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Dr. Chin's Herbal focuses on bringing an authentic CBD experience to the world. Their products are a harmonious balance between 21st technologies and old world knowledge of cultivated hemp.
hemp extract and coconut oil
Recommended use
Adults use one full dropper as needed. For best results drop under tongue, hold then swallow. Use daily as dietary supplement.
Extraction process
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Medical benefits
CBD may aid in the promotion of homeostasis, the reduction of pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

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CBD has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history, and in fact, it is one of the oldest forms of medication thought to date back over 6000 years.

While in some cultures CBD has been consistently used, in the U.S. it is only really over the last decade that there has been a shift towards it being widely used. An increased interest in natural forms of medication and supplements has resulted in more and more people turning to CBD supplements as a means of staying healthy.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal is a brand that taps into the history of CBD and aims to give customers the ability to experience CBD in its most natural form possible. Rather than creating novelty CBD products that fail to recognize the plant’s history, Dr. Chin’s Herbal is focused on products that offer natural, old-style healing combined with 21st-century accessibility.

Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Chin’s Herbal and find out why you should be using Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD products as part of your daily health care routine.

Who Are Chin’s Herbal?

Dr. Vincent Chin founded the Dr. Chin’s Herbal brand as a way of sharing his knowledge of both CBD and the medical profession. Dr. Vincent Chin has over 35 years’ experience as a doctor and focuses particularly on preventative care. Having trained in Jamaica, he has firsthand experience of working with natural healing products and has seen how different cultures approach the topic.

After moving to Miami, Florida, Dr. Vincent Chin wanted to share his experience and knowledge with the U.S. market and has created his own unique hemp-derived CBD products designed with prevention and pain relief in mind.

All of Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s products have been carefully designed to reflect the history of CBD and the fact that it has been used throughout history for healing purposes. For this reason, Dr. Chin’s Herbal only uses full-spectrum CBD to create its products.

Full-spectrum CBD means that Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s customers not only get a health-enhancing dose of CBD but are also able to benefit from all of the other vitamins and nutrients found within the plant. Dr. Chin’s Herbal products offer the ultimate supplement experience, packing a healthy dose of terpenes, vitamins, and cannabinoids, all of which work together to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal sources all of its hemp from farms in Colorado who are on the USDA Certified Organic Farm register. This ensures that only the very highest quality hemp is used in the manufacturing process. All of the processing facilities used by Dr. Chin’s Herbal have been approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture, are FDA registered, and certified as cGMP by a third party. This means that Dr. Chin’s Herbal can guarantee all of its products to contain less than 0.3% THC, and as a result, are legal to use in all 50 states.

Dr. Vincent Chin believes that it is important for customers to be informed about CBD and fully understand the science behind it rather than simply taking it as a supplement somewhat blindly.

Through the Dr. Chin’s Herbal website and the information that comes with products, Dr. Chin hopes to educate people about the benefits of CBD and the way that it is used across the world within many different cultures.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal Highlights

Free Shipping: Dr. Chin’s Herbal offers all of its customers free shipping, regardless of how little they spend. This is always a great feature to see, especially from smaller brands, as it shows dedication to ensuring that customers have a positive shopping experience.

Simple Yet Effective: Dr. Chin’s Herbal products have been designed to be as simple to use as possible, allowing you to incorporate CBD into your daily health care routine easily. While they might only take up a few minutes of your day, Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD products are still extremely long-lasting and effective.

Designed by Experts:  Dr. Vincent Chin has worked within the medical profession for over 35 years and in a number of different countries. Through his many years of practice, he has been able to develop an in-depth understanding of the varying approaches to medicine around the world, both in terms of their benefits and weaknesses. Dr. Chin has been able to use all of this information to create CBD products that take the very best from each culture and combine them.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Tincture

dr. chin's herbal cbd tincture

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil provides one of the most natural ways to take CBD. With no unnecessary added extras, you get a small taste of CBD in its natural form.

All of the hemp used in Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil is sourced from hemp grown on USDA Certified Organic farms and is then gently processed to retain all of the plant’s natural goodness. The end result is high-quality oil that you can trust to fill your body with health-boosting cannabinoids and terpenes.

Each bottle of Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle and packs 500mg of CBD, which works out as 16.6mg of CBD per dose.

The lid has a built-in dropper, making it super easy to use and to measure out an accurate dose of CBD for predictable effects that you can rely on. The secure lid allows you to easily and conveniently take your bottle of Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil with you wherever you go and not have to worry about it leaking all over your bag.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil has been designed as a daily supplement that works around your lifestyle and routine. Dr. Chin’s Herbal recommends that you place a 16.6mg dose under your tongue and allow it to be naturally absorbed into your system for a healthy start to each day.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oils are flavored with coconut oil. This results in a delicious taste and makes taking a daily dose of Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil feel more like a treat than a chore.

The flavor is subtle, and unlike many other CBD oils, it does not linger on your tongue for hours after use. The gentle flavor also means that you could combine Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD oil within recipes such as smoothies, making it even easier to ensure that you always get your daily CBD dose.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Cream

dr. chin’s herbal cbd cream

CBD topicals are a great alternative to traditional oils for treating localized issues, as well as helping to keep your skin looking and feeling great. In keeping with Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s natural approach to CBD products, the CBD Pain Cream offers a natural, healthy dose of CBD in topical form.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD cream contains full spectrum CBD which has been derived from hemp plants and is guaranteed to contain zero THC.

This means that you do not have to worry about unexpected psychoactive effects which can occur when using THC rich topicals. Dr. Vincent Chin combines this high-quality CBD with coconut oil and cooling menthol to create an all-natural healing cream that you can depend on.

A unique and interesting addition to Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD cream is Capsicum oleoresin; this is not something that you would expect to find in a topical and is a great example of Dr. Vincent Chin’s years of experience and ability to combine different cultures shining through.

Capsicum oleoresin is an active ingredient in chili peppers and is thought to help ease the pain. It is able to work alongside CBD and adds an extra layer to Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s CBD cream.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD pain cream comes in a resealable pot, which just like their tinctures can be taken with you wherever you go, without the worry of finding a mess at the bottom of your bag at the end of the day. Each pot of cream contains 500mg of high quality, full-spectrum CBD.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD cream can be applied across the body, either to target particular areas or simply as a way to rejuvenate your skin and keep it feeling healthy.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal Costs

CBD Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Tincture (500mg) – $79.99

CBD Pain Cream (500mg) – $79.99

Starter Kit with CBD Pain Cream and CBD Tincture – $159.98

How to Buy Dr. Chin’s Herbal Products

Dr. Chin’s Herbal products can be purchased directly from the online store. The website is powered by Shopify, guaranteeing you a simple and secure shopping experience. U.S. based customers can choose between Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s CBD tincture and CBD pain cream, or opt for the bundle option which offers both products at a reduced price.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal offers free shipping on all orders and uses USPS standard ground shipping to deliver to all 50 states. For mainland states, Dr. Chin’s Herbal suggests that you order 5 to 7 business days in advance to ensure that you never run out of your favorite Dr. Chin’s Herbal products. Delivery can take slightly longer for those who live in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal is currently only able to ship within the U.S. but hopes to expand into the international market as the brand continues to grow.

Make sure to sign up to Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s newsletter in order to stay up to date about all of their latest products. You will also receive regular offers helping you to save on your next Dr. Chin’s Herbal order.

Final Verdict about Dr. Chin’s Herbal

Dr. Vincent Chin’s traditional approach to CBD results in high-quality products that work around your busy 21st-century lifestyle. The combination of tradition and modern convenience offers something that can be hard to find; the ability to look after your body, free from artificial additives, taking a step back through history while still benefiting from modern technology and medical research.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD products feel as though they have been designed with real people in mind and slot perfectly into any medical cabinet and daily supplement routine. Rather than novelty CBD products that seem to appear in most stores, Dr. Chin’s Herbal products offer a long term CBD solution really can make a difference to your health.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal currently only has two different products available, but are continuously working on using their successful formula to create new products that you can add to your CBD routine. Dr. Chin’s Herbal believes that it is important not to rush to deliver a wide range of products but instead to ensure that each item is carefully researched and tested before it reaches the online store.

If you have been searching for reliable and affordable CBD products that are designed for daily use, make sure to head over to Dr. Chin’s Herbal’s website and check out what they have on offer.

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