Compassionate Health Options | Full Review

Compassionate Health Options (CHO) is a medical marijuana evaluation establishment that offers both physical and mental wellness counseling for patients that are looking for holistic medical health approaches. The company consists of 18 locations that are situated throughout northern California.

 The Compassionate Health Options clinics are some of the most well established and reputable in the area. When you visit one of their clinics, you can be assured that you are going to see a doctor who truly cares about your well-being. The company states that they often advance medical marijuana cards with responsive speed. They understand and are compassionate about the fact that patients need the medical benefits of cannabis, and are committed to helping patients with all aspects of obtaining MMID or MMJ evaluations and recommendations.

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About Compassionate Health Options

 The Compassionate Health Options chain was established in 2004 and was founded by Hanya Barth, M.D., who is also the principal physician at the company. Dr. Barth is one of the most well-known, knowledgeable, and loved physicians in the Bay area. As a mother, grandmother, and doctor, she has come to understand her own chronic medical conditions and appreciates the value that is provided by alternative, complementary health care, exercise, good nutrition, and as she emphasizes, a positive attitude.

Under the guidance of Dr. Barth, the licensed physicians of Compassionate Health Options are available to consult with patients and provide medical evaluations in various convenient California medical marijuana clinics. The company goal is to assist and advise its patients on lifestyle changes, nutrition, personal health management, weight, relationship counseling, smoking cessation, alternative health treatment options (like yoga, massage, acupuncture, herb use, etc.) and general well-being.

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The professional and friendly physicians offer medical marijuana evaluations to patients to give them the ability to use marijuana as a part of their medical treatment under California Proposition 215, also known as the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5, and under SB420, section 11362.7.

Compassionate Health Options does the best to make its facilities a comfortable and safe setting where patients can get the information and care that they need to continue on the journey to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. The staff is compassionate and well-trained, and clinics are open seven days a week to provide a range of services.

Dr. Hanya Barth – Founder and Physician

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Hanya was born in New York City to Austrian immigrants. She received her undergraduate education at Sarah Lawrence College, a college that is known for its rigorous academic standards, and also attended the highly respected La Sorbonne in Paris. She obtained her license as both a surgeon and a physician from the University of Florence in Italy in 1974. Upon her return to the U.S., Dr. Barth began a residency in Internal Medicine at Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.

However, after spending a year and a half at Memorial Hospital, she realized that her heart was in family practice, where she would be able to treat patients and their families by using a more holistic approach. So she decided to move to California and enrolled in a residency in Family Practice at SFGH before moving on to Mendocino County. As a family physician, she was responsible for delivering babies in hospitals and at homes, sewing up cut fingers on her dining room table and giving advice to patients on whatever issue they had, whether mental or physical.

She continued this journey for ten years while balancing it with her role as a mother of seven, keeper of goats, horses and hens, organic gardener, and School Board elected official. But having the desire to provide her children with better education, she then decided to move the family to San Francisco, where she began working at a Methadone Clinic in the East Bay.

Then, a few years later, a serious illness interrupted her work, and Hanya found an ad to work at a medical marijuana clinic. This endeavor eventually led her to start Compassionate Health Options. The first one was opened on Howard Street in San Francisco, with the aim of providing integrative, holistic medical care, along with counseling as part of medical marijuana evaluations.

Dr. Hanya Barth – Founder and Physician

Compassionate Health Options Services

 One of the main services offered by Compassionate Health Options is help in the process of getting a medical marijuana card. They acknowledge that it is an easy process, as long as you are working with people who keep up to date with the latest validity criteria for these cards, as their staff does. They can walk you through the process over the phone.

The legal use of medical marijuana has been established in California since 1996. Over the past 20 years, licensed physicians have become experts in all regulations regarding 215 medical license card. The CHO physicians are leaders in bringing this service to the California public and its growing use of medicinal cannabis.

The CHO mission is the following:

  • To make it as easy as possible for patients to legally obtain and use medical marijuana as a means to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • To be a knowledgeable resource and offer emotional support for everyone who walks through their clinic doors. As stated on the company website, they are there to help their peers and patients be educated and confident in the choices that they make, which affect their health and wellbeing.
  • To embody compassion and connectedness in everything that they do.

The Compassionate Health Options Team

 The Northern California clinics of CHO consist of a community of staff members and physicians that are passionate about working together to serve patients by educating them about alternative medicine. Dr. Barth has always been the heart of CHO. Her in-depth knowledge of alternative medicine and compassionate nature have been a guiding light for the staff and physicians that make up the organization.

All their doctors are licensed to provide medicinal cards to qualified people who are seeking weed or marijuana therapy for health reasons and pain management. Physicians are there to expertly answer any and all questions that you may have and to guide you through the process.