8 Tips for Cultivating White Fire OG Cannabis

Also known as WiFi OG, this popular medicinal marijuana strain is a cross of The White and Fire OG. Its parents are known for massive resin production and delicious flavor, respectively; with this strain, you get the best of both. It is an indica-dominant (60%) hybrid with a THC content of up to 28% and a maximum of 0.3% CBD.

There is no doubt that White Fire OG lives up to expectations. However, one downside is that its potency is probably too much for novice users.

Users trying this strain for the first time are amazed by how the cerebral effects energize the mind.

Users trying this strain for the first time are amazed by how the cerebral effects energize the mind. Most say they feel euphoric, uplifted, and energized after consuming White Fire OG. After the initial head high, a sensation of utter relaxation washes over the body.

As White Fire OG has an extremely high THC level, many use it to address chronic pain. Others consume it for temporary relief from mood disorders like depression and anxiety. If this seems like an alluring strain, read this growing guide for some concise tips and tricks on growing it.

1 – White Fire OG Grows Well Indoors or Outdoors

It is a strain that prefers warm temperatures, so keep this in mind if you are trying to grow it outdoors. Its ideal daytime temperature range is between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can only try an outdoor grow if you live in a warm climate. For outdoor growers, harvest time comes in mid-October, and the yield is around 18 ounces per plant.

white fire og

When you grow White Fire OG indoors, you need to monitor the grow room’s temperature and humidity levels. Its indoor flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and it yields up to 21 ounces per square meter planted. Its growth difficulty ranges from moderate to hard, but the generous yield makes the extra effort worth it.

2 – Maximize Yield with the Screen of Green (SCROG) Method

You will get better results growing White Fire OG if you train it using SCROG. Please note that White Fire OG is a marijuana strain that stretches during the blooming stage. Therefore, it is essential to prune away foliage to ensure the entire plant receives adequate light and airflow.

SCROG is similar to the Sea of Green (SOG) method. However, with the SCROG method, you use a screen, ideally with holes that are 5 cm in diameter. The screen maximizes light exposure and holds back the tops of your plant’s growing canopy. Keep your screens close to your grow lights. As a rule of thumb, use 30 cm of screen per plant.

Rather than growing a single large top bud, SCROG helps grow several colas. Once the plants grow through the screen, pull them down and tie their branches to the screen. All you need are special plastic ties for the task. When your White Fire OG grows, it branches out. You’ll be rewarded with a crop of huge buds that have full access to light.

As SCROG creates more budding sites, you will have to remove the big fan leaves as your plants grow. It is essential to do this as early as possible. By the middle of flowering, your plants will be solely focused on their bud growth.

3 – Topping & FIMing Your White Fire OG When Growing Outdoors

As White Fire OG likes to stretch out, you need to give it plenty of space when growing outside. Ideally, you will ‘top’ your crop on several occasions during the vegetative stage to develop a bushier shape. Topping and FIMing are High-Stress Training (HST) techniques.

With topping, the goal is to remove the top of the main stem as a seedling. This removes its tendency to grow a single large cola and splits each plant into two stems. When you top your plants early, it will grow several colas even if you don’t perform any further training.

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FIM stands for F*** I Missed, and it is similar to topping. When you FIM your plants, you try to shave the top of the plant but don’t remove it completely. When you FIM correctly, you can achieve similar goals to topping, but you don’t damage the plant. However, it is less likely to work.

When performing either technique, make sure you use sharp, disinfected tools such as a pair of scissors or a razor blade. With both methods, more energy is directed to the lower branches, and they quickly catch up to the recently trained stalk.

4 – White Fire OG Thrives in a Greenhouse

This tip is probably only useful for a small minority of readers. However, for seasoned growers, nothing beats cultivating marijuana in a greenhouse. As White Fire OG grows well outdoors but is susceptible to mold, a greenhouse makes perfect sense. Your plants benefit from sunlight while enclosed in a controlled environment with optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Greenhouses utilize sunlight, but you can also add grow lights to ensure your plants get enough exposure during cloudy days.
  • With the right setup, humidity, temperature, and airflow are all changed with the click of a button.
  • Since you are not reliant on the seasons, it is possible to enjoy several harvests in a year.
  • We recommend keeping a grow journal. Once you discover what works, you can consistently grow your White Fire OG successfully because you know what you did right the first time around. More importantly, you also know what you did wrong.
  • Greenhouses may not fall under the ‘stealth’ growing banner, but they do provide security. Invest in cameras, motion detectors, and fencing to fully protect your crop.

5 – Feeding Your White Fire OG

If you have an organic super-soil, practically all of your crop’s nutrient needs are already taken care of. If you invest in a hydroponics system, you are responsible for ensuring your plants get enough food. The building blocks of plant nutrition are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Then there are secondary nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, and dozens of others.

White Fire OG needs more nitrogen than most marijuana strains during the vegetative stage.

White Fire OG is a hungry plant! During the vegetative stage, it needs more nitrogen than most marijuana strains. It also requires more calcium and magnesium than usual. A high-quality CalMag supplement is a must. Nitrogen is responsible for producing chlorophyll and amino acids and is crucial to the photosynthesis process. As plant tissue is made up mainly of nitrogen, growth would grind to a halt in the event of a deficiency.

Calcium is also vital because it helps facilitate the absorption of other nutrients, preserves the plant’s cell structure, and helps facilitate photosynthesis. Likewise, a magnesium deficiency will stunt plant growth. As it is mobile, it will spread throughout the plant if you do nothing about it.

6 – Beware of Bud Rot

As White Fire OG grows bushy, it is susceptible to mold infestation if the humidity level is too high. Bud rot is one of the most common forms of mold. It begins on the stem inside the bud before spreading outward. When left unchecked, it will produce spores that spread throughout your cannabis garden.

Bud rot is initially white, but it becomes grey and black once it completely takes hold of your plants. By this stage, the buds are squishy, and your plant is ruined. If you spot grey bud rot, discard the plant immediately.

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You can prevent it by keeping the temperature high and humidity at moderate levels. It is also essential to invest in high-quality fans to provide adequate airflow. Prune and trim White Fire OG once its foliage becomes dense. We also recommend watering plants first thing in the morning to control the humidity in the room. When growing outside, keep an eye out for rainfall.

7 – What Is the Right Humidity Level?

In most growing guides, you will see broad ranges for humidity. This is deliberate because certain strains need more or less humidity than others. Relative humidity (RH) refers to the amount of water that air can hold at a specific temperature. When the temperature is high, you should reduce RH and vice versa.

As White Fire OG is indica-dominant, it can handle lower temperatures and humidity levels. Keep the RH of White Fire OG seedlings at 70%. However, be sure to reduce it to approximately 60% during the vegetative stage. In the early stages of blooming, reduce the RH to 50% and aim to drop it gradually. The RH should be no higher than 40% and can be as low as 30% by harvest time.

8 – What About pH?

The pH of your plants’ water and soil determines their ability to absorb nutrients. When the pH lies in the ideal range, nutrients are water-soluble, which means they are readily available to the plants. When the pH level is outside the range, your crop will find it hard to absorb nutrients. Invest in a pH meter to quickly check the level; it could help you decide if your plants are suffering from a deficiency.

The general rule is to keep the pH between 6.0 and 6.8 when using soil. When using an inert growing medium, keep the pH level between 5.5 and 5.8. However, please note that White Fire OG grows best in more acidic soil. Therefore, it is best to keep the pH level at the lower end of those ranges.

White Fire OG grows best in more acidic soil. Therefore, it is best to keep the pH level at the lower end of those ranges.

When testing pH, make sure you analyze the runoff water. If the pH is too low (acidic), use lime. If it is too high (alkaline), use soil sulfur. You can also buy special pH UP and DOWN solutions online.

Hopefully, these eight tips for cultivating White Fire OG will help make the growing process much smoother. If you used any or all of these tips to grow White Fire OG, let us know in the comments how you got on.

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