3 Essential Things You NEED to Get an MMJ Card

For most people, getting a medical marijuana card seems like a scene out of a Mission Impossible movie. You have to go through so many obstacles to get an approval, that most people give up along the way – and that’s even before you manage to send in your application.

The sad thing is that in most cases, unlike Tom Cruise, who always wins, the ending is quite disappointing – most patients end up getting a definite: “NO”

Apart from going through a confusing, agonizing process, the mission is virtually impossible to complete. Unless, of course, if you live in a recreational state.

Luckily with the right guidance, you can improve your chances of getting a medical marijuana card. To get started, here are three requirements you’ll need:

1) Proof of Residence

The first thing you’ll need is proof of residence. For your information, even if you live in a recreational state, most dispensaries will require this. They simply don’t want to take the risk of selling weed to someone that may take it cross state. This can easily be proven with a valid driver’s license.

2) Eligible Condition

If you live in a medical marijuana state, then it’s important to stay up-to-date with the qualifying conditions. The list of eligible conditions vary by state, so your best bet is to go on to your state’s Board of Health website and check out the exact conditions.

Terminal Illnesses, like cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy and AIDS are on just about every list; however, some states have a full range of eligible conditions.

For your convenience we’ve rounded up the most popular ones in this article: Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana (2017)

3) Doctor’s Recommendation

This is often the hard part as many doctors are not pro-cannabis treatment. You might have the best doctor in the world, but when it comes to recommending marijuana, he/she will simply say “No.”

There are many reasons behind this, and one of them is the fear of their practice. For others, they are simply not aware of the medical benefits of cannabis and would rather stick to more conventional methods.

The problem is that your doctor is the one that submits the application and therefore you have to have him/her on your side.

If you can’t get your doctor on board then you should read this article: Your Doctor Won’t Recommend Marijuana? Here is the Solution!

Final Thoughts

While Federal Laws prohibit the use of medical marijuana, the process of getting a medical marijuana card is still a mission. But if you have got these three requirements, then you should be on your way to getting an MMJ card.

Let us know if you need any more information.