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Mana Artisan Botanics Review

Mana Artisan Botanics is a Hawaiian brand offering a range of whole-plant hemp extracts infused with Hawaiian botanicals. The company grows and sources all ingredients using organic, sustainable, and regenerative agricultural methods. Many of the ingredients used come from their own farm, while others are sourced from other local farms.
Organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, organic macadamia nut oil, or nut-free MCT coconut oil
Recommended use
Use according to label instructions depending on the product.
Extraction process
Ethanol or subcritical CO2
Medical benefits
Support pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, and general wellness

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range
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Mana Artisan Botanics: Quick Summary


  • The company uses sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming methods
  • Strong commitment to supporting the local community
  • Strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices
  • Full-spectrum CBD products


  • Third-party lab reports are missing crucial information (terpene content and safety profile)
  • Expensive compared to competitors

Read on for our complete Mana Artisan Botanics review or visit their official site to learn more.

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Mana Artisan Botanics Review

Mana Artisan Botanics is a Hawaiian CBD brand fronted by CEO Steve Sakala, who has over 20 years of experience in the medical cannabis industry. Steve’s first taste of the industry was with Jack Herer in California when he was just 18 years old. Shortly thereafter, he obtained his first medical grow permit and developed a keen interest in agriculture and cannabis cultivation.

In the following years, he expanded his horizons and eventually turned his focus to CBD-rich strains and the potential health benefits of CBD. Steve’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry led him to create Mana Artisan Botanics back in 2017 with three co-founders who shared his passions and desires. Today, the company is known for crafting some of the purest, most potent hemp infusions on the market.

They strive to “do well by doing good” and are committed to serving people and the environment.

Steve is also the owner of Honaunau farm, the birthplace of Mana Artisan Botanics. Located on the Big Island, many of the natural ingredients used to formulate Mana’s products are grown on the farm. For instance, the sustainably grown passionflower is infused into their sleep tincture.

Mana is a brand that is driven to ensure wholesome, healthful living while respecting the land and supporting the local community. They strive to “do well by doing good” and are committed to serving people and the environment.

The brand has a refreshing small-town, homegrown CBD type of feel to it. Rather than trying to outdo the bigger names in the CBD industry, Mana seems genuinely committed to creating the most unique and hand-crafted CBD products that will make a difference to people.

Hemp Sourcing and Manufacturing

Currently, Mana Artisan Botanics sources its hemp from Colorado, USA. The hemp is organic and cultivated sustainably in full sun and without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Hemp grown in the U.S. is subject to stricter quality standards and is widely considered some of the best in the world.

The company uses a whole-plant hemp extract, which means that its formulas are full-spectrum. Therefore, all the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant are retained, and you can expect the benefits of the entourage effect.

It’s not 100% clear what extraction method is used. They claim to use food-grade organic alcohol (ethanol) or subcritical CO2. However, they don’t state which method is used when and for what reason different processes are used. Generally, CO2 extraction is considered to be the gold standard in the CBD industry. Once extracted, the oil is blended into an infusion together with local Hawaiian botanicals and carrier oil.

Many of the ingredients used in these formulations are grown on their own farm in Hawaii (Honaunau farm). This includes turmeric, passionflower, and macadamia nut oil. Other ingredients, such as honey and cinnamon, are sourced from other local farms in Hawaii. All ingredients used are certified organic and non-GMO.

By maintaining strict control over the sourcing of ingredients, Mana fully encompasses a true farm-to-body practice, ensuring that its CBD formulations are top-notch. Plus, all products are tested for purity and potency at multiple lab facilities.

Mana Artisan Botanics Products: What to Expect

When browsing Mana Artisan’s online shop, you’re likely to become excited with the fun and unique range of products infused with the spirit of Hawaii. While they offer the standard CBD drops that you would expect from a CBD brand, they offer some very niche types of products too.

Here’s what you can expect to find when browsing Mana’s product collection.

Mana Artisan Botanics Topicals

Mana offers three types of CBD topicals: Hemp Balm, Hemp Body Oil, and CBD Massage Oil. Both the body oil and massage oil come in 4oz bottles but have different potencies. The massage oil is stronger with 600mg cannabinoids, while the body oil contains 150mg cannabinoids.


The carrier oil used in the massage oil is organic MCT coconut oil, and it’s infused with organic hemp and vitamin E. This gives the oil a rich feel without it feeling too heavy or sticky. The body oil contains lavender, sandalwood, and copaiba essential oils and is designed to give users a deeply rejuvenating whole-body experience. It’s an elegant combination of Hawaiian kukui nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic castor oil, and organic hemp.

Finally, the balm is infused with plantain and comfrey and contains 300mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract in a 1oz tub. Also packed with organic coconut oil and organic Hawaiian beeswax, it’s designed to be incredibly soothing for the skin.

Mana Artisan Botanics Drops

The brand’s most potent CBD drops are Hawaiian CBD Oil 3X Turmeric & Vanilla (extra strength). It’s available in 900mg (1 oz), 1,800mg (2 oz), and 3,600mg (3 oz) strengths. This oil is a combination of organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp and locally grown turmeric. It also contains a dash of vanilla extract to give it a slightly sweet taste. Plus, you can choose which carrier oil you prefer; Macadamia nut oil (limited edition) or MCT coconut oil – which is an excellent added feature.

There is also a Hawaiian CBD Oil Intro Turmeric & Vanilla, which is ideal for beginners. It has a potency of 150mg. If you’re looking for a mid-strength option, perhaps the standard option will be a better choice. This one comes in 300mg and 600mg potency options. You can also choose between macadamia or coconut carrier oil for the intro and standard oils.


Finally, there is a Passionflower & Lehua hemp tincture, which is a limited edition. Instead of containing turmeric, they infuse this oil with passionflower and a drizzle of raw Lehua honey. It’s described as a calming tonic and comes in 150mg (1 oz) and 300mg (2 oz) strengths.

The price of the CBD drops ranges between $25 for the 150mg intro tincture to $160 for the 3,600mg extra strength drops.

Mana Artisan Botanics Honey

The Hawaiian CBD honey is a unique product different from most CBD items you find on the market today. It’s harvested from two fairly rare flowers native to Hawaii: the Ohi’a Lehua blossom and Wilelaiki. Lehua honey is one of the rarest available. And, of course, this one is infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

There are two strength options to choose from, 150mg (2 oz) or 300mg (4 oz). This honey has a rich floral aroma and creamy, full texture and makes a great addition as a sweetener to certain foods or drinks, like toast or tea.

Mana Artisan Botanics Chocolate

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the chocolate was sold out, which is disappointing to see. If you can get your hands on it, though, you’re reportedly in for a real treat. It’s a 72% dark CBD chocolate with Hawaiian sea salt and macadamia nuts for added flavor. Each chocolate bar contains 100mg of cannabinoids.


At $10.80 for a chocolate bar, it’s definitely not cheap. However, it’s decadent and smooth and may have therapeutic effects thanks to the addition of CBD. To save money (10%), you can buy a pack of ten for $97.20.

Mana Artisan Botanics Pets

Finally, Mana also sells Hemp Pet Drops with Turmeric. It contains 300mg cannabinoids and is designed to give pets the same relief humans seek from CBD. It’s also infused with organic peanut flavor and can be added to your pet’s food or treats. A 2 oz bottle sells for $35.

Mana Artisan Botanics: What Else Should You Know

The Mana Artisan Botanics website is packed with tons of important and interesting information. Seriously, this site is truly impressive and seems to leave just about nothing out.

As would be expected from a well-respected brand, products are sent to an independent laboratory to be tested for purity and potency, and the lab results are available for everyone to view. Green Scientific Labs is the laboratory responsible for testing, and lab reports are up to date.

One small issue we have is that there are no test results for terpene content. Terpenes play an important role in the effects of hemp, so we would like to see what terpenes are in these products. Additionally, there is no mention of whether they test products for the presence of potentially harmful substances, such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Unlike most other CBD brands that focus on CBD content, Mana places a lot of emphasis on other ingredients too.

It’s also important to note that while we love Mana’s product selection, they will not be the best for everyone. Unlike most other CBD brands that focus on CBD content, Mana places a lot of emphasis on other ingredients too. Therefore, many of their products are more expensive than competitors.

That’s not to say they’re overpriced. Still, if you’re merely looking to reap the rewards of CBD and aren’t particularly interested in the effects of other natural ingredients, perhaps more CBD-focused brands are a better choice. Additionally, they don’t sell some of the more typical types of CBD products you would expect to find from a CBD brand, such as gummies and capsules.

Mana Artisan Botanics CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

With more than 20 years of experience in cannabis agriculture and the medical cannabis industry, Mana Artisan Botanics is a trusted CBD brand in the market. They have a good selection of products, and while they sell the standard tinctures (CBD drops), they also offer a few unique products, like hemp honey and chocolate.

We love that Mana has its own farm, on which many of its ingredients are grown, and that the company supports local farmers too. The Hawaiian twist and authenticity are truly refreshing to see in a saturated market with many brands seemingly “following the trend” and bringing nothing new to customers.

While Mana Artisan Botanics may not be for everyone, due to their unique product range and lack of popular CBD products like capsules and gummies, the products they offer are very high-quality. We definitely recommend trying Mana’s products if you find something that suits your needs and desires.

Be sure to check out the website and browse the full product range to see if there is something that tickles your fancy. Just keep in mind that since Mana is based in Hawaii, overnight shipping is not possible. American orders generally take about 7 to 10 business days to arrive, while international orders may take 4 – 6 weeks, depending on the destination.

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