Tera Hemp Review [ Is it REALLY Worth the Money? ]

The North Hollywood-based CBD brand Terahemp utilizes the natural resources of its surroundings by employing all-California-grown hemp in their CBD products. They strive to be the best in both quality and service and offer extensive lab reports to their oils. A happier and healthier life is just around the corner with the ingenuity of Terahemp.
Lab-Tested/Screened Industrial Hemp Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, and Organic Plant Terpenes
Recommended use
Take ¼ to 1 full dropper.
Extraction process
Cold-Press Extraction
Medical benefits
Helps ease anxiety, depression, stress and pain.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

Hemp products in the USA are still something of a controversial subject. Despite the fact that there are demonstrable health benefits to using hemp and its byproducts, there are still plenty of people that associate any kind of hemp product with the use of marijuana.

However, thanks to companies like Tera Hemp, public opinion is going to gradually shift, as they are dedicated to bringing the medicinal benefits of high-quality CBD to the world market.

With a desire to supply CBD to all 50 states in the USA and Europe as well, Tera Hemp is a growing CBD company that seek to challenge the world’s misconceptions about their CBD and hemp.

Let’s take a look at Tera Hemp and work out whether or not they worth the money.

Who Are Tera Hemp?

Tera Hemp is based out of North Hollywood, utilizing Californian homegrown hemp and processing their products into CBD.

Their site design is incredibly minimalistic, providing next to no actual information about themselves other than their desire to produce high-quality CBD products. However, despite the lack of the majority of the kind of information you would find on other websites, Tera Hemp does offer one fantastic thing – complete, in-depth lab reports.

The strange thing about Tera Hemp’s lab reports is that there are only two available; their 250mg tincture and their 500mg tincture. Whether or not this is because it is assumed all of their other products will obviously meet the same standard is not clear, but in the very least these two products – which are seemingly their flagship products – are clear in their ingredient contents.

You can see the entirety of their cannabinoid content, as well as whether or not they contain any additional ingredients. One attractive quality is that their Lab Reports actually report that their 30ml 250mg CBD tincture actually contains 264.3mg, implying that their quantity guide listed on their site is merely a rough approximation of what they contain.

This is actually an exceedingly good thing, as it is almost impossible to get the precise quantity of CBD down to the desired milligram, due to the variance in extraction that occurs during the CBD extraction. In a strange way, the fact that their lab reports defy what their product pages advertise actually legitimizes their products further.

Though it would be nice to determine whether or not all of their products are exactly what they say they are, Tera Hemp has at least demonstrated that they are trustworthy enough to try.

So let’s take a look at their CBD oil products and determine whether or not they are worth it.

Tera Hemp Oil Products

tera hemp

Tera Hemp’s CBD Hemp Oils are their flagship product, with the majority of their marketing directing directly to their CBD Tincture pages.

Their CBD Hemp Oils are available in five different strengths:

  • 250mg, costing $39.99
  • 500mg, costing $69.99
  • 1000mg, costing $149.99
  • 1500mg, costing $179.99
  • 2000mg, costing $199.99

Each of their CBD Hemp Oils is essentially the same, offering only a difference in CBD intensity. There is surprisingly little information on each of the product pages, though they do reveal some surprising qualities about their ingredients.

Instead of the standard of coconut oil that is used in most CBD Oil products, Tera Hemp’s CBD Oils are made from hemp oil mixed with sunflower lecithin, meaning that their CBD oils are made using pretty regular cooking oil. This mix of sunflower and hemp seed oil makes Tera Hemp’s CBD surprisingly nutritious, as well as an excellent way to imbibe CBD. They advertise that it is cold-pressed and chemical-free, making these CBD oils a simpler alternative to the complexly flavored alternatives offered by many other brands.

Additionally, Tera Hemp’s CBD oils include natural terpenes like Alpha and Beta-Pinene, which are the principle flavor components that create the smell and taste of pine needles. This inclusion of pine terpenes lends this CBD oil a subtly natural, woodsy quality to it that is essentially unheard of in the CBD world.

With regard to price and value, these CBD oils are reasonably priced, offering a good return on their cost, especially considering they have a uniquely interesting terpene concentration.

Tera Hemp also offers some slightly altered CBD oils intended for animals; TERACAT and TERADOG, each costing $39.99, are essentially the same as their CBD oils, except they replace the terpenes that could be dangerous for animals with tuna or bacon flavorings, so as to make it more agreeable to your furry friends.

What about if you really don’t enjoy using CBD oil, however? What does Tera Hemp offer for those that prefer to take their CBD in edible form?

Tera Hemp Edible Products

tera hemp cbd

Tera Hemp offers a surprisingly rich range of edible products, especially considering their ostensible specialty is in CBD oils.

They offer not only the standard CBD Oil Gummy Bears, made from 15mg CBD per gummy, at $29.99, but also a variety of CBD Multivitamins and other sweets, so as to ensure you meet your vitamin quota for the day and also get to take some CBD.

Their multivitamins contain a full dose of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, as well as your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Alongside all that, they contain 1500 mg of CBD in total, all for $39.99 per bottle. This might seem like a lot for a first-time buyer, but the fact that you can get a complete vitamin supplement alongside a strong CBD dose is pretty unheard of – most vitamin brands are expensive already, but with Tera Hemp, you get the chance to imbibe CBD on a daily basis as well.

Tera Hemp also offers Elite Hemp Gummies that they claim are 400x timers stronger, except they don’t seem to have any actual CBD within them. They are made from hemp seed oil, so they would seem to contain all the nutrients inherent in hemp plants, but they don’t make any claim to their CBD content, so it is a bit confusing why they are even selling them to begin with.

So too with their Hemp Chocolate, available in either Milk or Dark variety; each bar costs $10, but they don’t seem to contain any CBD whatsoever. This is especially strange, as many companies offer CBD chocolates which allow you to imbibe quite high quantities of CBD without having to deal with its stronger taste, due to it being submerged in the flavor of the chocolate.

Finally, Tera Hemp offers one last edible product that does actually have CBD in this time: Honey. This is a particularly strange addition, as most CBD retailers would never give a thought to infusing honey with CBD, but Tera Hemp offers this US grade honey that has been infused with 250mg.

Sadly, there isn’t any kind of information about where the honey comes from, only that it is ‘US Grade’ – does this mean it is a blend of US honeys? Or is it a particular type of honey such as clover or heather? When it comes to honey, and indeed all food products, it is best to be as absolutely clear as possible so as to allow the consumer to make an informed choice.

Tera Hemp also offers a few more miscellaneous products for those that desire CBD in a few different ways than the standard methods of imbibing it orally or through CBD oil.

Tera Hemp Miscellaneous Products

tera for pets

Tera Hemp offers a Pain Cream Salve, costing $49.99 and containing hemp seed oil and 250mg of CBD, as well as beeswax and a myriad of other substances to aid in soothing and cooling pained muscles. This is a pretty standard CBD topical treatment, though it is a bit strange how the packaging focuses almost entirely on the hemp quantity rather than the actual CBD quotient.

Additionally, Tera Hemp some Pain Relief Pills, containing 25 mg per pill for a total cost of $84. These are pretty much the same thing as their regular CBD oil, only immersed in a vegetarian capsule – it would be nice if they actually stated what is in the capsules, as their ingredient list is woefully inadequate.

Though Tera Hemp seems to be perpetually having a sale on their CBD capsules by reducing the price down to $69.99, the original price of $84 seems far too much for only 750mg of CBD.

Final Thoughts on Tera Hemp – Are They Worth the Price?

Tera Hemp is an interesting company insofar as their transparency goes; they seem dedicated to providing the highest possible quality CBD oil, yet they don’t seem to offer any kind of introspection into their manufacturing processes, nor in their entire ingredient list.

They do however provide lab reports for their CBD oils, but unfortunately not for any of their other products. Whether this is because they are still setting up their website, or because they only want to show you two reports, is inconsequential because it is always important to be able to know what on earth is actually in your CBD products.

Additionally, Tera Hemp offers a myriad of CBD edible products that don’t actually seem to contain any actual CBD; instead they appear to be made from hemp seed oil. The problem is that these are marketed in exactly the same manner, making it almost impossible to tell which products contain CBD or not.

Ultimately, Tera Hemp does seem to be worth the price, as their prices are generally pretty average compared to other CBD brands in the USA. This is mainly the case with their CBD oil and CBD edible products; however, their other products, especially the edibles that don’t contain any CBD and their CBD capsules, seem overpriced for what they contain.

Despite the apparent lack of sufficient ingredient information or adequate lab reports, Tera Hemp is a company that is definitely worth trying, even if just to determine the truth of their statements.

The best way to find out whether a CBD company is worth it or not is to try some yourself; who knows, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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