Apical Greens CBD Review

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Apical Greens is a family-run CBD company based out of West Virginia. It does not offer a lot of information about itself or its products, but customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It is known primarily for vapes and concentrates.
Fractionated coconut oil, full-spectrum hemp extract
Recommended use
Drop 1ml of oil under the tongue, wait for up to 90 seconds, then swallow.
Extraction process
Medical benefits
●Relieves stress
●Induces calm
●Promotes balance

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

Apical Greens: Quick Summary


  • There is a decent range of products.
  • The CBD oils come in high strengths that can suit a variety of users.
  • All of the prices are incredibly reasonable.
  • It’s a family-run company.
  • It uses CO2 extraction.


  • Some popular products were recently removed from the website.
  • The website lacks a lot of important information.
  • Both the website and packaging are messy and unprofessional.
  • Some products are listed under multiple categories, making it confusing.

Apical Greens Review

Apical Greens is somewhat of a mystery brand. The company is based in Pullman, a tiny town in West Virginia. The website says that it’s a family-run business, though there is very little information about the brand’s founders other than that.

When shopping with Apical Greens, you will notice that the website is a little messy. The logo and website look very dated and unpolished. While this is not necessarily indicative of the product quality, it does set your experience off on the wrong foot. Unfortunately, the same applies to the product packaging, which is unbecoming and, again, messy.

According to the website, Apical Greens formulates and manufacturers everything in-house.

According to the website, Apical Greens formulates and manufacturers everything in-house. There is absolutely no information about where the hemp is grown, whether the company owns the farms or anything like that. It’s slightly troubling that this information is missing.

That being said, Apical Greens does have the most essential feature: lab reports. Each product description features a third-party lab report, allowing you to see the cannabinoid content and safety profile before you buy. Transparency is clearly important to this brand.

Despite the quality of the website and labels, Apical Greens has won a string of loyal customers. Online reviews are mainly positive. Below, the products go under WayofLeaf scrutiny.

What Products Did We Review?

Apical Greens sells a range of products but is particularly known for its vapes and concentrates. The brand used to sell hemp flower, but this appears to have been discontinued. We reviewed a few of the products that remain, including the tinctures, concentrates, and topicals.

Below, we explain what we thought of these products, all of which can be found on the brand’s online store.

Apical Greens: What Products Are Available?

Apical Greens uses CO2 extraction to make all of its full-spectrum products, with the exception of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). By nature, RSO requires a solvent extraction. It is all performed safely by the brand, so all of the products are high-quality and retain the key compounds from hemp.

Read on to discover the strengths and products available from Apical Greens.

Apical Greens CBD Tinctures

Most of the Apical Greens tinctures come in dropper form, like most oils on the market. The product description says that the founder’s daughter calls this “Hakuna Matata oil,” which is an adorable summary of the tincture’s effects.


Apical Greens creates full-spectrum CBD extract suspended in fractionated coconut oil. Each strength comes in various flavors, including Natural, Blood Orange, Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla, and more.

Unfortunately, the product description lacks ingredients, and so there is no way to know whether flavorings are natural; this is also bad news for sufferers of allergies.

Apical Greens sells a large range of strengths:

  • 900mg: $30
  • 950mg: $55
  • 1500mg Holistic Blend:$58
  • 1800mg:$58
  • 3000mg:$95
  • 3000mg Holistic Blend:$95
  • 5500mg: $158

You can also pick up a 1:1 CBD:CBG tincture in 1800mg and 3600mg bottles.

Finally, the website features highly concentrated Rick Simpson Oil in indica, sativa, and hybrid options. The 10ml syringes contain 1000mg of CBD each and cost $30, which is extremely good value.

Apical Greens CBD Concentrates

In the concentrates department, Apical Greens sells numerous products. Alongside the dabbing products like kief and shatter, the brand also stocks concentrate syringes. This is more unique to Apical Greens but is an excellent offering for those who require high-strength cannabidiol.


Apical Greens also sells a pretty standard CBG isolate powder, with 99% purity. Prices start at $30 for 1g or $149 for 5g.

Here is a complete list of the other concentrates:

  • CBD Kief 1g: $18.95
  • CBG Kief 33.4%: $22.95
  • Shatter 85.2% 1.2g: $35
  • Concentrate 1ml Syringe 1:1 CBD:CBG: $45
  • Concentrate 1ml Syringe 650mg: $40
  • Concentrate 1ml Syringe 950mg:$45

The shatter and concentrates are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties, giving you a lot of choices.

Apical Greens CBD Topicals

There are two CBD topicals on the Apical Greens website. The first is a roll-on, which contains 1000mg of CBD alongside peppermint and copaiba essential oils. The product description is not very helpful in explaining what this product does; other brands tend to promote menthol-driven pain relief and other benefits. However, Apical Greens has opted for a slightly more confusing description that doesn’t explain anything. It costs $25.


The second product is the Hemp Salve. It’s an unappealing green color, like most salves on the CBD market, and contains 1000mg of CBD. It has a balmy texture and the scent of wintergreen but also contains camphor, ylang-ylang, and peppermint essential oils. It’s simple but quite effective. The 2oz tin costs $25.

Apical Greens CBD Vapes

The vape carts from Apical Greens are all 1ml, featuring indica, sativa, and hybrid options. There are a handful of strengths available, including 650mg and 750mg. These cost $45 and $50 respectively.

More interestingly, Apical Greens sells Delta 8 vape carts. Delta 8 is a type of THC that may have some healing properties. It is a little-understood compound, so whether you choose to vape it or not is up to you. The brand sells these products under the title Apical 8 Blends.

Alongside the 1ml cartridges, you can also pick up a Cartisan vape pen from the website. This is ideal for vapers who are just starting out.

What Else Should I Know About Apical Greens?

There is not much else to discuss about Apical Greens. This brand is vague and mysterious; it appears to have removed a lot of information from its site relatively recently. The product descriptions allude to a section called “Our Story,” which is no longer there. It is also nowhere to be seen on the Facebook page. Similarly, products like the once-revered hemp flower have disappeared.

The main downsides of this brand are the lack of information and the unattractive website and packaging.

The main downsides of this brand are the lack of information and the unattractive website and packaging. Although Apical Greens could do with a rebrand, the products themselves seem to be of decent quality.

Apical Greens CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

You can pick up any of the Apical Greens products discussed in this review from the brand’s official website. There is no information about shipping and payment until you get to the checkout, so this is something to be aware of.

While you’re shopping for CBD, you can also check out the accessories that Apical Greens offers. There are also sales on the site often, with savings of up to 75% off, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Final Verdict – 7/10

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