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Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD nowadays. Seasoned vapers are replacing nicotine e-liquids with CBD-infused vape juice, which has several advantages. Furthermore, vaping is an enjoyable way to use CBD thanks to the delicious flavors. Vaping is super easy and efficient, which is why so many CBD users adore it.

Choosing a vape juice, however, can be tricky. Many brands now stock CBD vape oil, leading to complications in choosing a product. That’s what we’re here for! We have tried and tested many CBD vape juice products in our time, so today we’re going over the top three to select the best CBD vape oil once and for all.

Find out more about CBD oil for vapes and discover our top pick below.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

As you may be able to tell, CBD vape juice is a cannabidiol product that you use via a vaporizer. Many users also refer to it as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil. Whatever you call it, this product has become extremely popular among CBD users.

Most often, it consists of a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Different ratios of these compounds change the formula of the vape oil slightly. While VG creates a thick cloud of vapor, PG can improve the feeling of the vapor in your throat. The right combination makes for a pleasant vaping experience.

Note that most CBD e-liquids also contain flavorings, so check the ingredients to find out whether the brand uses artificial or natural ingredients. Some contain terpenes and taste like hemp plants, but you can also get fruity and candy-like flavors.

Later on, we will be reviewing vape juice flavors, among other factors, to decide on the best CBD vape juice.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Vape Juice


  • It’s really convenient to use a vape pen, especially if you already vape.
  • Proponents suggest that inhaling CBD produces rapid effects.
  • You can get CBD vapes in a variety of delicious flavors.
  • Most vape juice comes in droppers, so you can measure out how much CBD you want.
  • Some CBD users believe that vaping offers high bioavailability, so you get more bang for your buck.


  • Although PG and VG are safe for consumption, the FDA has made no comments on the long-term consequences of inhaling these compounds.
  • Some vape juices contain artificial additives; you need to be careful.
  • Buying a vaporizer can initially be expensive.

Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Vape Juice for 2020

Want to skip the full review, but itching to know which brand won? We selected Hemp Bombs as the overall winner based on vapor production and potency, as well as its amazing selection of flavors. Read on to learn more.

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What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Vape Juice?

Although proponents of CBD vaping will swear that it’s the best method, why should you use it over other methods? There are lots of advantages to vaping CBD, including convenience. If you already vape, then you can quite easily swap out your regular e-liquid for a CBD-infused variety.

One of the biggest advantages of a CBD vape oil is its bioavailability. When you inhale CBD into your lungs, the cannabinoids are essentially fast-tracked to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Fewer cannabinoids are lost to the absorption process.

This differs from oral or edible CBD, as much of it has to be broken down in the digestive system before use. Some CBD is wasted during this process, and it takes longer to kick in and take effect.

By some estimates, inhaled – i.e. vaporized – CBD may have a bioavailability rate of 34-46%. Other studies report an even higher rate. In comparison, edible CBD may have a bioavailability of just 10%.

Some CBD users smoke raw hemp or cannabis flower in an effort to inhale the CBD. However, vaping is better than smoking for several reasons. For one, there is no stench of smoke when vaping. Vapor smells much better than raw cannabis, and it’s much more discreet. Plus, it’s easier to know how much CBD you’re getting when you use a CBD vape juice product that states it on the label.

Another advantage of vaping in comparison to smoking is that it uses lower temperatures, which may be less harsh on the lungs and respiratory system.

What Is the Best Temperature to Use CBD Vape Juice at?

CBD doesn’t have a clear boiling point. It boils somewhere in the range of 160-180˚C (320-356˚F). However, you should note that it vaporizes at lower temperatures than this.

When using a CBD vape juice, it’s not just the CBD that you need to consider. Terpenes all have different boiling points, and you’ll want to consider this. Full spectrum vape juices will contain a variety of terpenes, and you’ll want to find the optimum temperature for vaporizing the terpenes you’re interested in.

Below is a general guideline of boiling points for some of the most common terpenes:

  • Limonene: 176˚C (349˚F)
  • Humulene: 198˚C (388˚F)
  • Pinene: 155˚C (311˚F)
  • Linalool: 198˚C (388˚F)
  • Caryophyllene: 160˚C (320˚F)
  • Myrcene: 168˚C (334˚F)

Vape pens often have temperature settings that allow you to reach the desired effects. When you vape, you can also vaporize these compounds at slightly lower temperatures, which is gentler on the lungs than smoking.

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

There is some controversy surrounding vaping. There have been some instances in which people have gotten sick and doctors have blamed respiratory illnesses on vaping.

There is some truth to these stories. However, it is not necessarily vaping itself that is to blame. Certain flavoring additives can cause lung conditions. The most famous example of this is diacetyl, a popcorn flavoring agent that can cause ‘popcorn lung’ when inhaled.

Those getting sick from vaping are often using illegal cannabis oils that contain unscrupulous ingredients. It’s vital to always buy from a reputable brand that provides third-party lab reports and details the ingredients. As long as you stick to trustworthy and reliable brands, you should be good to go.

Which Brand Offers the Best CBD Vape Juice?

It was tricky to narrow down all the CBD vape juices even to a top three. However, we whittled it down in the end. We then reviewed our top three picks according to potency, flavor, effects, vapor production, and price.

The top three are as follows:

  • CBDfx
  • Hemp Bombs
  • Koi CBD

Which Brand Offers the Best CBD Vape Juice?

1 – Best CBD Vape Juice Potency

Vape juice allows you to control the amount of CBD you use at any one time. You can add as much CBD e-liquid to your vaporizer as you want, and it’s usually easy to measure out a precise amount. You can buy vape oil in lots of different strengths.

Most brands sell a couple of potency options. Our top three all had several options available, and it was quite hard to pick a winner here. The ranges of each brand were:

  • CBDfx: 250-1000mg
  • Hemp Bombs: 75-4000mg
  • Koi CBD: 100-1000mg

Clearly, Hemp Bombs has the largest selection. Interestingly, though, the Hemp Bombs selection includes different bottle flavors. The 1000mg strength comes in a 30ml bottle, while the 4000mg option comes in a 120ml bottle. As a result, the percentage strength is the same.

Nevertheless, the number of options is impressive.

Winner by potency – Hemp Bombs


2 – Best Flavors

Choosing the best flavor was the most difficult. All three brands sell delicious flavors, so it was almost impossible to select a winner.

Koi CBD has seven flavors to choose from, including an unflavored variety. Strawberry Milkshake is the most unique flavor, and it’s creamy and delicious.

Hemp Bombs has an incredible fifteen options available, ranging from Watermelon Kush to Whipped Marshmallow Dream. The range is astounding and contains everything you could possibly want.

CBDfx offers fourteen options if you include the terpene vape additive. We found the CBDfx flavors to be the best, as you can choose from natural tastes like Pineapple Express, fruity options like Strawberry Kiwi, and candy options like Fruity Cereal.

Winner by flavor – CBDfx


3 – Best for Rapid Effects

CBD vape oils are known for their fast-acting effects, so selecting the best CBD vape oil for fast effects was a close call. Often, some of the effects depend on the strength of the vape oil and your inhaling technique.

All of these brands worked well for our testers, with positive effects. They were all fairly fast-acting, too. But we had to select a winner that stood out above the rest.

Personally, we found that the Koi CBD took effect the fastest. It only just pipped the others to the punch, but the Koi CBD vape juice provided a more noticeable calming feeling more quickly.

Winner by effects – Koi CBD


4 – Best for Cloud Production

All three brands produce pretty good vapor. You might remember earlier that we said vegetable glycerin is responsible for producing those big clouds of vapor.

Hemp Bombs uses a 70/30 blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The vapor produced is smooth and tasty, and the clouds are thick and large. Of course, the precise amount of vapor produced depends on the vape pen, but we found Hemp Bombs to be the best overall pick in terms of vapor production.

Winner by production – Hemp Bombs


5 – Best Budget Pick

Vapers on a budget can’t always select the best product around. The 4000mg option from Hemp Bombs, for example, costs $299.99, which is a little excessive for just one bottle.

However, Hemp Bombs also offers mix and match options with discounts. There’s a 4-pack of the 300mg e-liquid that costs $199.90, allowing you to save $25 compared to four separate bottles.

Each brand offers a 1000mg option, so let’s compare the cost of CBD per milligram:

  • Koi CBD: $0.1 per mg
  • Hemp Bombs: $0.1 per mg
  • CBDfx: $0.07 per mg

Winner by budget – CBDfx


It was incredibly difficult to make a decision regarding the best overall CBD vape juice. Out of the above five categories, CBDfx and Hemp Bombs won two each. So, which did we pick in the end?

Due to the incredible vapor production and range of potencies, we had to select Hemp Bombs as our winner. Plus, Hemp Bombs has an incredible fifteen flavors on offer, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

Hemp Bombs

Overall Winner – Hemp Bombs

Make sure you check out the Hemp Bombs website for the full range of potencies and flavors.