TruCure CBD Review [Oils, Topicals, Pets Products]

TruCure is a trusted name in the CBD industry, which sources all its hemp from certified organic farms in Colorado. This Laguna Beach-based CBD company prides themselves on their non-GMO, pharmaceutical-grade products that are full spectrum and THC free as well! Free shipping on all orders over $60.
Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic FSO PCR Cannabidiol Extract (0 THC), Natural Flavor or Organic Peppermint Flavor
Recommended use
Start with an introductory dose of around 15-30mg. Wait approximately 30 to 45 min. If symptom relief is not achieved, increase the dose by an additional 15mg.
Extraction process
CO2 Extraction
Medical benefits
Acts as a strong antioxidant and is believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic properties that act as a neuro-protective agent.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

Cannabidiol, the most abundant non-intoxicating compound in the cannabis plant, is today being marketed as a substance capable of providing holistic healing. Although research is ongoing, early findings are positive enough to suggest that CBD is no fad, and it is certainly no scam.

CBD oil potentially helps with ailments such as chronic pain, muscle cramps, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Unlike marijuana itself, CBD is legal in most countries around the world because it doesn’t provide a psychoactive high. Brands such as TruCure are spreading the CBD word, but are its products worth shouting about? Let’s find out.

Who is TruCure CBD?

The trouble with the CBD market is the number of newly formed companies. A high percentage of them provide little information, and TruCure is no different. The website tells you nothing about the founders. It says that it provides full-spectrum CBD oil derived from organic hemp grown in the U.S.

TruCure goes on to say that it uses a proprietary strain that offers the right ratio of terpenes, lipids, and cannabinoids. It has a Facebook page which had fewer than 100 likes at the time of writing. There isn’t much information on there either, although it does say the company’s HQ is in Laguna Beach, California. It says it has evidence of its claims in the form of third-party lab testing reports, which is always a good thing for a brand’s credibility.

However, when I went to the lab report page, it simply said ‘Coming Soon.’ I know that TruCure is a fairly new brand, but that is a major red flag in my opinion.

Review of TruCure CBD Oil


This is full-spectrum CBD oil which includes naturally occurring flavonoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids. The cannabidiol is suspended in MCT oil, and it is gluten-free, 100% organic, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. There are seven different sized bottles for you to choose from:

  • 250mg: $39
  • 500mg: $65
  • 750mg: $95
  • 1000mg: $120
  • 1500mg: $160
  • 3000mg: $300
  • 6000mg: $540

You don’t see too many companies selling a 6000 mg CBD oil bottle, and it could be ideal if you have severe pain, or need to treat the seizures caused by epilepsy.

In recent times, I have been trying to deal with several issues and find myself getting agitated and moody quite regularly. After using this oil, I felt a little more relaxed. I was on prescription medication before and had been trying to wean myself off. This oil helped in that process, although I am not sure how much of my improvement is down to a desire for self-help, and how much is down to the oil. It tasted pretty good too which is probably due to the organic peppermint flavor.

Review of TruCure CBD Gel Capsules

trucure cbd

Not everyone likes the taste or even the sensation of consuming CBD oil. If this sounds like you, perhaps it is worth trying TruCure’s gel capsules instead. Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules for $95. There is 25mg of CBD and 10mg of curcumin in each capsule. In case you were wondering, curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound, and has been linked to a lower risk of brain disease and improved brain function.

It could also reduce your risk of heart disease, possibly treat Alzheimer’s, and there are a few studies that show it has promise when treating depression. In theory, a combination of CBD and curcumin should be a sure-fire method of remaining in good health. Consuming a capsule is very easy, and you should feel the effects within a couple of hours, although it may take a few days at first.

If you have anxiety and loathe going to work, having one of these capsules in the morning could take the edge off and give you a much-needed boost. They are very convenient as well because you can quickly take one on the go. I generally like taking a capsule an hour or so before having to face large crowds, for example.

Review of TruCure CBD Topicals

trucure cbd oil

I find that one of the best ways to deal with chronic pain is to apply CBD directly to the affected area. For me, the lower back is always an issue, especially first thing in the morning, so high-quality CBD cream rubbed there makes a big difference during the day. TruCure sells CBD cream, CBD salve, and a CBD lip balm. Here are the different sizes and products:

  • CBD Cream 250mg: $45
  • CBD Cream 500mg: $89
  • CBD Cream 1000mg: $139
  • CBD Salve 250mg: $50
  • CBD Salve 500mg: $79
  • CBD Salve 1000mg: $129
  • CBD Lip Balm 25mg: $6

By the standards of CBD creams, 1000mg for $139 is excellent value. It contains ingredients such as shea butter, organic arnica, and E-wax. If you can get someone to perform a deep tissue massage with CBD cream, I promise you it is worth it!

You will feel a relaxing sensation almost immediately, and the level of pain you normally experience should be significantly reduced over the next few hours. This cream worked fine, but you shouldn’t expect a complete alleviation of symptoms.

Review of TruCure CBD Pet Oil

trucure cbd review

Studies into the effect of CBD on pets are few and far between, so it is up to you to decide if you want to give it to your dog or cat. If you do, TruCure sells 750mg of pet oil for $95. Unlike the oil for humans, this one is suspended in Alaskan Salmon Oil to provide your pet with an ample amount of Omega 3, 6, and 9. Other ingredients such as wild herring, wild anchovies, wild sardines, and wild mackerel make it more appealing to pets.

As I don’t have a pet, I can only tell you what customers have said so far. One user said she used it on her Corgi who had been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. After two weeks, the dog showed a visible improvement in its symptoms. Another user said her dog has hip dysplasia, but since taking the oil, he has become less agitated.

Where Can I Purchase TruCure CBD Products?

Go to the official website and click on the shop page tab on the top left of the screen. You can choose between UPS, DHL, or USPS as your delivery method. You receive free shipping on all orders of over $60, and TruCure tries to deliver all packages within the continental United States in 3-5 business days.

The brand also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days of delivery and TruCure will either give you a full refund or an exchange if you prefer.

Final Thoughts on TruCure CBD

Overall, TruCure appears to be an okay brand. It sells decent-quality CBD oil, and also offers capsules, creams, and a pet CBD oil. It doesn’t try to do too much and is probably better for it. The main downside is the lack of an online presence, and while it claims to have lab reports, there is no sign of anything on its site at the time of writing.

I am slightly skeptical about the fact it has nothing but 5-star reviews on its site, but perhaps it is just the cynic in me! There are better known CBD companies out there, but if you want to try something new, you could take a chance on TruCure.

Rating: 7/10

TruCure Pros

  • Reasonable selection of products.
  • CBD comes from organic hemp grown in the United States.
  • The smaller products are affordable and allow for a relatively risk-free trial.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free shipping if you order more than $60 worth of products.

TruCure Cons

  • A serious lack of information about the brand. Its Facebook page has few likes, and I have no idea who the founders are.
  • It has a lab testing reports page with nothing on it!
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