Breazy CBD

Breazy is a retailer selling all manner of vape devices and CBD products. It doesn't have any of its own products, but acts as a third-party to numerous other brands.
Hemp extract, flavourings, carrier oil
Recommended use
Use 1 full dropper once per day
Extraction process
CO2 extraction
Medical benefits
● May relieve stress
● May improve sleep quality
● May reduce anxiety

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

Breazy CBD Quick Summary


  • There are literally hundreds of products to choose from.
  • Breazy only offers products from extremely reputable brands.
  • You can get all your favorite CBD products in one place.
  • Breazy has a commitment to consumer safety.


  • There’s not a lot of information about the company.
  • You have to search official websites for lab reports; they aren’t available from Breazy.
  • Breazy doesn’t accept any refunds or returns.

Read on for the full Breazy CBD review, or check out some of our top CBD products here:

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Breazy CBD Review

Breazy is a bit of a strange CBD shop. In fact, it’s not primarily a CBD store. This brand is a retailer of vaping devices, e-liquids, and vape juices – but not the CBD kind. Instead, this company is primarily focused on nicotine e-liquids.

There are hundreds of products on the website, especially if you take all the nicotine products into account. However, here at WayofLeaf, we’re much more interested in the CBD. If you type ‘CBD’ into the Breazy search bar, your search will yield 47 results.

Breazy isn’t a brand in itself. All of the products on the website are from other brands; Breazy is just a third-party retailer. In terms of CBD, Breazy’s brands include:

  • Just CBD
  • CBDfx
  • Savage CBD
  • Air Factory CBD
  • CBDFlo
  • And more

There are tons of CBD and vape brands to choose from! In fact, we think it’s a little too much. It’s confusing trying to navigate the website, especially when the filtering options include ‘nicotine strength’ rather than CBD strength. If you click on the ‘CBD’ tab, however, you are redirected to a completely different website called the Relaxation Company.

The Relaxation Company is Breazy’s CBD sister company. You can buy CBD products from either of these websites, though. See what we mean? It’s confusing!

Since Breazy isn’t a CBD brand at heart, there are a few things missing from the website. First of all, there’s not a lot of information about the brand. We can tell you that Breazy is based in New York, and the CEO is Andres Manuel Aranda.

The other missing component is lab reports. We can’t see lab reports anywhere! We always recommend that our readers buy from brands with lab reports. That said, Breazy is clearly sourcing from reputable brands, as the likes of CBDfx and Just CBD have lab reports freely available on their official websites.

It’s clear that Breazy is committed to consumer safety. As a retailer of nicotine products, there are numerous checks about the purchaser’s age, ensuring that minors can’t use these products. Furthermore, Breazy tries to ensure that all products come in child-locked packaging to keep families safe.

What Products Did We Review?

It was impossible for us to review all the products on the Breazy website, so we handpicked a couple. Here at WayofLeaf, we are already familiar with incredible brands like Just CBD, so we tried a couple of other products.

We decided to try a tincture from Air Factory, a topical from CBDfx, and one of the vape starter kits from MyBlu. Most of the products available from Breazy are pretty affordable, until you’re looking at the 5000mg strength tinctures from Craze Naturals ($349.99).

Let’s see what our team thought.

Air Factory CBD Tincture from Breazy

There are several Air Factory products available on the Breazy website, including three flavored tinctures. This brand uses broad-spectrum CBD infused into a 30ml bottle, with 500mg and 1000mg strength options. We settled on 1000mg, but couldn’t decide on a flavor.

Luckily, Breazy offers a ‘Mystery Hemp Extract Tincture’. We received the Melon Lush flavor. It was easy to use thanks to the dropper, providing a consistent dose each time. The flavor was delicious – refreshing and fruity, but not overwhelming. It was just enough to mask the bitter CBD taste.

The other flavors include Blue Razz and Berry Rush. While we didn’t try these flavors, we can assume they’re just as delicious.

The 500mg tinctures from Air Factory cost $29.99, whereas the 1000mg options cost $44.99. Breazy provides a handy breakdown of the price per ml, too, helping you to compare with other products on the website. Breazy is selling these tinctures for a cheaper price than competitors, which is great news.

CBDfx CBD Balm from Breazy

Breazy sells numerous products from CBDfx, including gummies and tinctures. But we opted for the CBD balm. This topical is organic and non-GMO, designed to moisturize the skin while also delivering the benefits of CBD.

CBDfx actually has several balms available, including:

  • Calming Balm
  • Muscle Balm
  • Overnight Recovery Balm
  • Shea Butter Citrus Balm

Each one contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD. We tried the Overnight Recovery Balm. Our team found it really useful for soothing nightly aches and pains or relieving stress before bedtime. The calming effects might be a result of the essential oils used; the balm gives off a really pleasant scent.

Although the balmy texture is not as luxurious as other topicals, this balm gets the job done. It costs $38.99.

MyBlu Starter Kit from Breazy

Breazy CBD Vapes

Although Breazy sells lots of starter kits, the MyBlu Starter Kit is their best seller. If you’ve never vaped before, this is a good starter kit to try it out. Keep in mind, however, that this vape kit contains no cannabinoids.

The starter kit contains a MyBlu e-cigarette, which is lightweight and sleek but packs a 350mAh battery. It charges fully in twenty minutes, and you can recharge it using the USB charging cable. The MyBlu works with pods, so you can’t refill the cartridges after use. Instead, you have to keep buying the MyBlu pods. This is a little annoying, especially if you want to venture into the world of CBD vaping.

The kit also comes with a Gold Leaf Liquid Pod in tobacco flavor. This isn’t to everyone’s tastes, either, which is a shame. Nevertheless, this vape pen produces great vapor clouds and has other delicious pods to try out. Customers rate the MyBlu starter kit really highly.

From Breazy, it costs $19.99. However, at the time of writing, it’s on sale for just $9.99.

Breazy Review: Summary and Where to Buy

You can buy the products in this review – and the thousands of other products – from Breazy’s official website. All CBD products can also be purchased from the Relaxation Company. Of course, you can also buy directly from each brand.

Sometimes, when you click one of the products from Breazy, it says that the company doesn’t ship it, and lists other places where you can get it. This is a bit annoying, but it’s manageable.

All in all, Breazy is an alright company. It’s excellent that the team is committed to consumer safety, and we enjoyed browsing the entire collection. However, the multitude of products makes shopping quite difficult, and you can’t even view lab reports on the website.

At the end of the day, you might be better off shopping directly with other brands; but for some, the opportunity to buy from multiple brands in the same place is worth it.

Final Verdict – 6/10

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