CBD Nightmares: Is it a Real Side Effect?

There has been a lot of talk about the therapeutic health benefits of CBD in recent years. However, because it is derived from marijuana, CBD is often confused with THC, the cannabinoid that gets users high. But CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effects and is notorious for its health properties.

Since so many states have legalized cannabis recently, and more research has been made public about how beneficial it could be, many questions have started to surface about the use of CBD.

The extensive list of benefits is changing the way the world works. For instance, cannabis-infused foods and drinks are now big trends. The idea of cannabis and its derivatives, like CBD, being the solution isn’t so crazy anymore. However, many people are left wondering whether something so incredible could come with certain risks.

Thus far, few adverse side effects have been linked to CBD. It’s believed to be a very safe and non-toxic compound. CBD will not get you high, give you the munchies, or make you laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason. These are the side effects of using THC, not CBD.

However, there are some concerns about the effects that CBD may have on dreams. While CBD doesn’t appear to have any negative side effects on a mental or physical level, some people believe that it can influence the subconscious. So, are CBD nightmares a real side effect?

CBD and Sleep

CBD is often marketed as being a sleep aid. However, it’s effects on sleep are not well understood. This is an area that generally needs a lot more research. It helps to understand what happens when you fall asleep at night.

Sleep has different and distinct stages. One of the most well-known stages is REM, or rapid eye movement – the stage at which we dream or remember our dreams. Deep sleep is another stage and is beneficial for many things, including recovery and restoring the body. You can think of it as recharging your batteries.

When you reach the deep stage of sleep, you don’t dream because this is the process of recovery. Although both stages have their benefits, CBD isn’t likely to induce any type of special dream phase.

However, because dreams are elusive, it would be ignorant to assume that it can’t happen. Even the greatest minds in the world can’t agree on what dreams mean. Some people see them as warning from the future, while others consider them to be a way for the mind to deal with emotions that you’re struggling with.

Some anecdotal accounts have reported people experiencing weird dreams after consuming CBD. However, these may not be caused by the compound at all. Research into the effects that THC has on sleep patterns discovered that it decreases the REM stage and increases the deep sleep phase.

Some people who stopped using CBD before bedtime report having more vivid dreams, while others have found that CBD improves their recollection of dreams. Even if we do fall into REM sleep, most of us usually don’t remember much when we wake up.

CBD and Nightmares

can cbd oil cause nightmares

While CBD may provide sleep benefits, this doesn’t mean that it will have an effect on your dreams. How many people have you spoken to who say they experience nightmares from CBD? It’s highly unlikely that you have encountered any, and if you have, establishing that CBD is the cause will be very difficult.

For instance, a change in personality, energy levels, and diet can all influence how and what you dream. All the stress you build up during the day, and your worries for tomorrow, can also affect your dreams. So many things come into play, and pinpointing the exact source can be very challenging.

While CBD may cause you to have more vivid or memorable dreams by offering a better night’s sleep, the CBD itself is not believed to induce any wild nightmares. If anything, by using CBD and entering into a deeper sleep, you will go into the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep.

The REM stage is where dreaming and remembering of dreams take place. Anything aside from this is not likely to happen because CBD is very different from THC. CBD will simply put the body at a little more ease.

There is no guarantee that you will have pleasant dreams if you fall asleep feeling comfortable and relaxed. A few spices too many or a stressful day can trigger a nightmare, and this makes the whole concept of dreaming even more elusive.

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety and Promote Better Sleep

Despite the lack of evidence regarding the effects that CBD has on dreams, solid research exists that suggests its potential benefits.

Studies show that CBD may be very effective in lowering anxiety levels, and many consumers report that they fall asleep more easily when using the compound. Some research even suggests that CBD can improve sleep quality, which can leave you feeling refreshed and offer higher energy levels when you wake up.

Some researchers say that the seemingly sleep-enhancing effects of CBD may be because of the effects the compound has on anxiety, pain, and inflammation. These are all factors that can stand in the way of a tired person getting a good night’s rest.

Research done by Scott Shannon, Ph.D., an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry from the University of Colorado-Children’s Hospital, states that people who used CBD reported better sleep.

Shannon says that the belief is that people who are less anxious are less worried about their sleep. It’s significant because one of the big issues with people who experience sleep problems is that they worry about not sleeping and then create a problem around that.

Final Thoughts: Does CBD Cause Nightmares?

There is no clinical or anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD causes nightmares or night terrors. So, if you’ve been worried about taking CBD for sleep issues, you probably have nothing to worry about. If anything, CBD offers an improved quality of sleep and will leave you feeling more refreshed and energized.

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