Delta 8 Gummies: What Are They?

Almost everyone will be familiar with delta-9-THC – the world-renowned cannabis compound known for its intoxicating effects. But as of late, there is a new and exciting minor cannabinoid that is starting to make waves, and it’s delta-8-THC.

Although delta 8 is similar in structure to delta-9-THC, it has some significant differences. Most notably, delta 8 exhibits a lower psychotropic potency than THC (delta-9-THC), meaning it’s less potent.

Due to its reduced potency, delta 8 is an excellent option for those who like the idea of becoming a little intoxicated but find THC to be too intense. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to consume this cannabinoid, delta 8 gummies are a great choice.

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What Are Delta 8 Gummies?

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the chemical makeup of delta-8, which has led a lot of people to search for delta 8 CBD gummies for sale online. But delta-8 has nothing to do with CBD. It’s actually an analog of THC. Both CBD and delta-8 are sourced from hemp, though, which is perhaps where a lot of the confusion stems from.

Delta-8 is closely related to delta-9-THC, but it does not cause the same effects.

Delta-8 is closely related to delta-9-THC, but it does not cause the same effects. For starters, the high is different – it’s approximately one-third to half as psychotropic as delta-9-THC. Users describe the feelings of delta-8-THC as being clear-headed, relaxed, and energized.

Delta 8 gummies are delicious soft chews that have been infused with the cannabinoid, delta-8-THC. Available in delectable flavors, like mango, blueberry, and watermelon, you’re guaranteed a mouth-watering experience with delta 8 THC gummies. Typically, these gummies come in a range of shapes – such as bears, rings, or drops – and an assortment of textures and colors. But they all have the same goal, which is to provide customers with a fun way to enjoy delta-8-THC.

How Long Does It Take for Delta 8 Gummies to Start Working?

Every person is unique, so it’s tricky to give a precise indication of how long it will take for delta-8 gummies to take effect. When it comes to notable delta-8 effects, there are a number of factors at play, including an individual’s body weight, body chemistry, metabolism, and cannabinoid concentration.

Generally speaking, the onset time for edibles varies between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Therefore, it’s advisable to wait at least two hours before taking any additional gummies.

It’s also worth noting that chewable edibles, like gummies, can have longer onset times than other edibles such as lollipops and lozenges. This is because gummies need to be chewed first, which means absorption takes place in the digestive tract before the active ingredients enter the bloodstream. Other edibles, like lollipops, are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) and bypass the digestive tract. Therefore, the effects are likely to kick in quicker.

Can You Take Delta 8 Gummies on a Plane?

Much like the overall cannabis plant and many of its constituents, the legalities surrounding delta-8 are complicated and hazy. U.S. federal law has made it very clear that delta-9-THC is illegal. It’s classified as a Schedule 1 substance, which means the government views it in the same light as dangerous drugs like heroin and LSD.

However, the law on delta-8 is a lot less clear. The 2018 Farm Bill created a lot of confusion because it deemed hemp as legal which led many to believe that all hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal. Additionally, there is no explicit law banning delta-8-THC. Therefore, many cannabis companies assume that delta-8 is legal.

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The problem is that cannabis laws are constantly changing. The legalization of hemp in 2018 resulted in complete chaos in the industry, forcing the USDA to address a number of issues in an effort to clear up the confusion. But the jury is still out on delta-8-THC. Add to this the fact that the DEA has been cracking down on hemp farms in recent months, and many are now concerned about what the future holds for delta-8.

Based on the confusion surrounding the legal status of the cannabinoid, we would advise not taking delta 8 on a plane with you until there is a clear indication that it is, in fact, legal.

What Are the Benefits of Using Delta 8 Gummies?

Researchers are learning more things about delta-8-THC all the time and continue to gain a greater understanding of how it works through studies. Based on what we already know about the cannabinoid, here are some of the potential delta 8 gummies benefits.

Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Most recently, a 2018 study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research reported that delta-8-THC might reduce pain and inflammation in mice with an injured eye. As part of the study, delta-8-THC was applied topically to the affected area. The pain-relieving and reduced inflammation benefits observed were linked to the effects delta-8-THC has on CB1 receptors.

It’s worth noting that there is a preclinical study on rats that backs up claims that delta-8-THC may have pain-relieving properties. However, researchers noticed that rats quickly developed a tolerance to the cannabinoid.


As reported by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Delta-8 has anxiolytic properties, which means that it could help with anxiety. Currently, there is minimal scientific data to back up these claims; however, anecdotal reports are promising. Many users state that delta-8 induces a very calm, concentrated high, and with none of the anxiety sometimes linked to delta-9-THC.

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Fighting Nausea

A 1995 study published in Life Sciences reported that delta-8-THC has antiemetic properties. The study looked at a group of cancer patients over the course of two years and discovered that those who ingested delta-8-THC didn’t experience any vomiting.

Appetite Stimulant

Delta-8-THC is also believed to be effective in stimulating the appetite – even more so than delta-9-THC. A 2004 study published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior reported that administering a small amount of delta-8 to mice over a 6-week period increased food consumption by 22%. An improvement in cognitive function was also reported.

How to Use Delta 8 Gummies Safely

One of the main reasons delta-8-THC is becoming so popular is because it appears to provide similar benefits to delta-9-THC but with less intense side effects. Nevertheless, it’s still a form of THC and can cause some users to become very high, especially if consumed in excessive amounts.

As with all cannabinoids, it’s important to start with a low dose of delta-8-THC and assess your tolerance from there.

So if you’re wondering if there are any delta 8 gummies risk factors, the answer is yes. However, none are life-threatening. Possibly most concerning is that, when used in high doses, some users may experience a stronger body buzz than intended – which could result in couch lock. Other possible side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, grogginess, and the inability to drive.

To minimize the potential side effects of delta-8, the key is to monitor your intake. As with all cannabinoids, it’s important to start with a low dose of delta-8-THC and assess your tolerance from there. If you feel like you can handle more, you can always increase your dose. Ultimately, you don’t want to consume more than necessary.

Bottom Line on Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of edible cannabis products on the market today. With their fun, fruity flavors and small size, they offer a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant. The latest creation of this kind to come out is in the form of delta 8 gummies.

Although a lot more clinical studies need to be done on this cannabinoid and its benefits, research thus far is promising. Delta-8 seems to provide many of the same beneficial effects as delta-9-THC, but it’s not as intoxicating. Therefore, it has a lot of potential in therapeutic applications. Delta 8 gummies are an excellent choice for those looking for an exciting and convenient way to enjoy all the goodness that the cannabinoid has to offer.

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