Comparing Kratom and Cannabis: The Showdown

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Across the country, kratom and cannabis are becoming more popular. Consumers claim they hold many benefits for their general wellbeing—medicinally and recreationally.

So, what’s the difference?

There are many ways they vary—ranging from the effects and uses to their legality across the US.

How do you know which one suits your wants and needs best? Can you mix the two?

Join us as we compare them in our kratom vs. cannabis showdown. We look at both substances, their potential benefits, and how they fare legally in America.

When we’re done, you’ll have a better idea of what they can do for you and choose the right one!

Let’s jump right in!

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What Are Cannabis and Kratom?

Cannabis and kratom are natural substances used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The two have been consumed for centuries worldwide and affect the body and mind in many ways.


Even though cannabis and kratom are similar in many respects, you’ll also find differences.












Cannabis contains cannabinoids—compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body. Seed Supreme frequently states the two most prevalent are CBD and THC. Both cause a variety of effects.

THC is responsible for the psychoactive sensation marijuana is famed for, like euphoria. CBD produces softer cannabis effects and many users claim it boasts a plethora of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.


Previously, most consumers enjoyed marijuana recreationally due to the high THC content. However, many cannabis breeders now focus on creating higher CBD strains. On their site, United Strains of America mentions how users can enjoy the range of cannabis effects without feeling high, helping the substance reach a larger market.


When comparing kratom vs. cannabis, the types of sensations you experience vary greatly. Many users liken kratom effects to those experienced when taking opiates or stimulants.


The feelings you get after consuming kratom depends on the dosage. A tiny amount can increase alertness and help you become more sociable. Higher doses of kratom bring on the opioid-like effects, making you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Similar to cannabis, people enjoy kratom in medicinal and recreational circles. Some like the stimulant effects to get them going in the morning, and others report pain-relieving properties or help with opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Note: If you’re wondering if mixing cannabis and kratom is possible, know there’s no apparent interaction between the two. Combining any substances could be harmful, though.

What works for one person might not for you. Try kratom and cannabis separately to see how they affect you before considering them together. Take tiny doses until you reach the desired effects when you start with both.

Benefits of Kratom vs. Cannabis

Kratom and cannabis provide many similar potential effects. The list below shows the most commonly reported effects for each.



Stress relief

Anxiety relief

Pain relief

Pain relief

Mood boost




Energy boost/wakefulness

Increase energy

Digestion aid

Improve hunger

Improve focus

Increase creativity

Calm opioid withdrawal symptoms

Improve sleep

Many of the sensations cannabis and kratom produce are the same. Consumers of both claim they help with anxiety and pain, improve mood, boost energy, and promote relaxation.

Many users take kratom to help cope with opioid withdrawal symptoms. It can also promote digestion, whereas marijuana makes you hungry. Cannabis may also reduce muscle spasms in individuals with certain conditions, and some claim it aids insomnia.

Whichever one you opt for, kratom and cannabis boast many potential benefits and are excellent natural alternatives to prescription drugs.

The Legality of Kratom vs. Cannabis

After reading all the possible kratom vs. cannabis advantages, you might be hoping to give one or both a try. Before you get online and start shopping, find out if the substance is legal where you live, as highlighted in blogs about marijuana law on i49.


To save you the trouble of searching far and wide, we’ve put together this handy table to determine if kratom and cannabis are legal in your area.

AlabamaIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useIllegal
AlaskaLegalLegal and decriminalized
ArizonaLegal—Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passedLegal and decriminalized
ArkansasIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useMedical use only
CaliforniaLegal—outside San Diego (where it-s banned)Legal and decriminalized
ColoradoLegal—outside Denver (where it’s illegal for consumption)Legal and decriminalized
ConnecticutLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
DelawareLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
FloridaLegal—outside Sarasota Country (where it’s banned)Medical use only
GeorgiaLegal—Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passedCBD oil only
HawaiiLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
IllinoisLegal—outside of Jerseyville (where it’s banned)Legal and decriminalized
IndianaIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useCBD oil only
IowaLegalCBD oil only
KansasLegalMedical use only
KentuckyLegalCBD oil only
LouisianaLegalMedical use only
MaineLegalLegal and decriminalized
MarylandLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
MassachusettsLegalLegal and decriminalized
MichiganLegalLegal and decriminalized
MinnesotaLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
MississippiLegal—outside Union County (where it’s banned)Medical use only and has been decriminalized
MissouriLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
MontanaLegalLegal and decriminalized
NebraskaLegalIllegal—has been decriminalized
NevadaLegal—Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passedLegal and decriminalized
New HampshireLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
New JerseyLegalLegal and decriminalized
New MexicoLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
New YorkLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
North CarolinaLegalHas been decriminalized
North DakotaLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
OhioLegalMedical use only and has been decriminalized
OklahomaLegalMedical use only
OregonLegalLegal and decriminalized
PennsylvaniaLegalMedical use only
Rhode IslandIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useMedical use only and has been decriminalized
South CarolinaLegalIllegal
South DakotaLegalIllegal—medicinal use ok and has been decriminalized
TennesseeLegal—for those over 21Illegal
TexasLegalMedical use only
UtahLegal—Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passedMedical use only
VermontIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useLegal and decriminalized
VirginiaLegalLegal and decriminalized
WashingtonLegalLegal and decriminalized
West VirginiaLegalMedical use only
WisconsinIllegal to buy, sell, possess, or useCBD oil only

While consumption of cannabis and kratom is on the rise, they’re still frowned upon by some communities. If you get caught consuming either in a state where you’re not allowed, you could face serious consequences. Check the legal status often to keep in the loop.

Growing Your Cannabis at Home

While cultivating kratom at home isn’t possible yet, growing cannabis is becoming a popular hobby country-wide. Many experts at Homegrown Cannabis Co. say how easy it is for anyone to get started.


As long as you can legally buy, germinate, and plant marijuana seeds in your state, you can try it yourself. There are many advantages to raising your own cannabis crops:

  • A replenishable supply of your favorite strains.
  • Save money: Buying weed from a dispensary is expensive, and you don’t get a lot. At home, enjoy huge yields for a fraction of the price.
  • Learn about the cannabis plant’s anatomy and even try breeding new cultivars.
  • A fun experience with big rewards.

To get started, head to one of the top-rated seed banks on the Internet and search for a strain that matches your preferences. Before long, your seeds will be at your door and ready to germinate.

Kratom vs. Cannabis—It’s Up to You

After comparing kratom vs. cannabis, they’re not too different. Consumers enjoy both for their range of benefits to help with pain, stress, and  relaxation. Each also offers unique advantages for medicinal and recreational users.


Which one works best for you? Are they legal where you live? Come back to our ultimate guide anytime to read up on how they differ and see if you can consume them without getting in trouble.

For now, take your pick from kratom and cannabis and enjoy the boost to your overall health today.

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