BrainMD Supplements Review [Complete Walkthrough]

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Brain health supplements are top-rated among students and professionals who want to support their neurological health through stressful work environments. BrainMD is one of many brands catering to this market, but does it bring something different to the table?

The WayofLeaf team reviews this supplement company below to find out if it’s worth the hype.

BrainMD Quick Summary


  • Doctor-led and backed by science.
  • A vast variety of products.
  • International shipping.
  • 60-day return period.


  • Some products are expensive.
  • Many reviews (though not the majority) are unfavorable.

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BrainMD Complete Review

BrainMD immediately seems like a professional company at first glance. It offers attractive packaging and a high-quality website that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The company specializes in supplements that support brain health. According to the About section, BrainMD sees neurological health as “the smartest way to care for your body.”

The founder and CEO, Daniel G. Amen, MD, is a psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist. His impressive resume also includes being a multi-time New York Times bestselling author. He runs the Amen University (linked on the site) and several Amen Clinics throughout the USA, which support patients with neurological issues.

BrainMD has an arsenal of high-qualified staff, including experts in dietary supplements, board-certified doctors of psychiatry and addiction, and more.

It’s unsurprising, then, that Dr. Amen would found a brand such as BrainMD, which provides access to healthy supplements for thousands of people.

BrainMD also has an arsenal of other high-qualified staff, including experts in dietary supplements, board-certified doctors of psychiatry and addiction, and more. Having this roster of medical professionals gives the brand a high degree of reputability that sets it apart from other supplement brands.

Furthermore, BrainMD has been around since 2009, giving it time to build up a positive industry reputation. Customers seem to appreciate the human-led approach and the level of quality that BrainMD brings. Let’s explore that in more detail.

What Is the Quality Like from BrainMD?

It’s clear that BrainMD places great emphasis on quality. The website has a section dedicated to describing the brand’s quality control, beginning with the product creation and its grounding in science. The formulation process is based on peer-reviewed journals; BrainMD does not claim to do anything without a science backing.

In terms of ingredients, BrainMD says it is strict in its selection. It interrogates suppliers on the contents of their components and where they were originally sourced. Where possible, additives are not used, which means no sugar or other unnecessary ingredients.

The manufacturers are certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices. This means clean, temperature-and humidity-controlled facilities that are regularly sanitized.

BrainMD also performs testing. Tests are done on the raw materials, during the manufacturing process, and on the finished product. The website states that the brand tests for yeasts, molds, bacteria, and heavy metals. Independent labs are used to verify the results.

Based on this information, BrainMD goes above and beyond to ensure that its products are high-quality. Even if other brands do this, not all of them are so detailed about the process.

BrainMD Supplements

BrainMD sells a vast range of supplements – too much to cover in one review. Below, we cover some of the sections on the website and the best-selling products from each one. For the full experience, you will need to pay a visit to the website.

BrainMD Daily Essentials

The Daily Essentials category is intended to support daily wellness. These are the nutrients that most modern diets lack in sufficient quantities, so they are an excellent place to start.

BrainMD’s products include Omega-3, vitamin C, vitamin D, and more. One of the bestsellers is Brain & Body Power, a kit that provides a 30-day supply of multivitamins and omega-3 fish oil capsules. The product description features a full breakdown of all the vitamins and minerals contained within; there are forty-two in total.

The product is $99.95, which works out at around $3.33 per day. For that many vitamins, it’s not bad.

BrainMD Focus & Attention

BrainMD’s bestseller in this category is the Focus & Energy Capsules. They claim to promote concentration, improve stress management, and boost energy. Each capsule contains caffeine-free green tea, choline, Rhodiola, ashwagandha, and ginseng. We loved seeing an energy product that contains natural adaptogens instead of being loaded with caffeine.


Another bonus point for this product is that the capsule coating is vegan-friendly. It allows most people to enjoy this product no matter what kind of diet they follow, ensuring everyone can access brain-boosting adaptogens.

The price is just $39.95 for 120 capsules. However, this section also contains cheaper supplements such as NeuroPS ($29.95) or single supplements like iron ($9.95).

BrainMD Stress & Anxiousness

This brand has a variety of stress-reducing products. The most reviewed are the Omega-3 Power capsules, but GABA Calming Support is close behind. There is also an Everyday Stress Relief multivitamin, which contains Holy Basil and L-theanine, among other herbal supplements.


The Happy Saffron Plus product caught my attention since it was branded with an exciting “New!” sticker, and I’ve never tried saffron as an adaptogen. These capsules not only contain affron, a high-concentrated form of saffron but also optimized curcumin (Longvida) and zinc. I found that the combination reduced stress and anxiety during the working day. It’s subtle and hard to notice, but it’s there if you look.

Sadly, this option is comparatively expensive on account of the saffron, at $49.95 for 90 capsules.

BrainMD Memory

BrainMD has a couple of products explicitly geared at memory enhancement. This includes the Brain & Memory Power Boost capsules and the Bright Minds Memory Powder.


The powder stands out because it is unlike the other capsule products. To take it, you dissolve one serving in water. It’s sugar-free but contains natural sweeteners. Still, the taste is natural, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. For many users, the taste is objectionable and tough to swallow.

That said, the powder presents a great opportunity for older adults who may have trouble swallowing pills to improve their memory. It is, however, costly, at $114.95 for 30 servings.

BrainMD Mood Support

BrainMD’s mood products come in green packaging, distinguishing them from the rest of the range. The selection includes Serotonin Mood Support, SAMe Mood and Movement 400, Lithium Orotate, and MethylFolate. There are also products like Brain Curcumins and Happy Saffron Plus.

The Serotonin Mood Support capsules are a bestseller, probably on account of the familiar name. The pills are said to not only boost mood but also improve appetite and promote healthy weight management. Most of the on-site reviews are very positive, with people finding serotonin a very plausible option for mood disorders.

There are lots of interesting options in this collection, so it’s worth doing research on each supplement type.

BrainMD Sleep & Relaxation

There are eight products in the sleep range, including Restful Sleep Capsules and numerous vitamins that feature throughout the site. The Put Me to Sleep Naturally Chewables are a popular product, consisting of chewable tablets infused with melatonin and GABA.

Each tablet contains 1.25mg of melatonin, which is just about the right amount. BrainMD points out on the site that other sleep supplements contain more, but they tend to pack in twice what the brain needs for healthy rest. This dose is much better tolerated.

Users find these to be pretty effective. It’s obvious that BrainMD has done the proper research to know what works for the body.

What Else Do You Need to Know About BrainMD? Customer Service, Shipping, Etc.

BrainMD offers some great shipping policies. Shipping is free on all US orders over $75 (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas territories). They also ship internationally, with a handy bot on the website to tell you how much you can expect to pay in customs taxes as you add things to your cart.

Returns are only available with authorization, but the company has a 60 day grace period.

It’s worth noting that some users and experts are skeptical about supplement brands like BrainMD. Some of the used ingredients, such as huperzine A, have safety profiles that are less well determined.

Some BrainMD reviews criticize the company’s approach to natural wellness. Before buying, do your research and decide for yourself.

There is a question of whether it is responsible to sell such supplements to the public under the guise of scientific backing. While some studies suggest these compounds have benefits, others are inconclusive or point to the side effects.

As a result, a wealth of BrainMD reviews are negative and criticize the company’s approach to natural wellness. Before buying, do your research and decide for yourself if it’s worth it and which products you deem safe.

Summary on BrainMD and Where to Buy

All in all, BrainMD seems like a great supplement brand. It has a lot to offer the natural wellness industry with its commitment to science and clean ingredients. That said, not all customers have found the products helpful and there are some negative reviews online.

Final Verdict: 8/10

As is the case with any supplement brand, it’s vital to research before you purchase. Visit the official BrainMD site to learn more.

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