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Lakeland CBD is a UK based maker of fine CBD products. What began as a venture between two friends expanded to include some of the industry's highest quality CBD-infused items. They adhere to strict standards and support the element of honesty and transparency.
Cannabinoids, MCT oil, (syringes): essential oils, honey, water and organic extracts
Recommended use
As a dietary supplement, use once a day.
Extraction process
CO2 extraction
Medical benefits
CBD is a supplement that may improve your overall health and wellbeing.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

The CBD market in the UK is still relatively new when compared to other countries. A lot of people are still not aware of the health benefits associated with it or even where they can purchase it from in the first place.

Lakeland CBD is a brand committed to changing this, working to shape the future of the CBD industry in the UK so that it is something that everyone across the country can access and benefit from.

Through both their CBD products and continued campaigning, Lakeland CBD is helping to change the future of the medical industry in the UK and the way that many people think about their health.

Let’s take a closer look at Lakeland CBD and find out why they have become a popular choice for so many people across the UK.

Who is Lakeland CBD?

Lakeland CBD is a CBD brand based in Cumbria who strives to become one of the UK’s largest producers of CBD products. Lakeland CBD has quickly become a popular choice for many as a result of their high-quality CBD range that fits seamlessly into your daily routine and healthcare plan.

The Lakeland CBD brand goes beyond just their products, however, as the founders of Lakeland CBD work to build a community who can share and discuss their experiences and passion for CBD together.

Lakeland CBD was founded by Nic and Luke, two friends who both have firsthand experience of how CBD can change lives. They decided to combine their expertise to create Lakeland CBD and share their positivity and high-quality products with those around them.

All of the CBD used to create Lakeland CBD products comes from industrial Cannabis sativa plants which are ethically grown and sourced from Spanish farms.

Lakeland CBD uses a strict traceability program, allowing them to trace every product right back to its very beginning as a seed. This level of accountability throughout the entire process results in products that customers can trust and use with confidence.

Lakeland CBD batch tests all of their products, checking for potency, consistency, and the precise cannabinoid levels within each item. Customers can easily download all of Lakeland CBD lab results with just a few clicks from their website.

Lakeland CBD strives to be as transparent as possible, working to build customer trust in what is still a relatively new market in the UK. Lakeland CBD is aware that CBD is not as commonly sold and used in the UK as it is in the U.S. and that providing customers with lab results goes some way to developing confidence in natural medication and especially CBD.

Lakeland CBD is very much a brand that is still developing and fine-tuning both their products and website, but despite this, they still manage to deliver something that can be hard to find in the UK, high quality and reliable CBD products.

Lakeland CBD has recently introduced new payment methods for customers when shopping on their website, demonstrating their continued commitment to improving every element of their customer’s experience.

Lakeland CBD Highlights

Low THC: All of Lakeland CBD products are made from Cannabis sativa plants, which have been bred for their low THC levels. This means that you can use Lakeland CBD products with confidence, knowing that they are 100% legal and free from any unexpected psychoactive effects.

In-depth Lab Results: Customers can easily access lab results for each product from Lakeland CBD’s website, even before shopping. This allows you to see exactly what goes into the making of each item and make an informed decision about which products are right for you.

Affordable Pricing: Lakeland CBD believes that CBD should be accessible to all, and they understand that for a lot of people, its high price tag can often be a barrier to trying CBD. Lakeland CBD aims to keep the cost of all of their products as low as possible so that no one feels unable to access the healthcare that they need to live a full and healthy life.

Lakeland CBD Oils

lakeland cbd oils

Lakeland CBD oil is available in a number of different options, giving you the choice and ability to select the right products that work for your body and fit seamlessly into your daily life. For a very traditional experience, Lakeland CBD sells both 300mg and 600mg bottles of CBD oil made from the highest quality Cannabis sativa plants.

In order to allow customers to experience CBD in its most natural form, Lakeland CBD only uses three ingredients in their bottles of oil; cannabis extract, water, and organic honey. This results in a high-quality oil that has not been affected by added extracts that alter its potency.

For those who need a super fast and convenient way to take CBD, Lakeland CBD sells three different strength CBD oil dropper syringes. Available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg options these droppers come ready to use with your chosen strength of CBD.

Droppers are perfect for when you are in a rush or need to take CBD while on the go, simply place a few drops on your tongue and you are ready to go. Lakeland CBD droppers offer a mess-free and hassle-free way to take CBD oil.

Each syringe comes with a lockable ring which allows for a precise dose of CBD and zero waste, helping to ensure that you can always predict the effects that Lakeland CBD oil will have on your body.

Lakeland CBD oils are available in a third option: CBD ‘Clear’ spray oil. Made from some of the purest CBD available within Europe, ‘Clear’ oil is perfect for those who struggle with more traditional flavored oils. Guaranteed to contain absolutely no THC, as well as having no taste or smell, Lakeland CBD ‘Clear’ oil gets straight to the point, allowing your body to focus on 100% pure CBD.

Lakeland CBD Capsules

lakeland cbd capsules

Lakeland CBD capsules have been designed to make taking a daily dose of CBD as easy and as quick as possible. Capsules have been formulated so that they are small and easy to swallow while still packing all of the same health-enhancing goodness that you get with all of Lakeland CBD’s other products.

Lakeland CBD capsules are made from full-spectrum CBD, meaning that you not only get a healthy dose of CBD but also all of the naturally occurring terpenes from hemp plants which help your body to process CBD – as well as having their own health benefits.

Capsules are the perfect solution for anyone who is worried about accidentally varying their daily dose of CBD, as the CBD that goes into each capsule is precisely measured, using high tech equipment to ensure that you are always guaranteed the exact same quantity of CBD with each capsule.

Customers can choose between 10mg capsules and 20mg capsules, allowing for complete control of the correct dosage to suit your individual health needs.

Lakeland CBD Topicals

Lakeland CBD creams come in two different options a CBD infused heat cream and a CBD joint cream. Lakeland CBD creams have been designed to work alongside other CBD products giving you an extra healthy dose of CBD. Topicals are the perfect way to treat troubled areas of skin, as well as surface-level aches and pains.

Both of Lakeland CBD creams are made from a combination of full-spectrum CBD and coconut shea butter, offering a luxurious feeling cream that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth while also packing all of the health benefits that make CBD so popular. Each container packs 100mg of premium CBD.

If you are looking for a natural way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, Lakeland CBD creams might just be the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Lakeland CBD Vapes

lakeland cbd vapes

Lakeland CBD vape liquids are available in two different delicious flavors Blueberry and Strawberry and come in 10ml bottles. Each bottle of Lakeland CBD vape liquid contains 100mg of CBD. Each bottle comes with a dropper lid, making Lakeland CBD vape liquids super easy to use and completely mess-free, even when you are in a rush.

Vape liquids contain less than 0.2% THC, which means that they comply with UK law and are 100% legal. This means that you can enjoy Lakeland CBD vapes in exactly the same way that you would with regular vape liquids, with there being no added restrictions.

Lakeland CBD uses high-quality CBD and uses only traditional blending techniques resulting in consistent vape liquids that you can rely on. Each puff provides a microdose of CBD ideal for use as a midday top up with the added addition of Lakeland CBD’s fruity flavor options for a sudden, fun burst of flavor.

Lakeland CBD Costs

Lakeland CBD Capsules

Lakeland CBD 300mg Oil Capsules (30 counts) – £50.00

Lakeland CBD 600mg Oil Capsules (30 counts) – £80.00

Lakeland CBD Oils

Lakeland CBD ‘Clear’ 500mg Oil Spray Bottle – £35.00

Lakeland CBD 1000mg Oil Dropper Syringe – £130.00

Lakeland CBD 300mg Oil Bottle – £25.00

Lakeland CBD 300mg Oil Dropper Syringe – £60.00

Lakeland CBD 600mg Oil Bottle – £40.00

Lakeland CBD 600mg Oil Dropper Syringe – £100.00

Lakeland CBD Topicals

Lakeland CBD 100mg Heat Cream Tub – £35.00

Lakeland CBD 100mg Joint Cream Tub – £35.00

Lakeland CBD Vapes

Lakeland CBD 100mg Blueberry Vape Liquid Bottle – £20.00

Lakeland CBD 100mg Strawberry Vape Liquid Bottle – £20.00

Lakeland CBD Merch

Lakeland CBD Classic Women’s Vest – £18.00

Lakeland CBD Logo Mug – £9.00

Lakeland CBD Logo and Website Tote Bag – £15.00

Lakeland CBD Logo and Website Unisex Pullover Hoodie – £35.00

Lakeland CBD Logo Stainless Steel Travel Mug – £15.00

Lakeland CBD Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt – £20.00

How to Buy Lakeland CBD Products

All Lakeland CBD products are available directly from the website for UK based customers, with a number of different delivery options to choose from. The exact price of shipping varies depending on the size of your order and exact location, with prices starting at around £3.50 for just one item.

Lakeland CBD has put a great deal of time and thought into their website, making the entire shopping experience as seamless as possible. Customers can see a brief description of each item, its ingredient list, as well its recommended use, all of which have been written in a way that is clear and digestible even for those who have never tried CBD before.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Lakeland CBD coupon codes for a chance to save on your next order.

Final Verdict About Lakeland CBD

While Lakeland CBD do very much feel like a new brand, with certain elements still in need of fine-tuning, they also show a great deal of promise with their current range of high-quality CBD products and commitment to offering customers a positive experience. It is always nice to see new CBD brands enter the market, especially ones that are clearly so committed to educating people about CBD and making it something that is accessible to all.

Given the brand’s size, they offer a wide selection of CBD products giving customers a choice and a sense of control over their own health and the supplements that they choose to use. Whether you are looking for a high-quality CBD oil to add to your morning smoothie or a way to add a healthy dose of CBD to your vape routine you are sure to find the perfect CBD products to suit your needs with Lakeland CBD.

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