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The Best Delta-8 Products: Our Top Picks

Delta-8 products are taking the wellness industry by storm. From tropical-flavored tinctures to chewy gummies, users have more choices than ever

Its popularity is fueled by emerging research about delta-8’s potential benefits, as well as simple curiosity. Unlike delta-9 (the primary form of THC), its intoxicating effects are mild. Anecdotal evidence even suggests it may be energizing, uplifting, or relaxing, depending on the dose.

Luckily, we’ve trawled through the industry’s most effective, delicious, and safest products so that you don’t have to. What’s our number one delta-8 product? Find out below.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Also known as D8, delta-8 THC is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It is extremely similar to delta-9 THC, famed for the intoxicating high it causes. The two compounds have a double bond in their structures. However, delta-8’s double bond lies on the eighth carbon, while for delta-9, it is located on the ninth, hence the names.

This difference means the compounds bind differently to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Most experts believe that delta-8 is about half as intoxicating as its delta-9 THC counterpart. Apart from the difference in potency, delta-8 THC provides similar effects to D9. Some users claim it helps relieve symptoms such as anxiety, pain, and depression.

Most experts believe that delta-8 is about half as intoxicating as its delta-9 THC counterpart.

Individuals looking for a ‘milder’ high than marijuana are considering D8. However, unlike delta-9, the laws surrounding delta-8 THC are unclear. A growing number of states have banned it, and the federal government says synthetically derived delta-8 is illegal. This is a problem because there is so little D8 in hemp that manufacturers must create the compound using delta-9 or CBD.

Therefore, before you proceed with our review of the best delta-8 products, we recommend checking the legality of the cannabinoid in your state.

Pros & Cons of Delta-8 THC


  • Provides a milder and more manageable high than delta-9 for most users
  • A growing number of reputable CBD brands now sell delta-8
  • Users report that it provides an active, uplifting, and energizing high
  • It seems to provide fewer adverse effects than delta-9, including anxiety and paranoia
  • It provides many of the same benefits as delta-9


  • It still causes intoxication, which may not suit everyone
  • There is very little naturally occurring delta-8 THC in cannabis, so companies must create it using a chemical reaction
  • It is a poorly regulated market with varying levels of quality on offer
  • There is confusion over its legal status and doubts whether it will remain legal in the long-term

Editor’s Choice – PureKana Delta-8 Gummies

The delta-8 series is the latest release from PureKana, and we have to say, these products do not disappoint. Offering both a hearty quantity of delta-8 and the unique compound CBG, this is an innovative option, ideal for those who want to mix up their routine a little and try something new.

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The Best Types of Delta-8 THC Products

Like the CBD industry, delta-8 is manufactured into several different products. Each consumption method has its pros and cons, so choosing one is a personal preference.

For instance, delta-8 gummies are potentially more practical for those with a busy schedule, while vape liquids may be more efficient for those who want a fast-acting product.

Please take a look at our overview below.

Vape Cartridges

Delta-8 vape liquids and cartridges are a popular method of ingestion because they work rapidly and offer high bioavailability.

Many people enjoy the physical act of vaping, inspiring a global culture. There is a range of delicious vape flavors and impressive vaporizers available.

After choosing either a pen or vaporizer, users inhale the vapor, where it reaches the lungs quickly. Then it is absorbed through the lung tissue into the bloodstream. From there, it can interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and the delta-8 can get to work.

Many people also enjoy the physical act of vaping, inspiring a global culture. Delicious vape flavors and impressive vaporizers have been attracting users for years.

However, it’s important to check what carrier oil a company uses in its vape liquids. Some can be dangerous, especially with long-term use.


Often considered the most traditional product, tinctures are a safe and sure bet for inexperienced users.

Not only are they easy to find, but tinctures are available in a range of strengths. Typically, companies sell from 250mg upwards. Many users like tinctures for their customizability. Unlike gummies or capsules, you can adjust and adapt tincture doses easily.

Using a tincture is simple. Users need to drop the oil, using the pipette provided, underneath the tongue. Then, it’s essential to hold the oil there for at least 30 seconds, allowing absorption. Afterward, swallow any oil remaining in the mouth.

Another benefit of tinctures is that many companies use a carrier oil like MCT to increase its bioavailability in the body.


Why choose delta-8 gummies? We can explain it in a few words; delicious flavors and convenience.

Many people lead fast-paced and hectic lives, so using a delta-8 gummy can be a great solution. Unlike oils, gummies contain pre-measured servings of delta-8. This means users can avoid the hassle of measuring and always maintain consistency.

Lots of brands are now crafting vegan-friendly gummies. No matter what your dietary preferences are, you are sure to find a suitable product.

Another bonus is taste. Brands like PureKana are already selling fruity delta-8 gummies, with flavors including strawberry and lime.

Things to Consider When Buying Delta-8 THC Products

The most crucial part of buying any delta-8 product is choosing where you buy it from. As we’ve seen with CBD, new and niche products are very susceptible to fluctuations in quality. In essence, a lot of brands try to cash in with poor-quality formulas and products.

Some of the most important factors to think about are:

  • Extraction method
  • Lab-tested by a third-party
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Positive reviews
  • Affordability

Using these indicators for high quality, we’ve narrowed down some of the best delta-8 products on the market. Additionally, all of the chosen products are hemp derivatives.

1. Best Delta-8 Tincture: PureKana

PureKana’s 1200mg delta-8 tincture is top of our list. Crafted with hemp distillate, the company’s formula is surprisingly unique. Not only does the tincture contain 1000mg of delta-8, but it also has 200mg of CBG.

Many people use CBG to encourage daily wellbeing, so it’s great to see them expertly blending the two cannabinoids. The tincture fusion comes in a 30ml bottle, which equates to 60 servings.


PureKana both grows and crafts its product in the US. In terms of manufacturing, it’s keeping things local. We also love that they offer the product in two tempting flavors: chocolate mint and watermelon.

Most importantly, PureKana offers test results on all of its products.

2. Best Delta-8 Gummy: Premium Jane’s Gummies

Premium Jane is renowned for its CBD range, but customers are just as enthralled by the delta-8 products, and we can see why.

Available in two flavors, mango and watermelon, these gummies are equally delicious and easy to use. Each gummy contains 25mg of hemp-derived delta-8, and each bottle contains 30 gummies.


We were impressed with how affordable the gummies were, considering they are manufactured in the US. Additionally, Premium Jane’s crafts its gummies with pectin rather than gelatin, so they are completely vegan.

Premium Jane’s reputation speaks for itself with plenty of positive customer reviews and a high TrustPilot rating.

3. Best Delta-8 Vape Cartridge: Delta Effex

Delta Effex are delta-8 vape connoisseurs. Their vast range of products includes both delta-8 and delta-10 edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. But where they stand out is their cartridge range.


All extracts are hemp-derived and come in various flavors, including Banana Candy, Blue Dream, and Razzberry Kush. So, not only can customers get a taste of their favorite strain, but they can enjoy delta-8’s effects, too.

Delta Effex lab tests all of their cartridges. However, bear in mind that these cartridges do not come with a pen or vaporizer device.

Why Do People Use Delta-8 THC?

In general, people consume D8 for the same reasons they use marijuana. It could provide benefits such as euphoria, uplifting feelings, and relief from pain. A growing number of people consume it before they attend social gatherings or perform outdoor activities. The intoxicating high is apparent but less likely to hinder general function.

According to most users, they feel a burst of energy and happiness when they use D8 products. Also, there is less risk of unwanted side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, or lethargy. You may also find that the high is more even with no sudden ‘crash.’

How Is Delta-8 THC Made

Before purchasing a delta-8 product, it’s important to have a general understanding of where delta-8 comes from. There are two methods of delta-8 production:

  • Natural Extraction: This occurs when delta-8 is extracted directly from hemp or marijuana. However, delta-8 exists in very small quantities, making the method expensive and impractical.
  • Converted from delta-9 or CBD: This method is by far the most popular. It involves synthesizing either compound into delta-8, also known as cannabinoid conversion. It’s a safe and inexpensive solution.

So, how do you choose between delta-9 (marijuana) or CBD-derived (hemp) products? As marijuana is still restricted in many states, hemp-derived products tend to be more popular. Additionally, more regulations mean, in general, it’s safer.

Do Delta-8 THC Products Provide an Intoxicating High?

Yes, delta-8 THC does cause intoxication, albeit at a lower level than delta-9. Estimates vary, but the assumption is that D8 is about half as potent. This is good news for individuals looking for the effects of marijuana without the high potency. Those who have used delta-8 THC products claim the result is a smooth, light, and energizing high.

What Is the Best Delta-8 THC Dosage?

As is the case with marijuana, it is difficult to outline a specific ‘ideal’ dose. If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ll likely find that the effects of delta-8 THC are milder than you’re used to. If you’re a novice, it could impact you more than expected, so it is wise to begin ‘low and slow.’

It is common for delta-8 producers to dose their products at double the strength of their delta-9 THC counterparts. As a general rule of thumb, new users should stick with 5-10mg at first. Please wait a few hours for the cannabinoid to affect and see how it impacts the body and mind. Gradually increase the dose as necessary. More experienced users find that 30-40mg is enough to satisfy their needs.

Final Thoughts on the Best Delta-8 Products

Our best delta-8 products list comprises some of the top products and brands in the industry. We’ve rated them based on manufacturing, customer reviews, lab reports, taste, and more. Always keep these things in mind before buying a delta-8 product or any supplement.

Before deciding on a tincture or vape cartridge, consider what best suits your lifestyle and wants.

Additionally, the full effects of delta-8 are largely unknown, so people may experience different results from its use. It’s important to listen to your body and monitor how you feel when using delta-8 for the first time.

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