Zest Tea CBD Products Review

ZestTea is a tea brand that offers a couple of CBD-infused products. Based in Maryland, it ships throughout the United States, with international shipping on non-CBD orders.
Loose leaf green tea, caffeine, hemp-derived CBD
Recommended use
Brew the tea as normal using 1-1.5 teaspoons. Steep for 4-6 minutes in hot water, allow it to cool, then consume as normal.
Extraction process
Medical benefits
Assists focus
Reduces anxiety
Helps with sleep

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Potency range
Price range
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Zest Tea Quick Summary


  • Lab reports available for the CBD products
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The combination of caffeine and CBD seems to have a positive energizing effect
  • Delicious flavors
  • The tea is sourced authentically from China and India


  • Customers cannot purchase CBD and non-CBD items at the same time
  • Lack of information on hemp and CBD sourcing

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Zest Tea Full Review

Zest Tea is a tea brand at heart. It stocks a variety of tea-based products, with its sparkling teas shining as the star product.

Based in Maryland, Zest Tea has become a fairly popular brand among tea drinkers. Thanks to its CBD products, it has also become a hit in the cannabidiol community. Nevertheless, Zest Tea focuses on its selection of sparkling teas and CBD-free loose-leaf offerings.

Zest Tea claims to have created a proprietary blending method that gives the tea leaves three times the caffeine of a regular cup of tea.

At their center, these products aim to provide a caffeine boost that gives users the invigoration and energy they need to race through their chores. The tea leaves are sourced from Nilgiri in India and Anhui in China, with a focus on green tea. Zest Tea claims to have created a proprietary blending method that gives the tea leaves a natural caffeine boost.

The result is a tea product that offers three times the caffeine of a regular cup of tea. This means that no additional ingredients are added.

Primarily a tea brand, Zest Tea is a little vaguer than other brands about its CBD. That said, customers seem to be loving the options provided by this company.

As a tea lover myself, I just had to review the Zest Tea products to see if they’re worth the hype.

Zest Tea CBD Products

Zest Tea sells two CBD-infused products. The options are a loose leaf tea or a dissolvable CBD powder. Having these options is great because the latter allows you to infuse any drink with CBD (even if you prefer coffee).

Although ZestTea typically offers international shipping, it cannot do so with its CBD products. Furthermore, for compliance purposes, you cannot checkout with both CBD and non-CBD items in your shopping cart. This is frustrating, but we understand the reasoning.

Loose Leaf Tea

There are two types of CBD-infused tea: Blue Lady and Superberry Samba. The former does not have much information on the blend, but the label describes it as black tea infused with orange, lemon, and hibiscus.


Meanwhile, Superberry Samba is a green tea blend infused with acai, strawberry, and passionfruit. While both are delicious, the latter is one that takes my fancy more.

Both options offer roughly 140mg of caffeine per serving and 15mg of THC-free CBD. This might seem like a low amount of CBD, but Zest Tea is emphasizing the caffeine content of its teas. They can provide a nice boost to a regular CBD routine, but their primary purpose is to energize the drinker.

The Blue Lady CBD Tea comes in either 2oz or 4oz packages, while Superberry Samba only comes in the larger size.

Dissolvable CBD

The dissolvable CBD on the site comes from a separate brand called Caliper CBD. The brand offers single-serving sachets of water-soluble CBD powder. The water-soluble nature of the CBD, coupled with the use of MCT oil, makes this powder 6.5x more bioavailable in the first 15 minutes than other CBD products. At least, that’s what Caliper claims on the packaging.


The powder is sugar-free, gluten-free, calorie-free, and vegan. It’s, therefore, the perfect option for adding to soups, stews, and beverages. It’s great that Zest Tea has added this to the site, as it gives non-tea drinkers an option to try CBD beverages.

Each sachet contains 20mg of CBD. Each pouch contains 10 sachets, and the website gives the option to buy up to 5 pouches. One costs $24.99, while five cost $124.99.

Other Zest Tea Products

Zest Tea sells lots of loose leaf teas free from CBD. The options include Blue Lady and Superberry Samba, alongside four other options. There is also a subscription option so you never have to worry about running out of tea. I usually dislike subscription options for things like this, but Zest Tea gives the user the option of how often they would like a delivery, which is a great touch. Subscribing also provides a discount.


The Zest Tea sparkling teas are also an amazing product, providing tons of energy in each can. It’s like an energy drink, but lighter and more refreshing. There are six flavors available alongside a variety pack, and once again, there is a subscription option.

Finally, Zest Tea sells add-ons like tea strainers to help users get started with loose leaf tea.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About ZestTea?

There is not much else to report on Zest Tea. Since this brand focuses on things other than CBD, it lacks a lot of the information normally expected of CBD brands. For example, the website is missing an ‘About’ page, and the FAQs do not talk about where the hemp is sourced or how the CBD was extracted.

Since this brand focuses on things other than CBD, it lacks a lot of the information normally expected of CBD brands.

Since the website features lab reports for the CBD products, we cannot complain. Many supplement brands that dip their toe into the CBD world fail to publish these certificates of analysis, so Zest Tea gets a tick there.

The brand is currently popular on social media, amassing just short of 20,000 followers on Instagram. However, it seems to average about 20 likes per post. Take this as you will – it may be that the majority of those followers are fake.

For those who love Zest Tea, the brand offers wholesale/bulk options, too.

Final Thoughts on ZestTea and Where to Buy

Zest Tea is, all in all, a great brand for tea lovers. We love to see tea brands branching out into the CBD sector, as it seems a lot of CBD users adore tea. The combination is nothing short of a match made in heaven, and Zest Tea seems to have captured the union well.

The two CBD-infused blends are delicious and effective. While the caffeine is energizing, the CBD is relaxing, and the result is an energy boost without the jitters. We really like these products and hope they bring out more flavor blends in the future.

To try the Zest Tea products for yourself, go to the official website to have a browse.

Final Verdict 6/10

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