Best CBD Bath Bombs [What Are They?]

There’s no end to the number of CBD products on the market today. CBD bath bombs are one of the latest in a long line of CBD skincare products. It’s surprising just how many brands are stocking CBD bath bombs right now.

When you’re on the lookout for a CBD bath bomb, there’s lots of things to consider. Aside from the quality of the CBD, you need to take into consideration the other ingredients and essential oils used. After all, different scents can produce different effects.

To help you choose the perfect CBD bomb to suit your needs, we have created this in-depth review. We compare three brands to find the best CBD bath bombs for 2020. We also cover some of the basics of CBD bombs, so stay tuned.

What Is a CBD Bath Bomb?

As you can probably tell, CBD bath bombs are just like regular bath bombs, but they’re infused with cannabidiol. Manufacturers extract cannabidiol from hemp and infuse it into bath bombs packed with various other essential oils. Bath bombs, by the way, are made using Epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils.

The essential oils are vital. The terpenes and aromatic compounds in essential oils can create different effects. Those familiar with aromatherapy will know all about this! While a citrus-scented bath bomb might revitalize you, a lavender-scented one could have you drifting off to sleep.

Epsom salt is also a vital ingredient. While the salts and baking powder give bath bombs their signature fizzle, Epsom salt may also have healing properties. People have used it in “salt detoxes” for hundreds of years, in which the salt draws out toxins from the skin.

Of course, CBD also has its own benefits here. Advocates of topical CBD have suggested that CBD can decrease pain and inflammation, and it may have some potential for soothing skin condition flare-ups according to anecdotal evidence. But compared to other CBD topicals, such as creams that you apply to the joints, bath bombs allow you to immerse your entire body in cannabidiol.

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Bath Bombs


  • CBD bath bombs are one of the most relaxing ways to use CBD.
  • Packed with essential oils, CBD bombs smell fantastic.
  • The entire skin (and muscles and joints) can benefit from CBD.
  • CBD bombs are the perfect topical to add some extra CBD into your regular routine.
  • You don’t have to ingest the CBD or other cannabinoids.


  • CBD bath bombs don’t work as a general supplement since they only affect surface layers of the body.
  • Since they can be expensive, CBD bombs are best used as an occasional treat.
  • There is no evidence about how effective CBD bath bombs actually are.

Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Bath Bomb for 2020

Desperate to find out our #1 CBD bath bomb of 2020? Spoiler alert: We chose cbdMD. This brand won out based on cost, CBD formula, and its Lavender Relax bath bomb. Read on for more details.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb Correctly

CBD bath bombs are really easy to use. All you need to do is run your bath as per usual. Warm water is usually best as it has its own therapeutic benefits. A hot bath allows your blood vessels to dilate, creating an increase in blood flow. During this time, your muscles and joints get to take a break, which can decrease pain.

Once the water is run, choose your favorite CBD bath bomb and drop it into the water. Then, hop in after it! The CBD bomb will fizzle away, changing the color of the water and releasing a pleasant scent into the air. All that’s left for you to do is to lie back and unwind.

A bath is an incredibly relaxing experience, so here are some more tips to make it as indulgent as possible:

  • Dim the lights if possible, creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • Light some candles for extra luxury.
  • Grab your favorite book and immerse yourself in its pages while you unwind.
  • Put on your favorite playlist, especially if you enjoy soft, soothing music.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

If you’re familiar with CBD topicals, then you can probably guess how CBD bath bombs work.

A topical is a product that you apply to the skin rather than ingesting. Typically, this means a CBD cream that you put on a localized area to create particular effects. In the case of a bath bomb, the entire skin receives a small amount of CBD.

The cannabidiol infiltrates the permeable upper layers of the skin, affecting the cannabinoid receptors in the skin cells. Some of the CBD may sink deeper, reaching the muscles and joints.

Proponents say that topicals like CBD bombs can help with pain, inflammation, and skin conditions like eczema and acne. Most of the evidence comes from anecdotal reports. But even if CBD can’t achieve all of these things, one thing is for certain: CBD bath bombs make for an extremely relaxing bath experience.

Make sure you select a bath bomb with the right scent and ingredients for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a CBD bath bomb to help your skin, choose one with moisturizing ingredients and scents like vanilla and coconut. Those looking to relax should opt for herbal and floral aromas.

No matter what your needs, there’s a bath bomb to suit everyone.

Which Brand Sells the Best CBD Bath Bomb?

It was difficult to narrow our search down to the top three brands, but we managed in the end. The three brands we’re comparing are:

  • Joy Organics
  • PureKana
  • cbdMD

We compare them according to popularity, skin-nourishing ingredients, formula, and more. Read on to find out our top pick for CBD bath bombs in 2020.

1 – Popularity

Joy Organics is a super popular brand, but there was only one review for the bath bomb on the website. It earned a four-star rating. This brand also isn’t reviewed on TrustPilot, so it’s difficult to judge Joy Organics’ popularity.

PureKana stocks multiple bath bombs, and the average rating on the website is 4.8 stars. There are tons of reviews, too, so a rating this high is a great sign. Moving away from the official website, PureKana has a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot, with thousands of satisfied customers.

cbdMD fares similarly, with lots of excellent ratings on the website. However, this brand only has a three-star rating overall on TrustPilot. As a result, our winner, in the end, has to be PureKana.

Winner – PureKana

2 – Best for Skin Rejuvenation

All three of these brands pack high-quality ingredients into the bath bombs. cbdMD’s options are the most basic, containing nothing particularly unique or special. The Rejuvenate Eucalyptus option is likely the best offering for your skin.

PureKana has several offerings. The Almond & Coconut bath bomb seems the best option for your skin. Alongside the baking soda and citric acid, this offering contains: shea butter and almond coconut oil to moisturize the skin. Sea salt, meanwhile, scrubs off the dead cells. When you get out of the tub, you feel smooth and moisturized.

Joy Organics sells one bath bomb, and it contains pretty basic ingredients. There is organic cocoa seed butter in there, which is obviously quite moisturizing. However, it doesn’t really compare to the ingredients contained within the PureKana Almond & Coconut bath bomb. Since Joy Organics only has the one bath bomb on offer, it can’t quite beat PureKana in this category.

Winner – PureKana

3 – Best for Relaxation

Joy Organics’ CBD bath bomb contains lavender oil, which is known to be relaxing. The floral scent is quite subtle, but still pleasant. We loved the smell of this bath bomb and found it to create quite a relaxing bath time atmosphere.

Among the CBD bomb options are PureKana is the Midnight Roses bath bomb. This one is super relaxing thanks to the light, floral scent. If you add some candles to your bath, it offers unrivaled levels of relaxation. The CBD bomb contains real rose oil and rose petals, adding an air of luxury that you won’t find elsewhere.

cbdMD offers a Relax Lavender bath bomb, and really, it’s in the name! The lavender essential oil provides a lovely scent. Plus, aromatherapy users will know that lavender is the most common scent used for relaxation and unwinding. Therefore, cbdMD’s Relax bath bomb takes home the prize in this category.

Winner – Tie Between cbdMD and Joy Organics

4 – Best CBD Formula

All three brands use a full- or broad-spectrum CBD formula, which we think is great. Many CBD users believe broad-spectrum products to be better than isoaltes because you can benefit from the numerous compounds found in hemp, aside from CBD alone.

Furthermore, all three brands produce CBD from hemp grown in the USA. They all source from organic hemp farms, too, which makes it really hard to choose a winner in this category.

So, we began looking at the CBD content, too. Joy Organics has the weakest CBD content, with just 25mg of CBD per bath bomb. PureKana double this amoung, with 50mg per bomb. cbdMD, meanwhile, offers 100mg of CBD per bomb. Furthermore, cbdMD states that it uses a THC-free formula, so this brand took over as the winner.

Winner – cbdMD

5 – Best Budget Pick

In terms of overall price, cbdMD has the cheapest offering, with each bath bomb costing just $9.99. There is also a multipack of all six bath bombs for $44.99.

In the middle is PureKana, with each bath bomb costing $12.99. Finally, Joy Organics is the most expensive option, retailing for $19.95. However, it’s worth noting that the Joy Organics bath bombs come in boxes of four, meaning that each bomb costs just short of $5.

Since each brand sells different potencies, it’s easiest to compare the price per milligram:

  • cbdMD: $0.09 per milligram
  • PureKana: $0.26 per milligram
  • Joy Organics: $0.2 per milligram

As you can see, cbdMD offers the best value for money.

Winner – cbdMD


All three CBD bath bombs on this list are fairly similar. Each brand uses high-quality ingredients from organic sources, and each one sources hemp from the USA. The main disparity came down to the CBD content of each bath bomb, which is where cbdMD excels.

Furthermore, cbdMD offers up six different bath bomb scents. Of the ones we tried, none of them stained the bath tub and all of them provided delightful scents. As a result, cbdMD was our clear winner in the end,

Make sure you visit the official cbdMD website to explore the full range of products.

Overall Winner – cbdMD