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Microdosing Marijuana: What is it?

We all know the phrase “less is more”, but rarely is it used when discussing cannabis consumption. As the marijuana industry continues to snowball throughout the U.S. we are seeing more and more trends emerging. From Edible pizzas to vaping, gone are the days of the joint being the only option for weed lovers!

While you don’t need to look far to find out the best ways to get high or the strongest strains of cannabis, you might not have heard about how NOT to get high when using weed. Yes, you heard us right! Microdosing is the newest cannabis trend that is sneaking through the market and making itself known!

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing does what it says on the tin! Taking small (micro) amounts of cannabis in measured doses with the aim of getting the medicinal benefits. Without the fear of intense psychoactive side effects.

Throughout the last few years marijuana consumption has doubled nationwide, with an impressive 1 in 8 Americans admitting that they smoke weed. With figures like that, it was only a matter of time before someone discovered a new way of consuming cannabis.

While here at WayofLeaf we love to introduce new and exciting trends in the market, from cannabis strains, methods of smoking, and so much more. We also appreciate that for some, marijuana is not part of their social lives, but more a part of their day to day healthy living routine. It is for these people that the act of microdosing has become so life changing!

Why bother to Microdose Weed?

The idea that you might want to consume weed in small enough doses so that you might avoid any sort of high seems crazy! But there is method behind the madness. Most of us know by now the huge potential that Marijuana’s cannabinoids hold for our health. However, it is also well known that cannabis consumed in high doses can cause an unpleasant high that could last for some time! For those who are just starting out on their cannabis journey, the likelihood of misjudging your tolerance is high. Enter Microdosing! By consuming weed in small doses, you are better able to control your intake and ultimately can avoid any nasty psychoactive aftermath.

While microdosing is still a relatively new concept compared to many areas of the industry, studies have shown some promising benefits! A study conducted in 2012 on cancer patients showed that those who consumed the lower doses of a THC/CBD compound, actually had the greatest improvement in their pain.

What are the benefits of Microdosing Weed?

As well as giving users the ability to control their own high, microdosing cannabis can also bring about some surprising health benefits!

The art of microdosing enables the user to consume weed on a daily basis. Not only this, but the user will also benefit from the various healthy properties of THC with minimal to no “buzz”.

THC has a whole host of benefits in its arsenal, from anti-inflammatory, to stress and anxiety relieving. There are so many advantages to this compound. Even more so when it is not shrouded in a “high”.

For those who choose to microdose their weed regularly, it is no different from taking a daily vitamin. It may seem shocking to some, but the only real barrier stopping microdosing from becoming a routine part of life, is the stigma still attached to the plant.

Over half of Americans take dietary supplements, and in 2017 a massive 36.1 BILLION vitamins where sold! If we could generate the same levels of acceptance for taking cannabis in small doses as part of a healthy lifestyle, then who knows how much of an impact that could make on the industry as a whole!

How to Microdose!

So now that we know what microdosing is and how it can benefit us, let’s take a look at HOW to do it.

Just like any form of weed consumption in today’s society, you are not restricted to just one way and one way only! Microdosing can be done in a variety of ways, from smoking, vaping or eating! While all methods can work, some are definitely easier than others and detailed below are the methods explained.

Smoking and Vaping

smoke a joint

If you want to stay more traditional, you can still microdose your weed with a regular joint. For those who choose the healthier route, vaping works too! It is generally recommended that in order to do it as accurately as possible, start by taking only ONE puff of a joint or vape. Then wait it out for up to 10 minutes before consuming more. This may seem like a long process, but it is necessary to avoid an accidental high!

The downside to consuming cannabis in this way is not only does it take some time, but it can also be very difficult to measure the amount of weed you are using.


cannabis edibles

Consuming weed via food has become incredibly popular over recent years. Even more so now as you can basically find cannabis infused anything and everything out there on the market! It is also much easier to microdose with edibles compared to smoking.

If you choose to microdose weed using edibles, ensure you exercise caution. Ensuring that you are patient and wait for the effects to kick in is vital to making this method a success. While a food product may say it contains a certain amount of cannabis, once broken into pieces it becomes difficult to determine how much you are consuming. So bear in mind that consuming weed in this way takes longer than smoking, and don’t overdo it!

Other methods of microdosing include oils and tinctures, and there are even products available on the market now that have been specifically designed for microdosing!

Final Thoughts

While some of us enjoy the mind bending high that comes with some cannabis strains, there are still plenty of people who prefer a mellow high, or no high at all!

Microdosing allows those who might be less confident weed users to be gently introduced without the fear that comes with consuming for the first time.

It might not be for everyone, but it seems that for many, the new buzz is to have no buzz at all!


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