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The enormous number of supplements brands on the market can make it difficult to find a brand you can trust. The reviews here at WayofLeaf aim to make our readers’ lives a little easier, with detailed reviews explaining everything you need to know about a brand.

1MD Nutrition is the latest company going under the microscope. This brand has a great range of products that covers almost everything, but is the quality worth it for the price? Let’s find out.

1MD Nutrition: Quick Summary


  • 90-day unconditional guarantee – even for empty products.
  • Positive reviews online.
  • A large variety of supplements available.


  • The products are expensive compared to competitors.
  • Challenging to find out how much of a supplement is in any one product.
  • A pop-up appeared every ten minutes spent on the site, which started to get in the way of the shopping experience.

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1MD Nutrition Full Review

1MD Nutrition is, at its heart, an online platform distributing health information. However, it also sells its own supplements that can help users to curate a full health regime.

The brand has attempted to set itself apart from its competitors through a genuineness, with an approach to supplements that admits they aren’t a replacement for doctors and medication. 1MD instead aims to provide high-quality ingredients encased in vegetarian-friendly capsules, with no fillers involved.

This company only uses the best quality ingredients possible and manufactures everything in US-based facilities.

As a result, consumers can be fully aware of what they are consuming just by browsing the product descriptions posted on the site. Plus, if you are struggling to believe the validity of these claims, 1MD Nutrition is backed by doctors. The ‘Meet Our Doctors’ section on the website has a list of affiliated doctors from a range of fields.

Furthermore, this company only uses the best quality ingredients possible. It manufactures everything in US-based facilities that are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. There is a purity pledge to keep 1MD committed to exceptional quality.

So far, so good. 1MD seems to check out as a reputable company. What are its products like?

What Supplements Are Available from 1MD Nutrition?

1MD Nutrition has a range of products available in different categories. We have reviewed the items below according to the same categories on the site. In general, 1MD Nutrition specializes in vegetarian-friendly capsules imbued with various supplemental compounds.

1MD Nutrition Digestive Health

The Digestive Health category spans products including prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes. There are multiple options, including:

  • LiverMD: contains a Solybin complex and a vitamin E extract
  • BiomeMD: contains 14 probiotic strains
  • BiomeMD for Women: contains 16 bacterial strains

The Complete Probiotics Platinum seems to be the most popular product, with over 1 million bottles sold. This product features delayed-release capsules with 51 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) made up of 11 probiotic strains.


One bottle costs $40.99, which is quite expensive for a supplement (there are thirty capsules per bottle). However, if you subscribe you can save up to 40% on selected products, which is a significant dent in the price.

Overall, the digestive health products are excellent because they cover a range of items that suit all needs.

1MD Nutrition Joint Health

1MD claims to have made breakthroughs in purity and absorption. Its Joint Health products are therefore supposed to be better than those offered by competing brands. There are three products: MoveMD, CurcuminMD Plus, and KrillMD.


The CurcuminMD Plus capsules are 285x more absorbable than other items, according to the website. This tablet option is 100% vegan, which is perfect for those who have dietary requirements. Furthermore, the ingredients are said to promote healthy brain function alongside joint health.

Similar to the Digestive Health products, the joint options are quite expensive. The CurcuminMD Plus capsules, for example, retail for $36.99.

1MD Nutrition Heart Health

The Heart Health supplements are designed to promote healthy circulation, including reduced cholesterol levels. There are four options in this category, including GlucoseMD, which specifically targets blood sugar, and MagMD Plus, which provides magnesium to support bone mineralization and cardiovascular support.


The CholestMD tablets are designed to lower cholesterol using niacin and Bergavit; this is a popular option on the website. The Subscribe and Save feature gives users the option to order 3 bottles of CholestMD every six months with 25% off. The total is therefore $44.97 for a six-month supply, which isn’t too expensive at all!

1MD Nutrition Immune Health

The Immune Health products were formulated by a board-certified immunologist. There are two options: BreatheMD and ImmunityMD. The former focuses on lung support, using South African geranium to promote a healthy immune system alongside eight other compounds. Supposedly, this product can support normal mucus thickness and better respiratory function.


Meanwhile, ImmunityMD contains a variety of ingredients that may support lip, skin, and oral health. This is one of the best-reviewed products on the site, boasting 4.9/5 on the reviews. However, on-site reviews are not typically trustworthy as they may be moderated by the brand.

For one bottle, these products cost between $26.99 and $32.99.

1MD Nutrition Men’s Health

The singular product in the Men’s Health section is ProstateMD, which is a pretty self-explanatory product. It contains palmetto extract, which 1MD claims beats its competitors because it contains 3x the amount of beta-carotene and 10x the amount of lutein as other palmetto extracts.


This product was developed by a board-certified urologist, which is a great sign for its efficacy.

One bottle costs $42.99, but six bottles cost $35.99, so make sure to utilize the deals when using this product.

1MD Nutrition Bone Health

In the Bone Health department, 1MD sells two products. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one option is D3, a vitamin D supplement. It contains 120mcg of vitamin D per capsule. However, this is quite strong and most people need much less than this per day. 120mcg is well within the safe upper limit, but some people may be able to use cheaper vitamin D supplements.


The other option is OsteoMD, which contains additional ingredients. This product has won an award for Best Bone Support Supplement in the 2021 Taste for Life Women’s Essentials Award. It provides 25% of the recommended daily intake for calcium, too.

1MD Nutrition Eye Health

The one Eye Health product is called VisionMD, and it contains mixed carotene, vitamin E, and a variety of other ingredients. 1MD claims it can help with age-related eye problems and healthy brain function.


This product is the only one that does not feature the relevant doctor in the product description, and it also has one of the lowest ratings on the site with 4.6/5.

One bottle of the Eye Health supplements costs $39.99.

What Else to Know About 1MD Nutrition

1MD Nutrition is a solid brand when it comes to reputability. There is a dedicated customer service team who are available to answer questions via phone. However, there is no option for communicating online, which may be inconvenient for some users.

Most third-party review websites are positive, with numerous votes. However, some TrustPilot ratings in the UK heavily criticize the brand’s customer service, despite praising the products.

Customers can return an item within 90 days if they are not happy with the product, even if it is opened and empty.

The website accepts most payment methods, and the brand ships throughout the USA. An extra 2-3 days may be required for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. 1MD Nutrition also ships internationally.

One of our favorite things about this brand is the 90-day unconditional guarantee. Customers can return an item within 90 days if they are not happy with the product. It can be opened and even empty, and the customer will receive a refund. This is an excellent satisfaction guarantee that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

Final Thoughts on 1MD Nutrition: Where to Buy

1MD Nutrition’s products can be ordered directly from the official website. It’s best to go directly through this channel if you want to benefit from the 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Some products are also available on Amazon.

All in all, 1MD is a trustworthy brand that’s backed by doctors. The products may be a little expensive, but it’s up to consumers to decide whether the price point is worth the extra quality.

Final Verdict: 8/10

  • Official Site: 1md.org
  • 10% Coupon Code: WOL10
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