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Eaze MD MMJ Card | [Review + Coupon]

Update 2020: As of 2020, Eaze has discontinued its medical marijuana card program. If you are looking to obtain an MMJ Card, feel free to read our review on this year’s top MMJ card provider: NuggMD. Eaze Marijuana Delivery: How Does it Work? Eaze marijuana delivery service (formerly Eaze MD) has transformed into quite the cannabis […]

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NuggMD New York | Review + NEW Info

About NuggMD New York We’ve known NuggMD for quite a while and are constantly gloating about the level of professionalism and of service they provide to their clients. When we heard the news that they were opening in New York, we simply had to see if their new service lived up to their similar San Fransisco […]

3 min read
Heally | The Complete MMJ Card Review

For all those people who figured it was too time-consuming, or too much of a pain to get in their car and drive down to a medical clinic to get a physical examination for a medical marijuana recommendation, Southern California based Heally is the perfect solution for you. It is a 100% online evaluation center that […]

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Trulieve [Reviewing and Understanding this Florida Based Dispensary]

All you need to know about the FL company...

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Compassionate Care [The Ultimate Guide]

Can weed help with End-of-Life care?

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Cannabismo | Dispensary Review for 2020

Once you go Cannabismo, you’ll never go back. This Canadian based dispensary is well-known for its supreme customer service and high-quality weed. Unlike other dispensaries these guys are veterans. They’ve actually been around for over 15 years, providing medical marijuana to their loyal customers. One of the major advantages of Cannabis is their online process […]

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5 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Colorado

This mountain covered state is known for good weed!

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MMJ Doctor Online | Updated Review!

MMJ Doctor Online is an incredibly convenient, safe, and quick way for California residents to schedule an examination with a board certified physician and Receive a Medical Marijuana Recommendation. The facility has two brick and mortar locations – one in San Jose and another in San Francisco. With MMJ Doctor Online, any California state resident, no […]

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