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Holistic Hemp Scotland [Official Review of Products]

Holistic Hemp sells CBD-infused products made from American grown hemp. They surpass the standard on safety by avoiding harmful chemical and pesticides. Their CBD is full-spectrum and they provide transparent and accessible third-party lab results. They also offer great deals on shipping with a coupon code upon checkout. In addition, many of their oils are pet safe.
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The Holistic Hemp Scotland brand is proof that CBD is becoming a global phenomenon. You may be aware of how quickly the cannabidiol market has grown in the United States, but you may be shocked to discover its popularity in the United Kingdom. CBD is legal to purchase in Britain and in 2018, the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced that cannabis oil would be legal for patients with certain conditions.

It is unlikely that marijuana will become legal in the UK any time soon, which means the CBD market is free to grow. By the end of 2017, 250,000 Britons had admitted to using CBD – double the 2016 figure of 125,000. Holistic Hemp Scotland has become one of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK, but does it deserve all its plaudits?

Who is Holistic Hemp Scotland?

holistic hemp cbd online

As you can probably guess, it is a Scottish company that uses hemp grown on small EU artisan farms. Its suppliers utilize a bio-dynamic, organic process which is free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Once the hemp crop is ready, the farmers handpick the flowers and hang them up to dry at specific temperatures.

When the hemp is completely dry, it is extracted using CO2, in low pressure and low heat conditions to preserve the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. It differs from larger producers that use large cutting machines and crush dried matter under high pressure.

The firm’s hemp products are used in the construction and textile industries, and it even sells hemp tea! However, in this review, I am going to look at its CBD oils, pastes, concentrates, and capsules.

Review of Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Oils

holistic hemp cbd

The company sells a 5% CBD Alpine Oil bottle that contains 10 ml of liquid for £29.99, and a 5% CBD + CBDa tincture bottle which also contains 10 ml of liquid, this time for £35.

The Alpine oil is made from hemp grown in the Alps. Each bottle contains a total of 500mg of CBD and Holistic Hemp Scotland recommends that you take 10-15 drops up to three times a day. The oil didn’t have as strong a taste as many of its competitors. It took a while for me to determine that it wasn’t a bad thing, because the oil began to have noticeable effects on my anxiety within a few days.

The CBDa bottle promised to be a bit stronger, and so it proved. It contains full spectrum CBD hemp oil and hemp seed oil. It had a slightly more potent taste and a greater positive effect. This oil is EU certified legal hemp extract and is probably worth the extra £5.

Review of Holistic Hemp Scotland Full Spectrum Hemp Extract/Paste

Rather unusually, Holistic Hemp Scotland is a brand renowned for its selection of CBD pastes. You can choose between 15% and 20% CBD Whole Plant Extract, and 1g or 3g tubes, although the 20% option only comes in a 1g tube. The price ranges from £12.50 to £25 depending on your choice. For reference, a 3g tube of 15% CBD extract contains a total of 450mg of CBD.

The brand recommends using 100-200mg up to three times a day. For the 3g tube, you receive 30 x 100mg applications. You are supposed to use it with food and water, and it should be consumed sublingually. One issue is when you try to squeeze it out; it is all too easy to let a large amount get out! Another problem is attempting to measure the amount. One little squeeze should enable you to get 100mg of paste.

If you place it beneath your tongue, allow it to dissolve before swallowing. The natural hemp taste is clear proof that Holistic Hemp Scotland uses organic produce. Its bitter taste is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it personally. However, I recommend having a glass of water handy in case you are not a fan! It helped ease my anxiety far quicker than the oils, so it is useful if you need something to relax you quickly.

Review of Holistic Hemp Scotland Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

holistic hemp capsules

Once again, Holistic Hemp Scotland gives you a few choices. There is bottle which contains 30 x 15mg CBD capsules for £40. Alternatively, you can try a special turmeric paste extract blend where each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, 20mg of Curcumin, and 10mg of Turmerone. A 30-capsule bottle costs £45.

I was intrigued by the special blend because of turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As it was a capsule, there was no taste, but alas, it only seemed to have a moderate effect even after several days of use. In reality, most users will need far more than 10mg of CBD a day to get relief from chronic pain or anxiety. You can take up to three capsules a day, but that means you would need three bottles a month; a costly enterprise at £135 a month!

Review of Holistic Hemp Scotland Concentrates

review of holistic hemp scotland concentrates


If you want an extremely potent CBD product, look no further than Holistic Hemp Scotland’s range of concentrates:

  • 70% CBD Wax: Ranging from £35 to £65.
  • 85% CBD Crumble: Ranging from £37.50 to £70.
  • 90% CBD Shatter: Ranging from £37.50 to £70.

As always, I opted for the strongest option! The 90% shatter is only available in Blueberry OG form, and you can get a gram for £70. That’s the equivalent of 900mg of CBD for £70, a little more expensive than the oil. I chose to vape it, andthe result was a nice, smooth experience. Even 50mg is more than enough to help you feel relaxed; but since there is no THC involved, you don’t feel high.

You also have the alternative of mixing it with an e-liquid. Heat your shatter to approximately 170 degrees Fahrenheit to melt it.

Where Can I Purchase Holistic Hemp Scotland Products?

Check out the brand’s range on its official website. If you place an order before 4pm from Monday to Friday, or before 11am on Saturday, you should get the products that same day. I tried it, and the brand is as good as its word. If you order more than £120 worth of products, Holistic Hemp Scotland ensures delivery before 1pm on the next business day.

All international deliveries are signed for and tracked. Spend more than £150 on any order, and you qualify for free international delivery. Also, you get 5% off most products if you purchase three or more.

Final Thoughts on Holistic Hemp Scotland

The quality of most of the products is outstanding, and you can’t fault the delivery service. The oil did the job, and the concentrates were as potent as advertised. The capsules are not particularly effective and are a bit on the expensive side. The star of the piece is the company’s CBD paste. It tastes good and acts fast but be quick, because Holistic Hemp Scotland’s paste sells out at warp speed!

Verdict: 8/10

Holistic Hemp Scotland Pros

  • The paste is potent.
  • The oil tastes strong and is effective.
  • All products are made from premium quality organic hemp.
  • The extraction process guarantees plenty of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes with no pesticides.Holistic Hemp Scotland Cons
  • The capsules were disappointing.
  • It is a relatively small brandand tends to sell out of its paste quite often.
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