Best CBD Products of 2020 (Complete Roundup)

The latest figures surrounding the potential of the CBD industry are eye-opening. A report by Data Bridge Market Research recently suggested an average growth of over 30% for the next seven years. Global Market Insights’ research paints an even brighter picture. It estimates a market value of $89 billion by 2026.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to choosing cannabidiol products. Finding something to buy is easy; finding the best CBD oil products is a different matter entirely. Despite the size of the industry, it remains unregulated for the most part.

This is one of the main reasons why we have created this guide to show you the best CBD products of 2020. We performed a thorough analysis of hundreds of products from dozens of brands across the spectrum. Ultimately, we settled on finding the top three brands in each niche. For the sake of space, we elected to include ten of the biggest-selling CBD products on the market.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in marijuana. Scientists believe there are dozens that they have not yet discovered.

CBD is, in general, the second most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana, behind THC. While the latter is known for causing an intoxicating high, CBD does not. One of the reasons for this is due to its different interaction with the CB (cannabinoid) receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The lack of high has increased its popularity. While it is not legal in a federal sense, the fact you can extract it from hemp is essential. The U.S. Government legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp via the Farm Bill in December 2018. It was a game-changing piece of legislation for the industry, as there is a seemingly endless supply of high-quality hemp available.

Types of CBD Products Reviewed in this Roundup

Although CBD oil products are the most popular, there are now dozens of options. These include ‘leftfield’ options such as CBD patches, honey, energy drinks, syrup, and even lube! Ultimately, we elected to trim the field by focusing on the biggest sellers, the ones our readers are most likely to buy.

As a result, we reviewed CBD oils, gummies, capsules, vape juice, and more in this particular guide. We also have detailed reviews, which we link to during this piece. We also have content that focuses on lesser-known options, which you can also view on the site.

Typical Reasons Why CBD Products Are Used

First and foremost, sellers need to avoid making medical claims. We advise you to steer clear of any brand that does so. The simple reason is that research is ongoing. CBD has a lot of potential, but we need more studies to highlight that fact. The level of anecdotal evidence is extraordinary, however.

The evidence that CBD helps epilepsy and the associated seizures is arguably the most compelling to date for any condition. However, people also use CBD to help manage the following symptoms of different issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraine
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia

Our Criteria on How We Chose the Top 3 per Category

With such an enormous array of options, choosing the ‘winning’ brands was extremely challenging. Ultimately, we focused on different criteria depending on the product in question. Consumers will choose CBD vape juice for a very different reason than why they would pick CBD gummies.

Therefore, the ‘best’ CBD products have a variety of reasons for their use. With CBD Gummies, you may want a brand that provides natural ingredients. If you choose a CBD vape cartridge, you probably want something that uses a ‘safe’ thinning agent, and so on.

Top 10 CBD Products

Now, let’s check out the top brands and best CBD products of 2020.

1 – Best CBD Oils

What Are CBD Oils & Why Use Them?

Finding the best CBD oil products, in particular, was a significant challenge given the huge list of contenders. CBD oil remains the #1 method of using the cannabinoid. It is extracted from hemp in a variety of ways, preferably CO2 extraction. You hold it beneath your tongue for 60+ seconds and swallow. People use CBD oil for its convenience, and to help with chronic pain and anxiety. Here are three brands that sell the best CBD oil.

1: PureKana – CBD Hemp Oil, 300mg – 5000mg ($54 – $390)

PureKana – CBD Hemp Oil, 300mg – 5000mg ($54 - $390)

PureKana uses CO2 extraction to get CBD from hemp grown in Kentucky. The oil contains less than 0.3% THC, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals, GMOs, or herbicides. It has four flavors: Natural, Citrus, Mint, and Vanilla. It is one of the few brands that sell a bottle of CBD oil with 5,000mg of the cannabinoid.

Pros of PureKana CBD Oil

  • Less than 0.3% THC.
  • Third-party lab reports.
  • CO2 extraction.
  • Great range of flavors.
  • 5000mg CBD bottle.

Cons of PureKana CBD Oil

  • Doesn’t ship to a handful of select states.

Final Thoughts About PureKana

There is simply no better CBD oil on the market; PureKana rules them all and is a deserved #1.

2: Premium Jane – CBD Hemp Oil, 300mg – 1000mg ($48 – $124)

Premium Jane – CBD Hemp Oil

This is another brand that does all the ‘right’ things. You can see the lab reports to find out what is in each batch. Premium Jane sells three sizes and four flavors. We absolutely love the Chocolate option and wish other brands would sell it. Customers love the taste and believe PJ’s CBD oil works brilliantly for their needs.

Pros of Premium Jane CBD Oil

  • The chocolate flavor is sensational!
  • No artificial flavoring.
  • Full-spectrum and packed with nutrients.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • High-quality CBD from Kentucky.

Cons of Premium Jane CBD Oil

  • It doesn’t sell vape products.
  • A smaller range of products than other brands.

Final Thoughts About Premium Jane

Premium Jane is a worthy #2 to PureKana, and some customers prefer it. It also has fantastic customer service to boot, just like our #1 brand.

3: FAB CBD – CBD Oil, 300mg – 2400mg ($39 – $129)


With five flavors, FAB is slightly ahead of the others on the list. Aside from Natural oil, you also get Mint, Vanilla, Berry, and Citrus. It also offers a CBD concentration of up to 2,400mg that you seldom find elsewhere. FAB is very much a ‘trendy’ brand that caters to a younger generation, and its CBD oils are extremely inexpensive.

Pros of FabCBD CBD Oil

  • Nice, modern design on the packaging.
  • Among the lowest price, high-quality CBD oil around.
  • Founded by people with real knowledge of the industry.
  • Appealing to those in the health and fitness sector.
  • Great range of flavors.

Cons of FabCBD CBD Oil

  • Some customers suggest the Citrus oil is a bit sharp tasting.
  • Has yet to expand and include vape products.

Final Thoughts About FabCBD

FAB CBD only trails behind two behemoths of the CBD oil industry. It is a superb brand in its own right, and we think it will remain near the top for a long time.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Oils Picks

In this section, we reviewed the top 3 CBD oils currently on the market. While any of the three is a great way to go if you are just starting with CBD oil, there can only be one winner. And that goes to PureKana. Feel free to check them out at their official website:

2 – Best CBD Gummies

What Are CBD Gummies & Why People Try Them?

CBD Gummies remain the most popular form of ‘edible’ and are typically available in an array of fruity flavors. Aside from the great taste, gummies are extremely convenient. You can take one (or more) at any time. A growing number of CBD users elect to take one in the morning as part of a routine.

Some people claim gummies are one of the best CBD products for anxiety. The fact that you have a pre-measured concentration in each one is a bonus. Here are the three brands selling the best CBD gummies around.

1: PureKana – CBD Vegan Gummies, 20 Count – 25mg of CBD Each ($40)

PureKana – CBD Vegan Gummies

PureKana features once again, this time with its fruit-flavored gummies. While the brand offers full-spectrum CBD for most of its products, it has sided with 99% isolate on this occasion. The list of ingredients includes organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, natural flavoring, and pectin. They taste fantastic, and PureKana recommends using two per serving, for a total of 50mg of CBD.

Pros of PureKana CBD Gummies

  • Exceptional taste.
  • Zero THC.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Outstanding customer service.

Cons of PureKana CBD Gummies

  • Hemp isolate means no entourage effect.
  • Only one option.

Final Thoughts About PureKana

In the end, PureKana was our #1. A combination of great taste, value, premium-grade ingredients, and more, ensure they offer the best CBD gummies in the business.

2: Joy Organics – Premium CBD Gummies, 30 Count – 10mg of CBD Each ($39.95)

Joy Organics – Premium CBD Gummies

The THC-free CBD gummies sold by Joy Organics come in Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade flavors. The list of ingredients is very similar to that of PureKana, with an emphasis on the ‘natural.’ Both flavors are lovely, but we gave the edge to Green Apple, personal opinion, of course! With 10mg of CBD per serving, these aren’t among the most concentrated, but they are useful.

Pros of Joy Organics CBD Gummies

  • Two delicious flavors.
  • BPA-free.
  • Free shipping.
  • Primarily natural ingredients.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Cons of Joy Organics CBD Gummies

  • Most brands offer more than 10mg of CBD per gummy.
  • Relatively expensive.

Final Thoughts About Joy Organics

Joy Organics deserves the runner-up spot for providing a top-notch addition to the CBD gummies market. The overall price and low CBD levels cost it the top spot.

3: JustCBD – CBD Gummies, 25 Count x 10mg to 110 Count x 27.25mg ($12.99 – $99.99)

JustCBD – CBD Gummies

Not many brands offer a greater selection of CBD gummies than Just CBD. With at least a dozen flavors and several size options, customers are spoiled for choice. There are sugar bears, worms, sweet rings, and much more. For us, the peach rings were the best tasting, but all flavors were excellent. Also, you can get 10mg of CBD per piece up to 27.25mg. The ability to get 3,000mg worth of CBD for just $85 is mind-boggling.

Pros of JustCBD CBD Gummies

  • Arguably the best value on the market.
  • An enormous array of options.
  • Several CBD concentrations options.
  • High-quality cannabidiol.
  • Tastes like candy.

Cons of JustCBD CBD Gummies

  • Arguably too much sugar.
  • It also contains corn syrup.

Final Thoughts About JustCBD

Those who obsess with ‘healthy’ CBD products may not opt for Just CBD. However, the brand’s range of products, flavors, and low-price points make it a worthwhile addition.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Gummies Picks

In this section, we analyzed three of the best CBD gummies brands on the market. We genuinely feel that you won’t go wrong by choosing any of the trio. However, in the end, our vote as #1 brand narrowly goes to PureKana. Check out its full range at

3 – Best CBD Vape Juice

What Is CBD Vape Juice & Why You Should Try It?

This is a relatively new product that consists of juice consumed via a vape device. The vaporizer heats the liquid until it forms a vapor, which the user inhales. Those who enjoy it say they like the faster effects and the higher rate of absorption. Always make sure the product doesn’t contain chemicals like PEG 400. Read more to find out which brand sells the best CBD vape juice on the market.

1: Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid, 75mg – 4,000mg ($14.99 – $299.99)

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid

Few brands can match Hemp Bombs’ range of flavors and CBD concentrations. The 75mg bottle is a good starting point, while the 4,000mg option gives you enough CBD to last a very long time! There are numerous flavors, though we were partial to Whipped Marshmallow Dream.

Pros of Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice

  • Enough flavors to keep anyone happy.
  • Outstanding value.
  • Excellent range of sizes.
  • Premium-grade CBD.
  • It contains no THC.

Cons of Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice

  • No additional essential oils or herbs.
  • Not enough natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts About Hemp Bombs

A combination of great pricing, incredible flavors, and a massive 4,000mg of CBD makes Hemp Bombs the pick of the bunch.

2: CBDfx Vape Juice, 250mg – 1,000mg ($29.99 – $74.99)

CBDfx Vape Juice

This brand offers three CBD concentrations and comes in several fabulous flavors, including our favorite, Fruity Cereal. The juice comes from organically grown hemp and offers even better value for money than Hemp Bombs. Users say it is easy to smoke, and they love the flavors.

Pros of CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

  • Low price point.
  • The selection of flavors isn’t overwhelming.
  • It creates a satisfying vapor.
  • Users say it acts fast.
  • Option to buy a 6-pack refill box.

Cons of CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

  • Lab tests don’t specify that the products ‘passed’ in certain categories.
  • 1,000mg is the max size.

Final Thoughts About CBDfx

There is little difference in the standard of CBDfx and Hemp Bombs, and the former is our #2 brand. It misses out mainly due to the range of flavors and sizes available.

3: Koi CBD Hemp Extract Vape Juice, 250mg – 1,000mg ($19.99 – $59.99)

Koi CBD Hemp Extract Vape Juice

This is another brand with a standard three CBD sizes. However, it tries its best to stand out with some awesome and unique flavors. You won’t find Vanilla Caramel Custard too often! Koi keeps things simple and includes only a handful of ingredients, in a versatile vape juice.

Pros of Koi CBD Vape Juice

  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Great range of unique flavors.
  • Handy dropper bottle.
  • Very slick packaging design.
  • Detailed testing.

Cons of Koi CBD Vape Juice

  • Artificial flavoring.
  • Max size is 1,000mg.

Final Thoughts About Koi CBD

Koi CBD is a solid brand and deserves the #3 ranking. It doesn’t place higher because it doesn’t stand out quite as much as its two rivals.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Vape Juice Picks

Choosing a suitable vape juice is more than focusing on flavor. You also need to look at vapor production, CBD concentration, ingredients, and more. In the end, we felt that Hemp Bombs stole the show, and is our #1 option. Check out the brand at

4 – Best CBD Capsules

What Are CBD Capsules & Why Choose Them?

CBD capsules are heralded as an easy method of consuming cannabidiol. They consist of CBD surrounded by a shell that makes them simple to swallow. You don’t taste any of the hemp and know how much of the cannabinoid is in each capsule. Let’s take a look at the best CBD capsules that the industry has to offer.

1: Elixinol – Daily Balance Capsules, 30 – 60ct, 450mg – 900mg Total CBD ($29.99 – $54.99)

Elixinol – Daily Balance Capsules

Elixinol uses full-spectrum CBD in its capsules, along with MCT coconut oil. Each one contains 15mg of CBD, and they are non-GMO, free from toxic chemicals, colors, or fragrances. Using supercritical CO2-extraction, Elixinol offers CBD as it should be.

Pros of Elixinol CBD Capsules

  • Uses the ‘gold standard’ of CBD extraction.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Utilizes full-spectrum CBD.
  • Created by a team of experts in their field.

Cons of Elixinol CBD Capsules

  • Relatively low CBD concentration.
  • MCT Oil potentially an issue for people with allergies.

Final Thoughts About Elixinol

Elixinol may not produce highly concentrated CBD capsules, but the sheer quality of the cannabidiol it uses more than makes up for this fact.

2: Green Roads – CBD Capsules (Relax & Sleep), 30ct – 750mg Total CBD ($49.99)

Green Roads – CBD Capsules

Green Roads adds a little ‘extra’ to its CBD capsules. With the ‘relax’ option, you get GABA and 5-HTP to aid you in a quest for relaxation. The ‘sleep’ option includes melatonin to help you get ready for bedtime. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, and there are 30 in a bottle.

Pros of Green Roads CBD Capsules

  • A couple of different options, including one for sleep.
  • No animal testing.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Soy-free.

Cons of Green Roads CBD Capsules

  • CBD isolate, so no chance of benefiting from the ‘entourage effect.’
  • On the expensive side.

Final Thoughts About Green Roads

The additional CBD capsule options give Green Roads customers something to look forward to. The brand only just finishes behind Elixinol, in our opinion.

3: Joy Organics – CBD Softgels, 30ct – 300mg – 750mg of Total CBD

Joy Organics – CBD Softgels

The Joy Organics range uses softgels instead of capsules. The standard option consists of 30 softgels with 10mg of CBD apiece. There are also gels with curcumin and melatonin, which contain 25mg of CBD. The brand uses water-soluble nanoemulsion technology to boost the absorption rate of its softgels.

Pros of Joy Organics CBD Softgels

  • Higher rate of bioavailability than most competitors.
  • Additional softgel options contain curcumin and melatonin.
  • No THC.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Outstanding customer support.

Cons of Joy Organics CBD Softgels

  • Rather expensive.
  • No international shipping option at present.

Final Thoughts About Joy Organics

This brand uses premium-grade CBD, and its softgels are very easy to swallow. One of the main reasons it isn’t higher on the list is due to the added cost.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Capsules Picks

Although CBD capsules are a ‘simpler’ form of using the cannabinoid, many companies continue to get it wrong. However, the three we chose tick all the boxes. In the end, Elixinol was just about ahead of the pack. It doesn’t provide the highest CBD content per capsule, but it is staffed by some of the finest minds in the hemp industry. Check out the brand at

5 – Best CBD Cream

Why Try CBD Cream & What Are Its Uses?

CBD cream is the ‘go-to’ option for those seeking ‘targeted’ results. It is part of the topicals range, which also includes salves and roll-ons. People use CBD cream to help manage the symptoms of conditions such as muscular aches, acne, and dermatitis. Using it is as easy as rubbing the cream on a clean and dry area of the body. Now, let’s look at the list of best CBD cream options.

1: Green Roads – CBD Muscle & Joint Cream, 150mg – 350mg of CBD ($24.99 – $44.99)

Green Roads – CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

We feel this is the best of the Green Roads topicals range. It includes an array of soothing botanicals to go along with the hemp-derived cannabinoids. The cream contains numerous natural ingredients, and customers believe that it works wonders for various aches and pains. It is also fast, effective, and provides a soothing sensation.

Pros of Green Roads CBD Cream

  • Several CBD topicals options.
  • Reasonably priced by the standards of the niche.
  • Lovely scent.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Convenient pump applicator.

Cons of Green Roads CBD Cream

  • The muscle & joint cream uses CBD isolate, so no other cannabinoids are included.
  • The design of the bottle means it is tricky to remove the last few grams.

Final Thoughts About Green Roads

The range of topicals provided by Green Roads is outstanding. Although it uses CBD isolate, which may not appeal to full-spectrum advocates, the results, and customer reviews, speak for themselves.

2: FAB CBD – Topical CBD Cream, 600mg of CBD ($49.99)

FAB CBD – Topical CBD Cream

This brand has produced one of the most concentrated CBD creams on the market. With 600mg of CBD in a 2oz container, you get more than 10mg of CBD per ml of cream. It utilizes full-spectrum CBD extract taken from Colorado-grown hemp. It is a no-nonsense product that we believe gets the job done.

Pros of FAB CBD Cream

  • High CBD concentration.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Delightful blood orange scent.
  • CBD comes from hemp grown in the state of Colorado.
  • Works well on weary joints, according to most users.

Cons of FAB CBD Cream

  • Only one CBD cream option.
  • No chance to purchase a lower-priced cream.

Final Thoughts About FAB CBD

A combination of a significant amount of CBD per mg of cream, and a wonderful scent, makes this cream from FAB CBD a pleasure to use. In ‘bang for your buck’ terms, it is also one of the best-priced creams on the market.

3: Mary’s Nutritionals – CBD Muscle Freeze, 75mg – 200mg of CBD ($35 – $70)

Mary’s Nutritionals

This is a topical cream that contains CBD, cooling menthol, and mango butter. There is also a long list of added ingredients, including apricot oil, sesame oil, and candelilla wax. Mary’s Nutritionals advises users to apply the cream to the affected area every 2-4 hours. It provides an immense soothing feeling that most customers adore.

Pros of Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Cream

  • Uses full-spectrum hemp extract.
  • One of a wide range of innovative products from the brand.
  • Added menthol for a freezing feeling that proves the product is well named!
  • Ingredients such as mango butter provide a gorgeous scent.
  • Works quickly.

Cons of Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Cream

  • Extremely expensive compared to most CBD creams on the market.
  • Relatively weak CBD concentration.

Final Thoughts About Mary’s Nutritionals

It is hard to argue with the results of this brand’s CBD cream. However, it is extremely costly and doesn’t have the same level of CBD as the others on this list.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Cream Picks

We have no qualms offering our approval to all three brands featured on this list. However, in the end, we opted for Green Roads as our #1 CBD cream. It includes premium-quality ingredients, with a pleasant texture, and still beats most sellers in terms of price. Check out the brand at

6 – Best CBD Vape Cartridge

What Is a CBD Vape Cartridge & What Should You Look for in One?

It is a pod filled with CBD that you can put into a vaporizer. Each cartridge usually contains a couple of ml of liquid. Please make sure you only choose brands that use thinning agents such as MCT oil or vegetable glycerin. Avoid options that include chemicals such as PEG 400. Here are the best CBD vape cartridges on the market, in our opinion.

1: Medix CBD – CBD Vape Oil, 250mg – 500mg of CBD ($49.99 – $59.99)

Medix CBD – CBD Vape Oil

Medix brings three different CBD vape oil options to the table. Focus contains Super Lemon Haze terpenes. Sleep has Granddaddy Purple terpenes, and Relax uses terpenes from Blue Dream. Each choice has a 4:5 CBD to terpene ratio. You can get 250mg or 500mg, which equates to 100 and 200 hits, respectively.

Pros of Medix CBD Vape Cartridge

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • An innovative range of vape juice options.
  • All-in-one device which means no refilling, screwing, or twisting.
  • No learning curve because the battery switches on as you inhale.
  • Easy to measure your usage, with 2.5mg of CBD per hit.

Cons of Medix CBD Vape Cartridge

  • 500mg is the highest concentration.
  • A disposable device which is a bit wasteful.

Final Thoughts About Medix CBD

Medix has produced a vape cartridge that is easy to use and offers a pleasant vaping experience. The refreshing and mild taste is suitable for novices.

2: JustCBD – 200mg of CBD ($15.99 – $22.99)

JustCBD – 200mg of CBD

This brand offers vape cartridges in a dozen flavors, and each one contains 200mg of CBD. There is a signature range that is more expensive but contains CBD from classic strains such as Sour Diesel and Northern Lights. If you buy any one of these cartridges, make sure you have a 5-10 thread battery capable of operating at 450mah and above.

Pros of JustCBD CBD Vape Cartridge

  • A low price point makes it a good beginner’s option.
  • An impressive array of flavors.
  • The Signature range includes some legendary strains.
  • Depending on the vaporizer you use, it provides excellent flavor and vapor.
  • Uses broad-spectrum oil, which means no THC.

Cons of JustCBD CBD Vape Cartridge

  • 200mg concentration may prove too small for some users.
  • It only works with batteries above a specific power range.

Final Thoughts About JustCBD

This brand has an excellent range of vape cartridges. It is a fantastic option as long as you have the right vaporizer to hand.

3: Cheef Botanicals – 200mg – 400mg of CBD ($24.95 – $39.95)

Cheef Botanicals

The CBD vape cartridges designed by Cheef Botanicals use full-spectrum hemp extract. Interestingly, the brand avoids using ‘traditional’ thinning agents and focuses on natural terpenes instead. It has nine marvelous flavors, with an emphasis on the tropical. Each cartridge provides one puff per 1mg or 2mg. Therefore, the 200mg cartridge provides 100-200 puffs, and the 400mg version offers 200-400 puffs.

Pros of Cheef Botanicals CBD Vape Cartridge

  • Outstanding array of flavors.
  • It doesn’t use harmful chemicals as thinning agents.
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract.
  • It provides a gorgeous flavor.
  • Works with any 510-threaded vaping device.

Cons of Cheef Botanicals CBD Vape Cartridge

  • The base liquid used is unclear.
  • The 200mg version is expensive compared to others in the industry.

Final Thoughts on Cheef Botanicals

This is a brand that should be applauded for avoiding the usual PG and VG route when creating a vape cartridge. It is a little more expensive than other brands, but the flavors make up for it!

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Vape Cartridge Picks

Once again, you will likely enjoy any one of the choices above. However, we believe that Medix CBD deserves the accolade as the best CBD vape cartridge. It is a disposable vape pen in essence, but you can’t beat the convenience, flavor, and effects provided by its vape juice.  Check out this brand’s website at

7 – Best CBD Vape Pen

What Is a CBD Vape Pen & How Do You Find the Best Ones?

As you can probably guess, it is a vaporizer that looks like a pen. It consists of several components and is designed to heat vape liquid until it becomes a vapor. Then, you inhale and benefit from a higher bioavailability rate.

There are disposable pens with pre-filled cartridges you throw away when they are done. You can invest a little more and get a long-lasting pen that works with refillable or disposable vape cartridges. Keep reading to learn more about the best CBD vape pen on the market.

1: CBDfx – CBD Vape Pen 30mg – 50mg of CBD ($14.99-$19.99)

CBDfx – CBD Vape Pen

This brand sells a wide variety of CBD vape pens, including ‘build your own’ varieties, and a vape kit. However, we were drawn to the quick and easy disposable pens containing 30-50mg of CBD. There are a dozen delicious flavors and are the ideal ‘on the go’ option for vapers. You can also buy a 12-pack and cut the per-unit cost considerably.

Pros of CBDfx CBD Vape Pen

  • No learning curve involved.
  • Excellent range of flavors.
  • It also includes added terpenes.
  • 12-pack option.
  • The build your own CBD vape pen option is innovative.

Cons of CBDfx CBD Vape Pen

  • Pretty expensive.
  • It only holds up to 50mg so best for traveling.

Final Thoughts on CBDfx

The CBD vape kit is the better option if you want value for money. However, we love the ‘bitesize’ disposable pen options. They are perfect if you want some CBD while on the move.

2: Gentleman’s Brand – CBD Vaporizers ($12.95 – $19.99)

Gentleman’s Brand – CBD Vaporizers

This isn’t a well-known brand, but it specializes in CBD vaporizers. It sells three options, including a disposable pen containing 40mg of CBD for $14.99. Gentleman’s Brand also sells two refillable options: The Liaison Pen and The Double Agent Pen. The Liaison option has a 450mAh battery and allows up to 300 puffs per charge. The Double Agent pen has adjustable voltage and a 350 mAh battery. You can switch between 3.6 V, 3.8 V, and 4.0 V.

Pros of Gentleman’s Brand CBD Vape Pen

  • Safety auto-shutoff.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • The Liaison Pen works with almost any 510-thread or eGo-style atomizer or cartridge.
  • Adjustable voltage.
  • Easy to use, and the brand sells pre-filled cartridges.

Cons of Gentleman’s Brand CBD Vape Pen

  • Not particularly well-known.
  • The disposable option only offers 40mg of CBD.

Final Thoughts on Gentleman’s Brand

Customers are often wary of brands they aren’t familiar with. However, Gentleman’s Brand passes the test and specializes in CBD vaping.

3: Social CBD – CBD Vape Pen Range, 125 – 250mg of CBD ($24.99 – $39.99)

Social CBD – CBD Vape Pen Range

Social CBD is another brand that doesn’t have quite the same profile as a few of the others on this list. However, it is fast gaining a positive reputation for the standard of CBD it sells. Its vape pen range features six pre-filled options with 125-250mg of CBD. The possibilities include Revive Lemon, Focus Spearmint, and Relax Lavender. Social CBD seems to have a pen for every occasion.

Pros of Social CBD Vape Pen

  • 0% THC.
  • Three distinct options with different effects.
  • The brand performs seven layers of quality control checks.
  • Each pen is cured for 24 hours before distribution.
  • Ceramic core cartridge calibrated for vaping CBD.

Cons of Social CBD Vape Pen

  • Doesn’t ship to certain states.
  • Relatively low CBD concentrations.

Final Thoughts on Social CBD

This is an up and coming brand with a rapidly growing following. It already has an impressive product list, though few of its stock can match its CBD vape pens for quality.

Bottom Line on our Best CBD Vape Pen Picks

This particular section included a couple of brands that haven’t yet reached the summit. If they continue on their path, they will become well-known sooner rather than later. Despite this fact, however, CBDfx is our choice as the #1. Find out more about the company at

8 – Best CBD Edibles

What Are CBD Edibles & Why Use Them?

They are a form of cannabidiol designed for oral consumption. They come in many forms, although most brands opt for fruit-flavored CBD gummies. However, you can also purchase chocolate, pizza, pies, and much more in specialist stores. When consuming edibles, please note that they can take a little longer to have an effect than CBD oil or vape juice. Let’s proceed with the best CBD edibles on the market.

1: Premium Jane CBD Gummies – 30 x 25mg ($55)

Premium Jane CBD Gummies

The brand says it is among the top-3 CBD companies in the nation, and this list seems to confirm that fact! Its CBD gummies are free from solvents, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. They taste great and contain natural flavors.

Pros of Premium Jane CBD Edibles

  • 750mg of CBD is more than most rivals.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High-quality hemp used to create these gummies.
  • Non-GMO.
  • No animal products.

Cons of Premium Jane CBD Edibles

  • It only sells gummies.
  • We wish it had other CBD concentrations.

Final Thoughts on Premium Jane CBD Edibles

Premium Jane does everything right and pips PureKana at the post because it offers more per container and a slightly better price.  

2: PureKana CBD Gummies – 20 x 25mg ($40)

PureKana CBD Gummies

Though PureKana only sells one gummies concentration, it makes up for it with the sheer quality of what’s on offer. The fruit flavor was one of the tastiest we tried and is 100% vegan. The brand uses organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup, among other things, to provide delicious sweetness. Incidentally, PureKana recommends taking two CBD gummies in a single serving.

Pros of PureKana CBD Edibles

  • 25mg is a solid CBD concentration level.
  • Natural flavors.
  • Wonderful taste.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Third-party lab reports.

Cons of PureKana CBD Edibles

  • CBD isolate; may not appeal to every user.
  • It only sells gummies and toothpicks in this category.

Final Thoughts on PureKana CBD Edibles

We feel it offers the template for what gummies should look like. The right CBD concentration, high-quality products, and a great taste. Only the amount of CBD in a container separates it from our #1 pick.

3: Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies – 60 x 5mg ($44.99)

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most famous CBD companies in the United States. It continues to set the standard and offers three CBD Gummies options: Sleep, Calm, Recovery. It is excellent that CW caters to different needs and helps set it apart from many brands in the industry.

Pros of Charlotte’s Web CBD Edibles

  • Three different options.
  • Three-pack option to save money available.
  • Flavored with natural juices.
  • USA Grown Hemp.
  • Excellent taste.

Cons of Charlotte’s Web CBD Edibles

  • Only 5mg of CBD per gummy.
  • Expensive compared to other brands.

Final Thoughts on Charlotte’s Web CBD Edibles

Though the quality is outstanding, the fact there is only 5mg of CBD per gummy means CW remains in third place.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Edibles Pick

The competition in this category is extremely fierce. You may be surprised that it features three brands that exclusively sell gummies. The truth is, most brands only sell those gelatin delights. As far as we were concerned, it was a close-run thing between PureKana and Premium Jane, as usual! We ultimately narrowly opted for Premium Jane on this occasion. Check out our winner at

9 – Best CBD Wax

What Is CBD Wax & Why Do People Like It?

It is a prevalent form of CBD concentrate. Wax is a favorite due to its suitability for dabbing. CBD wax can consist of around 90% of the cannabinoid, and it has a crumbly texture. You can sprinkle it into food, but most people like to vaporize it. Now, keep reading to find out more about the best CBD wax on the market.

1: CBD Living Dabz Shatter – 500mg ($30)

CBD Living Dabz Shatter

This form of wax is among the best CBD products in its niche. CBD Living has four options: Gelato, Zkittles, Durban Poison, and Orange Cookies. We love this list of flavors, and this shatter is incredibly easy to dab. At $30 for 500mg, it is also a nice price, so heat your nail and get started!

Pros of CBD Living CBD Wax

  • A lovely texture that makes it ideal for dabbing.
  • The flavors taste great.
  • Inexpensive and suitable for newcomers.
  • It also contains at least 3% terpenes.
  • The brand uses CO2 extraction.

Cons of CBD Living CBD Wax

  • The percentage of CBD in the shatter isn’t clear.
  • Experienced users may want more than 500mg of CBD in a container.

Final Thoughts About CBD Living

This is a brand that is intent on shaking things up in the industry. CBD Living has released a wide range of high-quality products, and its Shatter is among the best around.

2: Highland Pharms CBD Wax Range, 300mg – 1,000mg of CBD ($49.99 – $139.90)

Highland Pharms CBD Wax Range

This brand has a slightly better overall range than CBD Living, with hemp wax crumble, Straw-Nana CBD Wax Dab, and an Orange Crush version. We can’t fault the flavors or its suitability for vaping and dabbing. Its Shatter Extra contains 95% CBD along with full-plant terpenes.

Pros of Highland Pharms CBD Wax

  • Nice flavor range.
  • Concentration options to suit different needs.
  • Includes terpenes with the CBD wax.
  • Full-spectrum dabs, ideal for those who believe in the entourage effect.
  • Extremely versatile.

Cons of Highland Pharms CBD Wax

  • Expensive by the standards of the niche.
  • The website doesn’t have an About Us page.

Final Thoughts About Highland Pharms

We would like to know more about this brand because it is gaining rave reviews for the quantity and quality of its CBD products. Its CBD wax range is a prime example.

3: CBDfx CBD Wax Concentrated Dab, 300mg of CBD ($49.99)

CBDfx CBD Wax Concentrated Dab

This is a wax explicitly designed for use with your dab rig. Yes, you can vaporize it, but it works best when you elect to dab it. The wax consists of CBD rich hemp oil and has a healthy orange color. Another method of using it is by placing a piece beneath your tongue! Overall, there is 300mg of pure CBD in a tub.

Pros of CBDfx CBD Wax

  • A well-established brand.
  • It contains essential amino acids and fatty acids.
  • High-quality CBD.
  • It contains 20 servings per tub.
  • It also contains terpenes.

Cons of CBDfx CBD Wax

  • The wax’s concentration is just 30%.

Final Thoughts About CBDfx

CBDfx has featured several times in this guide, and with good reason. It is a top-notch brand, and its CBD wax deserves to be on this list. The main downsides are a low CBD concentration level and the price. However, the quality of cannabidiol matters and few brands can match CBDfx in that regard.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Wax Picks

For us, CBD living has the right combination of high-standard CBD, texture, flavors, and affordability. We are confident that the brand’s wax is among the best CBD products in the niche, which is why it is our #1. Check out the company now at

10 – Best CBD Coffee

What Is CBD Coffee & Why Should You Try It?

It is one of the biggest CBD-related crazes of recent times! Given our nation’s love of coffee, it was only a matter of time! Though the range of CBD coffee remains small, the brands involved have taken care and attention not to hinder the quality of the coffee beans used. Whether caffeine and cannabidiol mix is open for debate! However, a lot of people want to know what the best CBD coffee is, and we are about to reveal the answer.

1: Green Roads CBD Coffee – Variable CBD Content ($14.99 – $44.99)

Green Roads CBD Coffee – Variable CBD Content

There are two options: 2.5 ounces of Founder’s Blend for $14.99 or 12 ounces of hemp flower coffee for $44.99. The former is a combination of CBD with Colombian coffee and offers a chocolate caramel and hazelnut taste. The latter also includes Colombian coffee beans, with notes of caramel and chocolate. The CBD content varies per batch. The collections at the time of writing have 9.67mg of CBD per serving.

Pros of Green Roads CBD Coffee

  • High-quality Colombian coffee.
  • Delicious flavors.
  • The Founder’s Blend is ideal for true coffee lovers.
  • Hand-crafted in small batches.
  • The CBD comes from American-grown hemp.

Cons of Green Roads CBD Coffee

  • Variable CBD content.
  • Relatively expensive.

Final Thoughts About Green Roads

This is an exceptional brand, as is clear from its many mentions in this guide. Its CBD coffee is among the best around in terms of cannabidiol quality and taste.

2: Diamond CBD Chill CBD Coffee, 100mg of CBD ($12.99)

Diamond CBD Chill CBD Coffee

This is the best option if you own a CBD capsule machine. There are four capsules per pack, and each one contains a generous 25mg of CBD. The standard of the coffee is also extremely high, although one wonders if you get the full 25mg per cup. However, pod users will love the convenience.

Pros of Diamond CBD Chill Coffee

  • Extremely convenient.
  • The prices matches well with others in the industry.
  • Rich artisan coffee.
  • A pre-measured amount of CBD per capsule.
  • Made with USA-grown hemp.

Cons of Diamond CBD Chill Coffee

  • You need a capsule machine.
  • Uses CBD isolate, so no entourage effect.

Final Thoughts About Diamond CBD

With such stiff competition, Diamond CBD is faring exceptionally well in the industry. Its CBD Chill Coffee is convenient and tastes great. However, you need a capsule machine!

3: CBD Living Instant Coffee, 250mg of CBD ($30)

CBD Living Instant Coffee

There are three coffee options: Golden Milk, Matcha, and Instant. Each of them consists of Columbian coffee and up to 250mg of CBD per tin. There are approximately 35 servings, each of which has around 7mg of CBD. We liked the Matcha coffee the best, thanks to the coconut cream powder and coconut flower extract.

Pros of CBD Living Instant Coffee

  • Three delicious flavors.
  • Very convenient; just add hot water!
  • Stable amount of CBD per cup.
  • The Golden Milk option contains nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and other beneficial ingredients.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

Cons of CBD Living Instant Coffee

  • 7mg of CBD isn’t enough for many users.
  • Quality of coffee is not as high as Green Roads.

Final Thoughts on CBD Living

This brand’s CBD coffee range is another step in the right direction, as it looks to take its place at the top. Its coffee is very good, though it arguably doesn’t have enough CBD per cup.

Bottom Line on Our Best CBD Coffee Picks

In the end, we felt that Green Roads offered an outstanding cup of CBD coffee. Both options are smooth and linger delectably on the palate. It is of a good enough standard to hit the shelves on its coffee merits alone. Though it doesn’t offer as much CBD as the Diamond option, you don’t need a machine to use it. Find out more about the brand at its official website:


Whether you want the best CBD products for anxiety, pain, or as a means of relaxing, we believe this list has you covered. Though most customers want to find high-quality CBD oil products, it is essential to know that there are many more options. Whether you want CBD capsules, wax, coffee, or cream, you can learn more about the best brands on WayofLeaf.

Take a trip to our Best Picks section to learn more about all of the above products and many more. Check out the best CBD protein powder, syrup, bath bombs, and other items you didn’t even know contained cannabidiol!