Understanding the Different Types of Kratom

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Is kratom an exotic natural wonder or simply a good-time substance? Forget what you’ve heard about this product; there’s so much more to it. There are many different kinds of kratom, and each variety may have a unique impact.

So, how do you know which one to purchase?

Some forms of kratom are uplifting and others possess analgesic properties.

Below you’ll discover more about the different kratom strains, their properties, and recommendations. You’ll also learn what to look out for when buying kratom online.

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The 3 Primary Types of Kratom

Before we delve into the different kinds of kratom strains, we need to define the substance. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, the kratom plant grows in several eastern regions.

It’s believed that all varieties originated from a single plant and adapted to environmental conditions in the different regions. The tropical tree is related to coffee and contains high quantities of caffeine.

If you’d like to learn more about kratom as a species, our informative article will explain this plant in greater depth.


Traditionally, consumers enjoyed the benefits of kratom by chewing on the leaves. This practice is rare now, and users often prefer powders, tinctures, and capsules.

With regards to types of kratom, the three main options are labeled generally according to the hue of the leaf veins. Young plants have white veins, and as they mature, these turn green. Older crops feature red veins. Within these, different types of kratom strains serve as variants with more specific potential effects.

Each selection is generally either suited to medicinal or recreational use. However, you should note that kratom impacts every individual uniquely. Whilst one strain may be mild for some, it can be hard-hitting for others.

Always follow the recommended dose and start low on your first try. Keep in mind that different kinds of kratom strains typically impact you according to:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Metabolism

The intended use also plays a role. If in doubt, consult with your doctor or medical professional.

White Strain

This strain is the most energizing option of the many different kinds of kratom available. It has minimal analgesic qualities but offers a great starting point.

Most users report that white vein products are lighter but stimulating, similar to that much-needed cup of morning java. The effects last several hours, and users remain positive and enthusiastic throughout the day.


Some also turn to white vein kratom to overcome the afternoon slump and retain consistent productivity. The substance sharpens your focus and facilitates mental clarity.

If you compare this variety to different kratom strains, you’ll find it’s an excellent option for improving your libido and fighting off fatigue. As a secondary effect, this vein helps you fight off insomnia by causing you to burn out all your energy during the day.

It’s a slow burn product that wears off gradually with no distinct crash. Consuming it in the morning means you’ll have enough energy to go about your day and feel tiredness creep in naturally in the early evening.

The ideal dosage depends on your tolerance level, but keeping it low is a safe bet. Some variants offer a mild buzz with just four grams, whereas others suggest you take at least six grams before the sensations occur.

Novice users should start with two grams maximum until they ascertain their ideal dose.

Green Strain

Green vein strains fall in the middle of red and white. Of all the different kinds of kratom, they offer the ideal balance of analgesic and energizing. These products get harvested when the plant is roughly halfway through its lifecycle.

Green vein kratom is excellent for a morning energy boost and improves your mood. In some cases, it induces euphoria, but this is dependent on your dose. The substance assists with focus and is a firm favorite among creative users.


Medicinally, the different kratom strains in this category help alleviate pain and facilitate sedation. Green vein strains are pretty powerful, so start with a low dose of 1-2 grams. See how your body reacts and gradually increase the amount you take until you find the best one.

Lower doses affect you similarly to white vein strains, inducing energy and focus, whereas larger ones provide powerful pain-relieving sensations and intense euphoria.

The effects of the different kinds of kratom in the green vein category last long. The average duration is eight hours, making it popular among those who want a mood and energy boost.

Some users report that the relaxing properties of the substance make social interactions easier and do wonders for self-esteem.

Red Strain

If we rank the different kinds of kratom according to popularity, red vein options will top the list. When the kratom plant reaches its final phase of maturity, growers harvest it by plucking the leaves, arranging them on trays, and drying them.

They then crush the dry leaves into a fine powder ready for consumers. The reported benefits of red vein kratom range from anxiety relief to euphoria. It has powerful analgesic properties and brings users to a state of tranquility.


When we look at the different kinds of kratom, the effects of red vein ones are more medicinal. Aside from mental calm, it relaxes your whole body and offers soothing sedation when taken in higher amounts.

These benefits also loosen tight muscles and target inflammation. Some users report it even assists with chronic pain.

Each variant of red vein kratom comes with dosing guidelines you shouldn’t exceed. Keep your dose low, and build up to larger quantities as your tolerance increases.

Remember, different kratom strains may have a more powerful effect on you. So always start slow.

Other Kratom Strain Varieties

Most kratom strains fall in the category of the three main veins, but a few stand apart. These are:

Yellow Vein

Yellow vein products are pretty rare. Many claim that these strains are high-quality and stem from white vein options. Using special drying techniques, growers have developed a way to improve the product. The process takes around 20 days.

The rare vein is ideal for improving your mood. The effects last slightly longer than a cup of coffee, leaving you feeling at the top of your game. This option stands out as a different kratom strain.

Gold Vein

The gold vein is similar to the yellow products as it also requires a unique drying process. The main difference is that these strains stem from red vein leaves. The substance is a top choice for recreational users, and it boosts clarity.

Maeng Da

What’s the most potent form of kratom? Maeng Da! More than a simple blend of different kinds of kratom, these strains come with an intriguing history.

In the 1900s, botanists in Thailand endeavored to combine the qualities of white and red vein products to create the ideal strain. The result? A powerful hybrid with euphoric effects.

Each variety contains different alkaloid levels, which affect how it reacts with the body. Its potency doesn’t deter medicinal users who report that it offers pain relief and relaxation.

When you look at the list of the different kinds of kratom, Maeng Da has the widest range of potential effects. Some options are more uplifting, while others induce sedation.

How Many Different Types of Kratom Are There in Total?

The honest truth is dozens – but they typically fall into the three main categories aforementioned:

  • White vein
  • Green vein
  • Red vein

Different kinds of kratom are also often categorized by country. Many strains also get labeled by both region and vein color. You can find these plants in:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Vietnam

You may also find them in other tropical regions. How the product is harvested and dried plays a key role in its effects.

What to Look for When Buying Kratom

While it’s crucial to decide which product best suits your needs, selecting a supplier is also important. Look for a reputable source that uses professional company practices.

These include aspects like customer care and a user-friendly site. Opt for a retailer that stocks different kratom strains, so you have more to choose from.

Product quality is another important criterion. There are several fantastic options available, but Kratom Country tops the list.

Closing Off Kratom

Kratom is a natural product with multiple strains. Each option impacts the body, and the effects differ from one user to the next.


By understanding the qualities of the different kinds of kratom, you can easily decide which color vein to try. As long as you keep your doses low, you’ll be in for an enjoyable experience. Check out Kratom Country and order your favorite strain.

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