Bulk Kratom Now: Complete Brand Review

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Bulk Kratom Now is a brand that markets itself as a home for “alternative and holistic health”.

With fully lab-tested powders and affordable prices, they’ve become a hot spot for one product in particular; kratom powders. The brand offers a vast range of strains, including popular varieties like Maeng Da kratom.

In our Bulk Kratom Now review, we investigate if the brand ensures quality, what varieties they sell, and how to purchase them.

Bulk Kratom Now Highlights: Pros and Cons

Bulk Kratom Now Pros

  • Over 30 kratom strains on offer
  • Bulk quantities available
  • Affordable prices
  • 30-day refund guarantee

Bulk Kratom Now Cons

  • No serving suggestions
  • Minimum order of 5-kilos

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Who Is Bulk Kratom Now: About the Brand

As the name suggests, Bulk Kratom Now (BKN) specializes in bulk quantities of kratom powder, offering bags of up to 1kg, with a 5-kilo minimum spend. Because of this, the brand has earned a reputation as a trusted retail vendor rather than a personal-use site.

New kratom users might also find themselves a little uncatered for, as the brand doesn’t offer any serving recommendations. They even suggest that customers research the appropriate dose themselves.

The brand provides a reasonably detailed FAQ section and informative blog articles about their strains.

Despite this, the brand does provide a reasonably detailed FAQ section and informative blog articles about their strains. They also sell three kratom starter packs, allowing customers to try various blends at a reduced cost.

As kratom is a contentious substance under continuous FDA review, it’s unsurprising that the brand has taken a conservative approach to selling its products. For instance, little information is given about the founders, sourcing, or manufacturing methods.

Unpacking Bulk Kratom Now’s Quality and Reputation

While the information on Bulk Kratom Now may be a little sparse, we found plenty of positive attributes on their site. Some of these include:

  • A flexible refund policy: Customers are offered a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and the brand even offers to pay the return postage, something we don’t often see. It’s worth noting that this policy is only valid if 75% of the original product is unused.
  • Discount codes: Customers can find plenty of discount codes on the brand’s official Facebook page, despite their products already being inexpensive.
  • Lab-tested products: Bulk Kratom Now’s products are lab-tested, although they don’t mention whether tests are conducted through a third party. They claim to check for numerous compounds such as microbials and alkaloids. Additionally, customers can access these reports by a unique number on each product bag.

As a fairly new brand, Bulk Kratom Now hasn’t had time to fully establish itself in the marketplace.

Customer reviews are few, but many offer encouragement by mentioning high-quality products and fast shipping. Bear in mind, though, these are comments found on the brand’s website, not a third-party review site.

Bulk Kratom Now: What Products Are Available?

The choice is hugely varied on the brand’s site. Customers have access to over 30 different kratom strains, including green, red, and white veins. Find out what Bulk Kratom has to say about their veins below.

Green vein: Bulk Kratom describes their green vein strains as a middle ground between red and white. They may provide relaxation and increased concentration to the user; there are 11 green strains on the site.

Red vein: By far the most popular, Kratom claims its red varieties can induce feelings of relaxation and may offer mild sedation; nighttime use is common. There are a total of 12 red strains.


White vein: These veins are believed to boost energy and focus; they are particularly popular during the daytime. Customers can find 8 white strains on the site.

Bulk Kratom Now Powders

Kratom powders are the brand’s staple product, and so customers are given plenty of purchase flexibility. Popular strains like Bali and Borneo can be bought in each vein, so buyers can tailor the product to the exact effect they desire.


While it would be impossible to mention every single strain, we’ve highlighted the most in-demand below.

  • Maeng Da
  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Sumatra
  • Malay
  • Hulu
  • Thai
  • JongKong

Each of these powders can also be purchased in 100g ($18.99), 250g ($29.99), 500g ($44.99), and 1 kilogram ($79.99).

Kratom Capsules

For those who want ultimate convenience, a select few strains can be purchased in capsule form. Some varieties include Super Green Malay, White Borneo, and Red Thai.

Again, the capsules are bought in varying quantities, which include 100mg (140 capsules), 250g (350 capsules), 500g (700 capsules), and 1 kilogram (1400 capsules). Prices start from $29.99, so the capsules are a little more expensive than the powders, which is to be expected.

Additionally, the capsules are made with gelatin, so they aren’t vegan-friendly.

Kratom Sample Products

We think it’s great that Bulk Kratom Now offers a few introductory products. It gives customers a chance to save money and try a variety of strains rather than commit to one. The sample range includes:


  • Spilt Kilograms ($40)
  • 5-Strain Powder Sampler ($44.95)
  • 5-Strain Capsule Sampler ($99.95)

The most affordable is the Split Kilogram pack, which includes a choice of two different 100mg strains. Better yet, customers can choose from any powder on the site, whether that be more niche varieties like Red Indo or White Bali.

Where to Buy Bulk Kratom Now Products

Bulk Kratom Now products can be bought directly from the official site. For customers in the US, delivery is typically through USPS. While the brand mentions international shipping, we found it was only possible to input US addresses at checkout, so this seems doubtful.

The brand knows that they can’t cater to everyone, especially with their minimum spend requirement, so they’ve compiled a list of 15 additional brands.

One huge positive we found on the Bulk Kratom Now site was their vendor list. The brand knows that they can’t cater to everyone, especially with their minimum spend requirement, so they’ve compiled a list of 15 additional brands that sell great kratom products.

Final Thoughts on Bulk Kratom Now

Bulk Kratom Now offers a massive selection of kratom strains at wholesale prices, allowing customers to save money without sacrificing quality.

The brand also offers lab testing and a liberal return policy, which is excellent news for customers. However, the lack of manufacturing and sourcing information is a shame.

We definitely feel this brand is more suited to experienced users, retailers, and third-party stockists, especially considering the buying minimum is 5 kilograms. For the average customer, this is a huge quantity of product.

For kratom enthusiasts that are especially curious to try Bulk Kratom Now’s products, purchasing a sample pack is a great solution.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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