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Welltiva CBD Review: Colorado Crafted, Farm-to-Doorstep Hemp Oil

Welltiva is a family owned and operated company that provides quality hemp-infused products. Their CBD is harvested and extracted with their consumers in mind, and they strive to exceed both standards and expectations. They lead with transparency, innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
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welltiva cbd

Among the sweeping assortment of CBD products that can now be bought online and shipped to your home, few (if any) are harvested, extracted, and bottled directly by the farmers who grow the plants.

In my experience with CBD hemp oil, Welltiva is the first of its kind – the definition of a true “small batch” CBD oil company. Everything – and I mean everything – from the planting process to the cultivating, harvesting, and phytocannabinoid extraction processes, are carried out on the same family-run farm in Crawford, Colorado.

In this Welltiva CBD review I take a tour of the company’s industrial hemp farm, discuss the small family-run operation, and of course, dish out my thoughts and opinion on their 2,500mg full-spectrum hemp extract formula.

Transparency, quality farming practices, and legitimate farmer/consumer relationships is something that’s largely lacking in the CBD hemp oil market, but Welltiva is a brand that addresses all of these issues and makes no compromises in terms of quality or manufacturing practices.

Welltiva CBD: Responsible Farming Practices in Colorado

welltiva cbd: sustainable hemp farming practices in colorado

Locally-crafted cannabis oils aren’t terribly uncommon in medical or recreational marijuana dispensaries. They are, however, uncommon in the CBD hemp oil market, where the majority of products that ship to all 50 states come from “big box” retailers. Unfortunate as it is, not all of these suppliers are directly involved with day-to-day farm operations. As such, they are often disconnected from the plant.

As is the case with most other U.S. markets, mass CBD oil suppliers and extractors have a tendency to out-produce the ‘small guys.’ While effective for large-scale commercial purposes, these processes often bottom out industry pricing and establish operational disparities compared to day-to-day farmers like the folks at Welltiva.

In other words, very few (if any) CBD hemp oil companies offer a product that is shipped to your home directly from the farm – and the farmers – who grow the plants.

The Importance of Healthy Hemp Crops

Another thing few people understand when it comes to large-scale hemp oil suppliers is that few high-production farms operate in a truly sustainable manner. Hemp has the reputation of being an eco-friendly, sustainable crop, which it is — under the right circumstances.

However, what a lot of large-scale commercial growers do is use plastic mulch to conserve water and minimize intrusive weed content. This largely negates the positive impact of sustainably-grown hemp, as the plastic typically ends up in a landfill.

On the contrary, the husband and wife team at Welltiva are sustainably-minded growers who prioritize wholesome farming methods, and pay close attention to the health and natural life cycle of the hemp plants they cultivate.

Welltiva CBD Review: Quality Farming Practice Equals Quality Hemp Oil

With all this in mind, the underlying goal of Welltiva is to connect consumers “directly to the source of the products they’re using.” In the hemp CBD market, it is legitimately rare to find a company that stands out amongst the crowd. In delivering affordable hemp products directly from the farm right to consumer’s homes, however, Welltiva accomplishes just this.

One of the simple goals of the company is they want customers to know the truth about the ingredients that are in the hemp products they’re buying. This is one of the reasons why Welltiva prioritizes transparency, as well as company/consumer relationships and truthful farming practices.

“[Our goal] is to remain true to our mission as farmers,” DeGrandchamp says. “We don’t believe in just owning a farm, we believe in working the farm – which is why were are here all day, every day, year round. One of our ongoing goals is to connect people back to their farmers, and show them how important it is to know and trust their plant source.”

welltiva cbd review: quality farming practice equals quality hemp oil

The Folks Behind Welltiva CBD

Welltiva is the definition of a small, family-run operation. All aspects of the company are managed by Brent DeArmond and Jodi DeGrandchamp, who at the time of writing are entering their fourth season producing high-CBD industrial hemp.

In addition to extracting and bottling hemp oil extract for their Welltiva label, DeGrandchamp and DeArmond also formulate and implement all of the cloning, seeding, planting, field maintenance, and harvesting processes on their 57-acre Colorado farm (CBDX Farms). They also offer raw hemp biomass to independent parties, which is used for a variety of purposes.

With an educational background in biology, DeArmond has over a decade’s worth of experience in the legal cannabis space. He worked as Head Grower and Cultivation Project Manager for a leading cannabis consulting company, where he designed, implemented, and managed indoor grow sites and greenhouses. He also has years of professional experience performing managerial analysis on cannabis, including industrial hemp and medicinal marijuana cultivars.

With a background in medicine (she previously worked as a Registered Nurse), DeGrandchamp serves as CBDX Farm’s general manager. She is also the founder of the Welltiva Hemp Extract label.

Given the favorable location (climate-wise) for outdoor Colorado industrial hemp farming, CBDX Farms has placed an emphasis on responsible and efficient farming methods. The farm implements non-GMO, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and chemical-free practices.

Furthermore, in addition to doing all of the planting, cultivating, and harvesting for their Welltiva label, DeGrandchamp and DeArmond also offer consulting and management services for other Colorado hemp farms.

Welltiva Review: Highlights

As I mentioned earlier in the review, it has been genuinely tough (in my experience) to find any ‘real’ disparities in quality among the hundreds of CBD hemp oil companies that are out there. The Welltiva label, through DeArmond and DeGrandchamp’s implementation of responsible hemp farming, is an obvious exception.

Here are a handful of things that stood out to me the most after visiting CBDX Farms, as well as some of the things DeGrandchamp and DeArmond pride their work (and their products) on:

    • PLANET BEFORE PROFITS. As mentioned, one of the ongoing priorities of Welltiva and CBDX Farms is sustainability. In an age of plastic mulch, they use natural cover crop to build up soil. They also use all organic practices, including watering plants with snowmelt.
    • CUSTOMER’S ABILITY TO KNOW THEIR FARMERS. A lot of companies talk about how they source from farmers, but buying from Welltiva is truly a chance for consumers to go lightyears past that. In other words, it’s a chance for them to connect directly with the farmers who live among the plants all day, every day. There are a lot of “farmers” out there who claim to be on site, but mostly their work involves managing farm hands rather than actually farming. DeGrandchamp and DeArmond are directly available to anyone who uses their products — as a customer, this means you have direct communication with some of the most caring, knowledgeable, and real hemp farmers in the USA. What other hemp oil company can offer that?
    • HEMP EXTRACT, NOT CBD. Welltiva believes in the hemp plant, which means they believe in the whole plant. They do not isolate the CBD compound in their hemp oil, which is why they label their product as “Hemp Extract” rather than “CBD oil.” Welltiva Hemp Extract contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in unmodified, naturally-occurring ratios. As an extract of industrial hemp cultivars, the oil is also guaranteed to contain THC levels below 0.3%.
    • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED. The biomass (raw harvested plant material) from CBDX Farms is processed via cryogenically chilled ethanol extraction by DeGrandchamp and DeArmond, on their Colorado farm. They also produce their own seed and plant their own clones, meaning the entire Welltiva operation is 100% vertically integrated. From seed, to planting, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to bottling products, everything is done by DeGrandchamp and DeArmond.
    • PEOPLE BEFORE A BUSINESS. Go to Crawford Colorado, and you’ll see that CBDX Farms is well-known and well-respected in the community. This is a company that cares about business ethics and people moreso than selling a product at a certain potency and price point. Also, all farming, extraction, and manufacturing processes are carried out with the array of requisite licensing. Believe it or not, it’s scary the amount of companies that can’t say the same.
    • Welltiva wants people to be able to purchase a high quality, transparent product that is kept close to its natural state but doesn’t cost a fortune. Across all markets (not just the CBD market), one of the challenges of offering a lower price is that people assume they’re getting a lower quality product. While Welltiva doesn’t grow or extract at nearly the same rate as global ‘mega-extractors,’ their 2,500mg product is in fact substantially more affordable than comparable extracts on the market ($90 compared to $130+ for extracts of a similar potency). This simply comes down to the company’s philosophy of wanting to connect the people who are using the products with the farmers who are actually growing the plants.
  • QUALITY LAB TESTING. Aside from standard Certificates of Analysis (COAs), Welltiva also has supplemental metal and pesticide testing done to ensure the absence of unwanted chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

welltiva review: highlights

Welltiva Products: Reviewing the Brand’s 2,500mg Hemp Extract

Welltiva currently sells a 2,500mg hemp extract formula that comes in a 1 oz (30 mL) bottle. They do not offer capsules, edibles, or other things like “CBD gummies” and topical lotions.

A 1 oz bottle that contains 2,500 milligrams of hemp extract means you’re getting roughly 83 milligrams of extract in a single serving (assuming a single serving is 20 drops (1 mL) of oil).

Remember however that Welltiva doesn’t modify the naturally-occurring ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other hemp-based compounds. This means in a single bottle, you’re getting 2,500 mg of true full-spectrum hemp extract.

As for cannabidiol content specifically, each bottle contains a guaranteed minimum 1500mg of CBD. (In order to know the exact amount, you can go to the Welltiva website and read the cannabinoid profile from the COA on the particular batch that your bottle came from).

In terms of taste, Welltiva CBD oil is probably unlike any other hemp oil you’ve tasted. This product is real, fresh, and potent — and it tastes as such. You get a very strong cannabis flavor (and smell) that is refreshingly indicative of the plants and environment that it came from.

I have tried CBD oils from other companies that have no discernable cannabis smell or taste. To me, the potency of the flavor and aroma are a direct indication of quality. CBD comes from hemp, which is a variety of cannabis. If your CBD oil doesn’t smell and/or taste like cannabis, it’s probably not a very high quality CBD oil.

This simple fact extends to products like CBD isolates and distillates. A good, high-grade full-spectrum hemp oil should not be clear. If the internal plant components are maintained in their truest form, the end product should be a deep, rich, transparent hue of golden/amber.

Effects of Welltiva Hemp Oil

Even though their taste is “more potent,” DeGrandchamp has had several people tell her Welltiva hemp extract has helped them more than any other product they’ve used. This includes folks who battle through daily things like pain and anxiety.

Of course, it’s important to point out that Welltiva hemp extract is not a “CBD pharmaceutical” in the same vein as the prescription label Epidiolex (an FDA-approved medication for epilepsy). This is a botanical supplement, and thus from an FDA perspective, it is not considered a drug or medicine.

As such, whatever health advantages you may benefit from personally by using Welltiva Hemp Extract, it’s important to know that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

effects of welltiva hemp oil

Final Thoughts On Our Welltiva CBD Oil Review

Welltiva Hemp Extract is a 2,500mg full-spectrum hemp oil that is 100% grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled in western Colorado. Due to its high content of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), organic coconut oil is used as the phytocannabinoid ‘carrier.’ In a bottle of Welltiva Hemp Extract, you’re getting two ingredients: organic MCT and aerial plant extracts of high-CBD industrial hemp.

Welltiva is the only company in the industry (at least that I’m aware of) that offers a true farm-to-doorstep CBD hemp oil. The two people who plant, grow, cultivate, and harvest the plants are the same two people that extract the cannabinoids, bottle them, and ship them to your door (Welltiva offers shipping to all 50 U.S. states).

If you want to support real hemp farmers and buy from a 100% vertically-integrated Colorado company that employs responsible farming practices, you could not in my mind choose a better option than Welltiva.

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