Impact CBD Review [How Does It Stack Up?]

Impact CBD began as the venture between two friends and rugbly players. They were determined to bring high-quality CBD to the mainstream. They achieved this with their Impact brand. Their oils are now used by athletes all over the UK. However, their CBD products aren't just for athletes, but for anyone looking to upgrade their overall health.
Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract, Olive Oil & Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)
Recommended use
Place 2-4 drops under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds. Use twice daily.
Extraction process
CO2 extraction
Medical benefits
CBD may be used as a supplement to positively affect health, reduce pain and energize.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

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It’s always exciting to receive a package in the post, especially when that package is full of brand-new CBD goodies! So, here at WayofLeaf, we are always delighted when an up-and-coming CBD company sends us some of their products to try out.

Today, the company in question was Impact, a UK-based company selling CBD geared toward the sports and athletics market. Let’s take a look at their products and how well they stack up compared to more established brands.

About Impact CBD

Impact CBD was established by two professional rugby players, James Haskell and Ben Franks. Haskell is a former pro player and author, while Franks is one of just 20 players to win dual Rugby Union World Cups.

The duo became aware of the benefits of CBD while researching the cannabinoid for themselves and others. They wanted to create a high-quality product that was suitable for amateur and professional athletes alike, and so teamed up with industry leaders, CiiTECH.

For those not in the know, CiiTECH is a cannabis biotech company. It is an international collaboration and aims to bring cutting-edge Israeli research to the UK CBD market. By working with CiiTECH, Impact CBD has already taken steps to become a well-respected brand whose products are developed using the latest science and technology.

Impact is making solid choices in terms of who they work with, but do their products come up to scratch? Time to delve a little deeper!

Impact CBD Products

Impact doesn’t have a vast array of products listed on their website. In fact, being such a new company, it seems that they are still in the process of adding more. However, this can be seen as a positive thing. It is arguably better to focus on providing a small range of high-quality products rather than a mind-boggling choice that leaves customers confused and lacking assurance.

Despite their limited range, Impact did send us a decent selection of CBD products to try out. They arrived in a plain package, which is fantastic news if you have nosy neighbors. We also received a bonus cold pack and a drawstring bag, which was a nice touch.

So, without further ado, here are some of Impact’s top CBD products and how they stood up to our review process.

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Impact CBD Oil

impact cbd oil


Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of Impact’s top products is their CBD oil. The oil is extracted from hemp using CO2 technology, which is considered one of the most efficient methods of CBD extraction. It is full-spectrum and contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes including CBD, CBDV, CBG, and CBDA.

This is a definite plus, as many cannabis scientists believe that CBD works more effectively when complemented by other cannabinoids and terpenes. This is more commonly known as the ‘entourage effect.’ The only other ingredients in the oil are olive oil and MCT.

The CBD oil itself has a gorgeous, golden color and a thick, almost honey-like texture. Although we were a little disappointed that there wasn’t a choice of flavors, Impact’s CBD oil has a relatively mild taste. We found it much more palatable than some of the other brands we’ve tried. If you like the flavor of natural CBD, you will probably love this particular oil.

Impact’s CBD oil is available in two strengths, 400mg and 1600mg. It also comes in two different varieties, one for men and one for women. However, from what we could tell, the only difference between these was the packaging.

Impact sells all of its CBD oils in 10ml bottles which come with a dropper for easy dosing. The website recommends using 2–4 drops, twice a day. They should be held under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Impact CBD Oil Prices

  • Impact CBD Oil 400mg (for men/women) – £29.99/10ml
  • Impact CBD Oil 1600mg (for men/women) – £79.99/10ml

Impact CBD Lozenges

For those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil or who find it difficult to dose, Impact’s CBD lozenges may be the answer. Each lozenge contains 4mg CBD along with isomalt, stevia, and natural flavorings. The lozenges taste pretty good, especially considering that they’re sugar-free (we tried the mint flavor). The lozenges are also vegan and gluten-free.

They are designed to be held under the tongue until they dissolve, but we found that a little hard due to their rather large size. Once they have been in your mouth for a couple of minutes, this does become less challenging, though. Furthermore, many people will find sucking a lozenge far more pleasant than using sublingual oil. Overall, it is a handy and enjoyable way to get your daily dose of CBD.

At the time of writing, the Impact website is still under development and certain products, including the lozenges, are not yet listed. However, we were informed by the brand that when they do become available, the lozenges will be priced as follows:

  • Impact CBD Lozenges 4mg – £19.99/25 lozenges

Impact CBD Balm


impact cbd balm

Impact also offers a range of topical products. These are especially suitable for anyone who would prefer not to take oral CBD for whatever reason. Some people also find topical CBD more effective than oral products as it can be delivered directly to the area where it is needed most.

We tried out the Power Balm and the Arnica Balm. Both contain 590mg of CBD per stick, in a base of organic coconut oil and beeswax. The CBD is complemented by a variety of other natural ingredients traditionally used for their healing properties.

The Power Balm has added rosemary, ginger root, and clary sage oil. We’re not exaggerating when we say it smells good enough to eat! The Arnica Balm has arnica oil, shea butter, and vitamin E oil for a more luxurious feel. These balms are easy to apply thanks to their push-up stick design. The directions are to apply liberally to the skin and massage until absorbed.

We tested out the balms on our various aches and pains, and they both had a really soothing feel that was evident almost immediately. However, please note that the company does not make any medical claims on its website about treating pain or any other condition. We should also make it clear that we tried the balms on relatively minor, everyday niggles. Therefore, if you suffer from more severe issues, they may not be as effective.

One thing that we didn’t like so much about this product was that if you’re especially hairy, they can end up sticking to the balm. The design also meant it wouldn’t be massively hygienic if you wanted to lend it to a friend, for example. Although it is convenient, the stick design may not be to everyone’s taste.

Impact CBD Balm Prices

  • Impact Power Balm 590mg – £29.99/30ml
  • Impact Arnica Balm 590mg – £29.99/30ml

Impact’s Other Products

In addition to its CBD range, Impact sells a few other products aimed at its sporty clientele:

  • Stress Rugby ball – £3.99
  • Drawstring bag – £5.99
  • Cold pack – £6.99
  • Sweat wristbands – £8.99

As the company grows, there is a strong possibility that this list will too. When we visited their website, some sections were still under development, so keep checking in to see their full range as it gets released.

How to Purchase Impact CBD

You can buy Impact’s CBD products at the official website. All orders placed by midday Monday to Friday should be shipped the same day by Royal Mail Tracked and Signed. You can choose between 24-hour and 48-hour delivery. Unfortunately, Impact currently only ships to the UK and EU countries.

Returns must be made within 30 days and products must be unused, sealed in their original package. Although this policy may be disappointing for some customers, it is standard within the industry, and you will be hard pushed to find a company that offers a better alternative.

Impact CBD: Final Verdict

Impact may be a new company, but it has all the makings of a great one. The quality of their CBD products is unquestionable and, according to the website, laboratory validated. However, the site does not state whether its lab reports are carried out by a third party or the company themselves. Of course, third-party lab reports are more credible as there is a reduced risk of bias.

Other than this and a couple of other minor niggles, it seems that Impact is a trustworthy brand and lives up to its founders’ high standards. Hopefully, as the company expands, they will iron out these kinks and continue to improve. And if they do, there is every chance that Impact will become a top CBD brand that can stand up there with the best.


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Impact CBD Pros:

  • High-quality products formulated alongside CiiTECH
  • CO2 extracted CBD
  • Full-spectrum products for an enhanced entourage effect
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No medical claims on the website
  • Reasonable pricing

Impact CBD Cons:

  • Unclear who carries out lab testing
  • No choice of CBD oil flavors
  • CBD balm design may not suit everyone
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