Can I Use CBD Oil to STOP My Vertigo?

When most people talk about not liking heights or being afraid of them, they are usually referring to the scarier, more extreme examples of heights – roller coasters, mountain climbing, or planes.

They might be being totally honest, but what they don’t know is there are certain people that really, truly, are incapable of handling heights, and not just the ones that would be obviously thought of as frightening – some people can’t even walk across a bridge or climb stairs.

This condition, known as vertigo, is a serious affliction that makes every day living almost impossible. However, as time goes on, there are more and more options available for sufferers, including the possibility of using CBD oil.

So, can you actually use CBD oil to stop vertigo?

What is Vertigo?

For starters, we need to fully understand what exactly vertigo is, otherwise you won’t be able to figure out if you have it or not, let alone whether or not you can be treated.

Vertigo is, broadly, a condition in the inner ear that makes it feel as though everything around you is suddenly spinning, usually brought on by a sudden change in height, but also any change in pressure.

Vertigo is actually a symptom of a number of conditions, but usually, ones that affect the brain’s ability to orientate itself physically, or ones that affect the inner ear.

The sensation of vertigo is a lot more than just dizziness; it is a very difficult sensation to describe to someone that has never felt it before. The world will spin around you, leaving you feeling both nauseous and panicky, with vomiting and sweating being frequent subsequent reactions.

While some people only experience vertigo as an occasional reaction to adverse conditions, such as when they are climbing to extremely tall heights, or if they are suddenly subjected to a sudden pressure change, it can also affect people in their everyday lives. Some people experience vertigo simply by walking around and going about their day, which makes vertigo incredibly uncomfortable to live with.

There are various types of medications available to try and reduce episodes of vertigo, but sometimes they simply aren’t effective, as they either only reduce the intensity of the episode or they don’t work at all based on an individual’s unique body chemistry.

People who suffer from vertigo need another way to try and control their conditions; what about CBD oil?

How Does CBD Oil Work?

cbd oil and vertigo

The idea of treating vertigo using CBD might seem like an alien concept to many people; cannabinoids are usually considered as something more along the lines of a fun, carefree drug used to get high.

However, CBD oil is actually entirely different from regular marijuana – for one thing, the main compound that induces the infamous highs that marijuana causes is actually THC.

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t cause any kind of psychoactive high due to the way in which it interacts with the body.

When THC enters the body, it reacts with the endocannabinoid system, latching on to the CB1 receptors and overstimulating them, which is what produces the telltale psychoactive high that makes marijuana so well known.

CBD, however, interacts primarily with the CB2 receptor, as well as only gradually stimulating those receptors, allowing a myriad of beneficial effects to take hold, but without any of the high that regular marijuana induces.

By setting up near the receptors and halting the release of the chemicals that usually work to shut off the CB2 receptors, CBD is able to keep the endocannabinoid system influencing the body for longer than it would normally, essentially soothing and helping heal the body over a long period of time.

The effects that CBD oil has on the body are surprisingly diverse. It produces all manner of different effects, one of the most famous of which is its ability to help reduce inflammation by telling the body to, essentially, shut down its inflammation response.

However, no matter how many different conditions CBD oil can help with, the real question is whether or not CBD can be used to help treat vertigo.

How Can CBD Oil Help with Vertigo?

Despite the prolific nature of vertigo among people all over the world, there have up to now been no studies published concerning the effect of CBD oil and vertigo.

In fact, the place of cannabinoids when talking about vertigo and dizziness is extremely confusing, mostly because of the effects of THC.

THC, found in regular marijuana for smoking, is well known to induce dizziness as a side effect, especially when high concentrations of THC are imbibed by those with little experience. There is also an increased tendency to feel a rush of dizziness as a result of marijuana if you are already used to feeling rushes of dizziness normally.

This means that Marijuana has a reputation for causing dizziness, not helping it. However, it is important to remember that CBD oil is not at all the same thing as the THC in marijuana – in fact, it is so different that it could be of help.

Though it does not tie directly into CBD oil’s effects on vertigo, a study by Pamplona et al. for the Journal of Frontiers in Neurology found that continuous doses of CBD oil, administered over a long period of time and with regular dosage size, were able to help reduce general dizziness.

The study noticed that, when patients were taking CBD oil as part of an experiment to discover the complete effects of CBD oil, there was a huge reduction in their self reported dizziness.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it could affect vertigo – after all, vertigo is an entirely different intensity when compared to regular dizziness. There is also the issue of whether or not CBD will be able to help treat conditions that cause vertigo as a symptom.

One of the main conditions that causes these sensations of vertigo, labyrinthitis, is actually nothing more than a periodic inflammation of the inner ear. CBD oil has a proven ability to help reduce inflammation, as a myriad of studies have shown – like this one by Bruni et al. for the Journal of Molecules.

This makes it possible to use CBD oil as a potential treatment for the conditions that might cause vertigo, but not necessarily as a treatment for vertigo itself.

Final Verdict: Can I Use CBD Oil to STOP My Vertigo?

The tricky thing about trying to use CBD oil to treat vertigo, and indeed many other conditions, is that we don’t 100% understand vertigo to begin with.

The intense rush of dizziness, as well as the increased sensation of the world spinning around you, is something very difficult to pin down and articulate as being a part of a specific condition.

As yet, the scientific world is not sure whether or not CBD oil is able to act as an effective treatment to vertigo. We do know that it is able to help reduce vertigo, but we don’t know if it is effective as a way to help push back against the instant feeling of intense dizziness that vertigo sufferers struggle with.

The only thing we have is the personal testimony of people that use CBD oil to try and treat vertigo, and most people agree that it does help them, even just in their ability to treat the anxiety that typically comes alongside the dizziness.

Until more studies are published concerning CBD oil’s ability to combat vertigo, we just aren’t sure. However, you can still use it, as it might be an effective treatment. We just can’t know for sure yet.