What to Do If Your Marijuana Gets Wet

Although cannabis prices are falling, the plant can still represent a substantial cost for many people. Understandably, when you purchase marijuana, you expect it to be of a reasonable standard. However, there is always a possibility that your purchase will get wet. Trying to use cannabis in this state is a bad idea for reasons we outline in this article. We also provide you with some advice on what to do if you have wet marijuana in your possession.

How Would My Cannabis Get Wet in the First Place?

The most likely cause is accidentally dropping it into water. Yet occasionally, you might find that the cannabis is wet upon purchase. Growers tend to wash their buds after harvest to remove chemicals. This flushing process is good news, as it helps improve the overall taste.

Occasionally, you might find that the cannabis is wet upon purchase.

The drying and curing processes should ensure that your cannabis is ready to use by the time it gets to the dispensary. Alas, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the humidity level remains too high during the curing process, which results in slightly wet weed.

If you buy marijuana that seems wet, squeeze it between your fingers. If it sticks to them, it is merely a sign of a potentially potent bud. However, if it squishes, you probably have wet cannabis.

Fortunately, wet cannabis is still usable, but you have to dry it first.

What Happens If I Use Wet Marijuana?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t smoke wet cannabis.

Hard to Burn: You’ll find it a lot harder to enjoy an intoxicating high with wet marijuana. The moisture doesn’t reduce the THC content. However, moist buds are difficult to burn. You’ll likely become extremely frustrated trying to light your cannabis over and over again.

Rip-Off Alert: If your marijuana is fairly wet, you’ve probably overpaid. Remember, sellers charge you by weight. Wet cannabis is heavier than its dried equivalent. By the time you’ve dried your 3.5 grams, it could weigh about 2 grams!

Mold Growth: Wet cannabis is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is one of the reasons why the drying and curing processes are so crucial. Smoking wet weed is annoying. Smoking moldy marijuana could lead to health issues such as breathing problems, headaches, and even pneumonia.

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Grinding Difficulties: As anyone who has ever tried can attest, grinding wet cannabis is a nightmare. The plant material gets caught in the grinder, and it is hard to grind it into small particles. Attempting to roll a joint when the cannabis isn’t ground down properly is also a pain.

Horrible Taste: You’ll discover that wet cannabis tastes awful when you light it. It is the equivalent of smoking uncured marijuana. The terpene profile is untouched, but the mixture of water and smoke provides an extremely unpleasant taste.

So, you have wet cannabis and know that you can’t use it right away. What should you do next? Here are a few tips on drying your marijuana sensibly so it is ready for use. There are three common methods of getting cannabis dry, but all require patience.

The Rice Technique

Rice grains are known for their ability to suck up moisture. Indeed, people who drop their mobile phones in water often place the device in rice to save it. Most people have rice in their cupboards, and it is pretty inexpensive to buy if you don’t. Here’s how you use rice to dry your wet marijuana:


  • Place your cannabis in a jar and pour rice into it. A glass mason jar is ideal.
  • Make sure you put the jar in a room with decent airflow. It’s also a good idea to use a dehumidifier in the room.
  • Leave the rice to work its magic for 24 hours.
  • Remove the cannabis and ensure it isn’t moldy.
  • If the weed feels dry enough, you can start using it. If not, break up the nugs and use the paper towel technique (see below).

The Paper Towel Technique

This is another cheap and easy way to dry your cannabis. Here’s how you do it:.

  • Wrap some paper towels around your wet marijuana.
  • Replace with new paper if the first sheets become too soggy.
  • After a few hours, check to see if the cannabis is dry. If it isn’t, keep it in the paper towels until you’re satisfied that it is dry enough to use.
  • Keep an eye on your cannabis to ensure that mold doesn’t develop. Once again, it is sensible to use a dehumidifier if you have one.

The Humidity Pack Technique

This is the most expensive option and will also require plenty of patience. Invest in a humidity pack and place one in a glass mason jar with the wet cannabis.

Keep the container closed, and only open it a couple of times a day. Because you’re effectively curing the cannabis, it could take several days for it to be ready. You should only use the humidity pack technique after reducing moisture via one of the other two drying methods.

Things to Avoid When Drying Wet Marijuana

Your desire to start using your cannabis may result in you doing something rash. Here are a few things you should never do when you have wet cannabis.

Put It in a Microwave: This is the ‘quick and easy’ tactic that will destroy your cannabis. Rather than removing the moisture, the microwave will cook your cannabis and ruin your buds.

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Expose It to Light: Another mistake is to assume that placing the cannabis beneath strong grow lights or sunlight will quickly dry it. This is true, but you’ll end up with extremely brittle buds.

Using a Blowdryer: Once again, all you’re doing here is reducing the quality of the cannabis.

All of the above methods damage marijuana’s trichomes, which contain much of the THC that gets you high. When you try to use fast-dried cannabis, you’ll end up with a harsh and deeply unpleasant smoking experience.

Final Thoughts on What to Do When Your Marijuana Gets Wet

If your cannabis accidentally gets wet, or else it was excessively moist when you bought it, you need to dry it. Trying to use wet cannabis will lead to a frustrating and unpleasant user experience. Please resist the urge to take a shortcut because drying weed too quickly could ruin it completely.

Trying to use wet cannabis will lead to a frustrating and unpleasant user experience.

The good news is that you can salvage wet cannabis easily, as long as you are patient. The paper towel and rice techniques usually work pretty well. If the marijuana isn’t dry enough after using either method, consider buying a humidity pack. There is no need to suffer through wet cannabis when drying; it is relatively simple.

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