Naturecan CBD Brand Review

Naturecan is a British CBD brand owned by Andy Duckworth, the former CEO of MyProtein. It offers a range of CBD products including tinctures, e-liquids, and even CBG oils.
Organic MCT oil, cannabidiol, broad-spectrum terpenes
Recommended use
Take 2-5 drops of CBD oil daily, never exceeding 70mg
Extraction process
Medical benefits
The brand does not make any medical claims

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range
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Naturecan: Quick Summary


  • Founded by people with lots of experience.
  • There is a huge product range.
  • Most of the pricing is very reasonable.
  • Naturecan uses a 7-step testing process and publishes lab reports.
  • Customers have the option to carbon offset delivery during checkout.


  • Apart from a few CBG options, the range of other cannabinoids is limited.
  • In the topical department, the products aren’t very innovative.
  • The website could do with some improvement.

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Naturecan Review

Andy Duckworth, former CEO of Myprotein, founded Naturecan back in 2019 with his business partner Paul Finnegan. By industry standards, Naturecan is a pretty new brand without too much experience. That said, Duckworth has a wealth of experience in the wellness sector, having served as the Myprotein CEO after working with retail chain Matalan.

The brand seems to be off to a good start, having joined the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). There is detailed information about the testing process on the website, including a seven-step system. The batch begins in Oregon, where the hemp is quality tested and ends up at Naturecan’s testing facility in the UK. All of the certificates of analysis are available online.

The batch begins in Oregon and ends up at Naturecan’s testing facility in the UK.

Despite all of this detail in the testing department, there is no information about the extraction process. Similarly, it is not explicitly stated that the company grows hemp in Oregon, although this is implied in the testing process list.

Interestingly, Naturecan talks about its sustainability program, but all it says is that the company tracks everything from seed to sale. If the brand really had a commitment to sustainability, they could source hemp from Europe, or at least carbon offset the emissions of transport. Upon checking out, customers have the option to select Carbon Click, which reduces the cost of carbon offset for Naturecan and ensures that money is being put in the right direction.

Naturecan has lots of products on offer; let’s take a look.

What Products Did We Review?

Naturecan offers the standard range of products that includes CBD oil, capsules, edibles, topicals, and more. Owing to Andy Duckworth’s background in Myprotein, there are some pretty unique edibles on offer here.

We tried a product from each category on the website, but we also discussed the price and descriptions of the complete range.

What Are the Naturecan Products Like?

Naturecan’s range features a good number of strengths in each product category. The descriptions contain all the information you need to know about how to take the CBD, along with handy lab reports that can point users in the right direction.

Below, we cover all the details of the Naturecan products.

Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan clearly has an emphasis on simplicity. The tinctures consist of just MCT carrier oil and broad-spectrum CBD extract. Naturecan clarifies that ‘broad-spectrum’ in this case means CBD and a variety of hemp terpenes.


There are several strengths available, with an enormous range that covers every CBD user’s needs. Each bottle is 10ml, so the brand denotes the milligrams in percentage strength. If you see two prices, then the more expensive option is a 30ml bottle.

The strengths are as follows:

  • 2.5% (250mg): £16.99
  • 3% (300mg): £19.99
  • 5% (500mg/1500mg): £29.99/ £89.99
  • 10% (1000mg/3000mg): £54.99/ £164.99
  • 15% (1500mg/4500mg): £79.99/ £239.99
  • 20% (2000mg/6000mg): £99.99/ £189.99
  • 30% (3000mg/9000mh): £129.99/ £249.99
  • 40% (4000mg/12000mg): £149.99/ £299.99

The top strength of 12,000mg is an insane amount of CBD. It’s unlikely that anybody would need such a strength, but the option is there!

Naturecan CBD Capsules

Naturecan offers an impressive range of CBD capsules. The standard option features soft gel pills that contain 10mg of CBD each. Each one contains the same terpenes as the other tinctures, alongside 0% THC. The regular soft gels contain a gelatin coating, meaning they are not vegan-friendly. However, Naturecan also has vegan options.


The vegan options include a standard 10mg capsule packet, CBD with curcumin and D3, and CBD with astaxanthin. These are three great options for those on a vegan diet.

Finally, Naturecan offers other capsules, including Accelerator and CBD with Vitamin C. We tried the CBD oil softgels with Vitamin C, which are supposedly for immune support. The pills provide subtle CBD effects, including a sense of wellbeing, and the Vitamin C is an excellent bonus.

Here is a rough price guide:

  • 10mg CBD Softgels: from £24.99
  • CBD Softgels with Vitamin C: from £29.99
  • Vegan CBD 10mg Capsules: from £29.99
  • Vegan CBD with Curcumin & D3: from £34.99
  • Accelerator 10mg CBD Capsules: £44.99
  • Vegan CBD with Astaxanthin: £34.99

Naturecan CBD Balms

The topical range at Naturecan is more or less standard. The products include a Muscle Balm with Cooling Menthol, a Muscle Balm with Chilli Heat, and a massage oil. These are three products that you can find at many brands. The CBD Arnica Cream with Witch Hazel, however, is more unique.

Naturecan has crafted this balm to contain arnica and witch hazel, creating a soothing blend that you can apply to painful areas. If you have muscle soreness, for example, this balm is for you. It also contains 300mg of CBD in the 30ml tub, and it has a pleasant scent of wintergreen. Thanks to the witch hazel, this balm works really great on bruises too; it’s ideal for having on hand for small knocks.

  • CBD Arnica Cream with Witch Hazel (300mg): £29.99
  • CBD Muscle Balm (300mg): £29.99
  • CBD Massage Oil (500mg): £19.99

Naturecan CBD Snacks

Naturecan sells so many snacks that it’s impossible to review them all. This probably owes to the founder’s background with Myprotein. Some of our favourites from this range include the CBD cookie and the CBD peanut butter. We haven’t come across CBD peanut butter before, especially not crunchy, tasty, triple nut butter. This is insanely good, and it’s a perfect way to get CBD daily by spreading it on toast in the morning. It comes in two tub sizes, too.


The cookies, meanwhile, are another delicious way to take CBD daily. However, it’s probably best not to munch on a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.

More traditionally, Naturecan sells CBD gummies. They come in vegan and non-vegan varieties, catering to everyone. Finally, if you like Myprotein, then Naturecan sells a CBD-infused whey protein.

  • CBD Cookie: from £2.59
  • CBD Brownie: from £2.59
  • CBD Gummies: £19.99
  • Vegan CBD Multivitamin Gummies: from £19.99
  • CBD Fruit Gummies: from £19.99
  • CBD Peanut Butter: from £6.99
  • CBD Whey Protein: £39.99

Naturecan CBG Oil

The benefits of CBG are little understood, but some brands are selling a handful of CBG products, nonetheless. Some users have found positive reactions when using cannabigerol, so it may be something worth trying.

Naturecan sells a few strengths, which is fairly unique on the market right now. Here is a price list:

  • 10% (1000mg): £64.99
  • 20% (2000mg): £109.99
  • 10% CBG & CBD: £59.99
  • 20% CBG & CBD: £109.99

Naturecan CBD E-Liquid

On the website, Naturecan calls its e-liquids “liquids”, which is a little strange. Rest assured, these products are definitely meant for vaping.

Compared to some other brands, Naturecan has a limited selection of e-liquids. The three flavours include Menthol, Strawberry, and Citrus Fruits. There are only three strengths available: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. It’s a pretty standard product and is not enormously exciting.

Naturecan uses an 80:20 blend of PG and VG, which again is relatively standard.

Vape liquid prices start at £24.99.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Naturecan?

Naturecan, despite being a British brand, sells in twenty countries. As a result, customers from around the world can access and use Naturecan products. Considering the high-quality and reasonable pricing, it’s great that people can access these products.

Considering the high-quality and reasonable pricing, it’s great that people can access these products.

As far as we know, Naturecan does not offer large discounts for seniors, students, or other groups. It would be great if Naturecan could implement a system like this, but we understand that growing brands sometimes don’t have the facilities to do so.

Naturecan CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

All of Naturecan’s products are available right from the official website. It’s a great brand to try if you’re looking for a large range of CBD products at affordable pricing. In general, reviews of the Naturecan brand are positive, and it’s clear that the founders have a lot of experience in both wellness and business.

Final Verdict – 8/10

Have you tried Naturecan CBD? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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