5 Various Ways You Can Use Medical Cannabis

When shopping for medical marijuana, there are so many choices. Ganja is presently available in numerous forms, so your options are truly endless. Here is a breakdown of just a few ways you can utilize medical Mary Jane, so that your next trip to the dispensary can be even more simple.

Vaping vs. Smoking Medical Marijuana

Some prefer to vape marijuana, while others prefer to smoke marijuana. Many differences exist between the two, but both are suitable ways to take a dosage of medical cannabis. However, vaping is known to be better for your lungs, while smoking marijuana can take a greater toll on the body. Both are commonly available at dispensaries and although vapes can become quite expensive as they have more features, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive vaporizer for $20-$40.

Cartridges with many different strains, varieties, and dosages can also be purchased at your local dispensary if you reside in a legal or medical marijuana state. More strain variety, however, is still available with classic bud that you can place in a pipe or roll up in a joint.

Purchasing Candies and Other Reefer Sweets from Dispensaries

When jumping into the realm of cannabis candies and sweets, this is when a dispensary can sometimes become confusing. There are just so many options, and each has its own set potency. Although this method of receiving THC is much healthier for the body than smoking or vaping, it is sometimes difficult to only take a small dose.

Plus, the effects of candies often last hours longer than smoking does, depending on how high the dose is. Some candies are hard and, therefore, cannot be split into separate portions, but this method of consuming THC is relatively tasty and fairly discreet.

Marijuana Edibles
medical marijuana edibles

Although candies do fall into the realm of edibles, edibles are also inclusive of so much more. At your dispensary, you can often buy ganja-infused chocolates, banana chips, and sometimes even pastries.

DIY Medical Meals: Infuse Your Favorite Foods with Mary Jane

One of the best things about marijuana is that you can add it into your favorite meals and enjoy a very different eating experience. Consume the best dishes, all with an added touch of cannabis! Best of all, you can add it to any course, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A simple and enjoyable way to infuse cannabis into your food is by cooking a batch of cannabutter or canna oil. It’s quite simple, but does require a bit of patience. The process from start to finish typically takes around 3 hours, but the wonderful part is that you can choose which strains or bud you want to create your oil with.

Plus, if you want some amazing recipes to inspire you, simply visit the WayofLeaf recipe section.

Ganja Sprays and Tinctures
medical marijuana sprays

Marijuana sprays and tinctures don’t usually taste the best, but they are great for sharing with others, for the dosage is extremely precise and distributed with a dropper or sprayer. This is ideal for knowing just how much THC you are consuming. Additionally, tinctures have many direct medicinal benefits, including pain relief and stress relief, without having the extremely adverse effects of smoking, such as lung damage and coughing.

Next time you make a trip to your local dispensary, be sure to remember some of these tips in order to choose the perfect medical marijuana option for you. It is important to remember that although there are benefits to using medical cannabis, there are also detrimental effects. Therefore, a marijuana user must be responsible for his or her own usage.

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