CBD Face Masks: Everything You Need to Know

CBD is the most boasted-about compound in high-end health and beauty products. With the rapid surge in popularity, CBD face masks have now become an antioxidant therapeutic gem in the skincare industry.

Face masks are a little luxury that helps us to relax once in a while. Now, CBD is an added ingredient offering even more zen. While many people love cannabis for its psychoactive effects, others prefer to get some relief without intoxication. CBD is the component of cannabis that, unlike THC, heals without the high.

CBD is a compound that sends signals to the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s evolved from being an oral supplement to now the hottest skincare trend of the year. CBD has potentially calming and anti-inflammatory effects that can be of great benefit to the skin.

What Is a CBD Face Mask?

As the term implies, CBD face masks are face masks that have been infused with CBD. Packed with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, CBD face masks are a natural, non-toxic alternative skincare solution.

They are a practical solution for those whose target area for CBD is the skin on the face only. The skin can absorb all the benefits of CBD without getting the user high.

The natural properties of CBD make it a popular ingredient in many beauty products. As a natural solution to skincare, CBD appeals to people dismayed by the adverse side effects of many artificial chemical-laden skincare products that are available on the market.

What Does a CBD Face Mask Do?

If you are a beauty fanatic, you will have heard all about the vital nutrition and coveted ingredients, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. However; these are nothing when compared to the strength and therapeutic benefits of CBD face masks.

CBD has been shown to be very beneficial for the skin, and research demonstrates how its properties may help to improve overall skin health or alleviate skin issues.

Below, we will look at what exactly CBD face masks can do for you.

Reduce Acne

Research has confirmed that acne is an inflammatory condition. Although various factors trigger acne, we know that any substance applied to the skin that can reduce inflammation and soothe skin is likely to reduce breakouts, especially redness related to acne.

Numerous studies report that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied to the skin. This makes CBD a good option for acne-prone skin, while the calming effects help reactive skin look and feel better. Because CBD can be calming, it may help to control sebum production and reduce redness.

Furthermore, CBD helps support the skin’s natural healing process, which minimizes breakouts and eczema flare-ups.

CBD for Wrinkles and Anti-Aging

Since it originates from a plant, it should be no surprise to hear that CBD has antioxidant properties. As an antioxidant, CBD aids the body in flushing and removing chemicals and toxins that can flood the pores and bloodstream. Furthermore, it can help counteract the signs of aging that are caused by free radicals in the face.

Decrease in Headaches

If you are a person who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines, CBD face masks could help with the pain. Not only can the anti-inflammatory properties help bring down the pressure felt in the skull and face, but CBD face masks can decrease the number of headaches an individual has, as well as help to ease the discomfort.

CBD for Sensitive Skin

Another key benefit of CBD is that it has significant soothing properties. It’s substantial skin-normalizing, and skin-calming effects can help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity, including reactivity and redness. Since all skin types are affected daily by environmental stressors, the soothing properties of CBD can help keep your skin in check.

Naturally Hydrating

One of the most notable benefits of CBD face masks is hydration. CBD is deeply hydrating, meaning it penetrates multiple layers of the skin. When the skin is hydrated, it looks and feels healthier. CBD face masks can leave the face supple, soft, and looking rejuvenated.

What Does CBD Do for the Skin?

CBD has a plethora of properties that may benefit the skin. As we’ve already touched on, CBD has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic qualities. It has relaxing effects on the skin, helps with damage to the skin, prevents drying of the skin, and lessens the time of healing.

CBD may improve the defense mechanism of the skin and its ability to regenerate. It’s suitable for relieving and even eliminating a variety of skin problems. For this reason, CBD face masks can be suitable for the treatment of many skin problems.

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help reduce the appearance of puffy and swollen eyes, leaving you looking rested and rejuvenated. Furthermore, with its potential to treat acne, CBD can help users achieve clear and smooth skin.

A study published in 1998 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America reported that CBD, an antioxidant, was between 30-50% more potent than both Vitamins C and E. The antioxidant qualities of CBD could help to reduce the signs of aging, such as skin dullness and wrinkles.

Another reason CBD can be so beneficial for the skin is that it has both immediate and long-term effects. After one use, you will see an overnight glow, and wake up with skin that feels revived and refreshed. But if you use CBD on your skin regularly, you will likely see the continuous brightening and improved overall skin health.

Do CBD Face Masks Work?

When CBD is applied to the skin, like in a face mask, it never reaches the bloodstream. Using CBD in this way ensures that you get targeted relief to a specific area. The skin absorbs the CBD so that it can interact with cannabinoid receptors nearby. However, in general, human skin is not very permeable. The skin blocks most substances to prevent them from entering the body.

Absorption rates of CBD through the skin are very low. This means that for CBD face masks (and other CBD topicals) to work; they need to be applied very generously – thick enough to break the dermal barrier so that the CBD can reach the bloodstream. If there is enough of the substance, the skin pores will absorb the CBD to affect targeted healing. Additionally, CBD face masks work best when they contain high concentrations of CBD.

Ultimately, yes, CBD face masks could very well work. However, results are not guaranteed. You may not get the effects that you were hoping for. Every individual is different, has different needs, and will experience different effects. That said, there is no harm in giving CBD face masks a try. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties of CBD have the potential to be very beneficial to the skin.

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