur.

Onnit Online Customer Reviews

Onnit has built up quite a reputation in the wellness market and, for the most part, seems to be positively perceived by customers. The brand has a presence on Trustpilot, one of the most reputable third-party review sites, with over 15,000 reviews on the platform. Overall, they have a 4-star rating, with 88% of customers rating them as either “excellent” or “great.”

However, the most recent reviews on the platform are mostly negative, suggesting that the company may have experienced a bit of a setback in the last few months. Bad customer service, system issues, and shipping delays are the most common reasons for the bad ratings.

Most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, reporting product effectiveness, product range, and brand reputation.

It’s unclear why Onnit seems to have hit rocky waters in recent times, but it seems the big issue is with customer service. Hopefully, the company will improve things in this area to ensure customers receive the premium service we expect to see from leading brands.

Again, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, reporting product effectiveness, product range, and brand reputation. Many also mention excellent customer service and fast shipping, which is in contradiction to negative reviews. However, these reviews are older, so the customer service issues are likely a temporary problem.

Onnit Product Lineup: What to Expect

Onnit sells a vast range of supplements – too much to cover in a single review. Below, we explore some of the categories, but we suggest visiting the company’s official site to get a full overview.

Navigating the product collection can be a little overwhelming because there are tons to choose from, and some items are listed under multiple categories. However, they also have a “Goal Based Collections” category, which is quite useful. Some of the options here include Keto Collection, Gut Health Collection, and Healthy Snacks Collection.

Here is a brief look at what you can expect when shopping for Onnit supplements.

Onnit Alpha Brain

As mentioned, Alpha Brain is the brand’s flagship product line. These products are designed to support memory, promote mental clarity, and boost focus, among other key brain functions. Joe Rogan is an especially big fan of the Alpha Brain supplement and often promotes it on his podcast.


This formula includes several key ingredients to boost mood and energy, such as Onnit flow blend, cat’s claw, and L-theanine. Moreover, it’s available in capsules (Alpha Brain), shots (Alpha Brain Focus Shot), or a drink mix powder (Alpha Brain Instant).

The shot is a ready-to-drink liquid available in a peach and tropical flavor. The drink mix is a nootropic mix in several delicious flavors, including Peach, Blackberry Lemonade, Ruby Grapefruit, Coconut Lime, and more.

Onnit Daily Support

Onnit describes its Daily Support collection as supplements to support your immune system, joints, and bones. One particularly interesting supplement in this range is the Shroom Tech IMMUNE formula designed to support a strong immune system.

As the name suggests, it’s a mushroom blend and is made using chaga, cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, and maitake, among other mushroom extracts. Other key ingredients include astragalus, turmeric, ginger, and oregano. It comes in capsule form and is available in a bottle of either 30 or 90 capsules.

Other options in this collection include VIRUTech for antioxidant support and Stron BONE to support bone health. Both also come in capsule form.

Onnit Essential Nutrients

This collection includes a line of supplements designed to support total body health with a group of vitamin, mineral, and nutrient products. One such product is the vitamin D3 spray, which is intended to optimize bone health, cardiovascular health, and overall vitality. It also contains vitamin K2 with MCT oil used as the base. It comes in two flavors; Grapefruit and Passion Fruit Guava.

There is also a Key Minerals formula made using a blend of essential vitamins; calcium, boron, magnesium, iodine, and molybdenum. It comes in a bottle of 120 capsules.

In this collection, you will also find another option from the Shroom Tech line. Shroom Tech GREENS is a green powder that provides one serving of organic vegetables per packet. Each serving contains 14 kale leaves, 4 spinach leaves, and 1 broccoli floret and is perfect for adding to a superfood smoothie.

Onnit Performance

This lineup is primarily for fitness junkies. It’s a range of pre and post-workout supplements for optimal performance.

Shroom Tech makes another appearance here with a sports formula designed for performance and endurance. Key ingredients include cordyceps extract, vitamin B12, chromium, ashwagandha extract, and green tea leaf extract. This formula is said to be especially good for helping the body with cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance. It comes in capsule form in a count of either 28 or 84.

There is also a creatine formula touted for its ability to support muscle gain, strength, and anaerobic performance. It’s unflavored, and there are 30 servings in each tub.

Additionally, there is plant-based protein powder (vanilla and chocolate) and grass-fed whey isolate protein (vanilla and Mexican chocolate). However, all of these were sold out at the time of writing.

Other Onnit Products

Above, we have covered the most noteworthy product categories. However, we have only explored a few of the product offerings in each category. Onnit has a wide and impressive range of supplements, each designed for a specific purpose.


There is also a “Mood + Sleep” collection, including capsules for mood and relaxation, a melatonin spray to support a restful night’s sleep, and a New MOOD Instant formula formulated to support a normal daily stress response. It’s a powdered drink mix available in Mango, Pineapple, Orange Guava, and Elderberry Lavender.

Additionally, Onnit also sells fitness equipment like kettlebells and barbells, as well as digital home fitness programs and on-demand workouts. Plus, they have an apparel range, which includes gear for men and women.

Is There Anything Else to Know About Onnit?

Onnit prides itself on combining efficacious ingredients backed by rigorous clinical research. It claims that supplements are sourced from the best ingredients all over the world. Many of the supplements even have certifications from esteemed organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.

Moreover, each product description is filled with information about how the supplement works, the ingredients used, and how each ingredient may be beneficial to one’s health. Some descriptions even reference studies on a particular formula.

This company is so confident in the supplements it sells that it offers a very promising money-back guarantee.

This company is so confident in the supplements it sells that it offers a very promising money-back guarantee, which they call “Keep-It.” It allows customers to get a full refund and keep the product if they’re not satisfied with the results. It’s only applicable for the first-time purchase of a formula and is redeemable for up to 90 days from the purchase date. Anything outside the 90-day period may qualify for store credit.

Multiple bottles, foods, and gear do not qualify for this guarantee, though, but may still be applicable for return. So be sure to read the full refund policy.

Another noteworthy point is that Onnit has a military and first respondent discount. If you fall into this group, you will receive a 15% discount on all Onnit products. To qualify, you simply need to verify your status during checkout on the payment step.

Summary on Onnit and Where to Buy

As a reputable health and wellness brand, Onnit offers an impressive range of quality fitness formulas, supplements, nutritional products, and more. The range is extensive, so we couldn’t cover it all here, but it’s clear that Onnit is a company committed to excellence. So much so that ingredients are backed by rigorous clinical research.

The best place to buy Onnit supplements is directly from the official Onnit website. They’re also available to purchase on Amazon and third-party sites like VitaminShoppe, but we always recommend buying directly from the source.

Free shipping is only given for orders of $150 and more, which is a little steep. But Onnit has a generous return policy, and the website is easy-to-navigate and filled with tons of valuable information, making the online shopping experience worthwhile.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

  • Official Site: onnit.com
  • 10% Coupon Code: GETONNIT 
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