Rare Dankness Strain [Origins, Potency, Benefits]

Rare Dankness Strain Overview
Rare Dankness is an indica-dominant hybrid with a soothing, calming and uplifting high. Each puff brings a tart berry and grape flavor sensation to the tongue. User can enjoy its ability to relax, ease away pain and push aside tension. This breed is extremely potent with an average THC level of 26%. Those looking for a sleep aid or simply trying to de-stress should give this strain a try.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain grows well both indoors and outdoors, though it thrives best in a constant temperature. Typical harvest times are 8-10 weeks indoors and between September and October outdoors.

We’ve all had those days when we feel both physically exhausted and yet still unable to relax with our brains racing at 100mph. The desire to switch your mind off and give your body a chance to recover from the day, while also being unable to stop thoughts from racing around in your head, can feel incredibly frustrating.

This is where the Rare Dankness strain comes in, helping you to reach a place of deep mental and physical relaxation in just a few puffs.

Rare Dankness manages to combine both mental and physical relaxation into just a few puffs, allowing you to wind down and make the most of a lazy evening chilling on the sofa. So, let’s take a closer look at the Rare Dankness strain and find out precisely what you can expect.

What Is the Rare Dankness Strain?

Rare Dankness weed is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its profoundly relaxing high, perfect for a cozy evening in after a mind race of a day. Rare Dankness also manages to pack a fruity yet warming flavor setting the scene for the experience ahead.

Rare Dankness was named after the breeders who created the strain, Rare Darkness. Rare Darkness crossed Grape Ape and Rare Dankness #1 to produce the newest addition to the Rare Darkness family. Rare Dankness quickly became a success thanks to its effects and just how easy it is to grow.

Rare Dankness is a fast-acting strain with effects that seem to take hold before you even breathe out your last puff of smoke. You initially notice a heavy feeling around your eyes and temples which slowly travels through your body, leaving a deep sense of physical relaxation in its wake. All pressure and tension almost magically disappear from your body, allowing you to drift into a place of calm and pure relaxation.

As Rare Dankness takes hold of your body, it becomes increasingly difficult to carry out even the simplest of tasks; you quickly feel as though all you can do is drop down onto the nearest couch and enjoy the ride.

Rare Dankness also has a mental effect, causing your brain to enter a foggy state, unable to think through complex issues. Instead, you drift in and out of a state of consciousness.

When smoking Rare Dankness in large doses, it becomes difficult to stay awake, and you find yourself unable to keep your eyes open. It eventually becomes impossible to fight off sleep.

It is recommended that less experienced users avoid Rare Dankness during the day unless they have the entire day free. It is unlikely that you will physically be able to do much even after the effects of Rare Dankness wear off. Even for those who have experience with indica strains, Rare Dankness can feel overwhelming at first and is best enjoyed during the evening.


Rare Dankness marijuana has a fruity aroma with a clear berry base, which gives the surrounding area a pleasant sweet smell. As you breathe in the fruity aroma, you can detect the different scents at work and might even be able to pick apart the various berries from within the bud.

Breaking apart Rare Dankness buds reveals a very natural odor, which combines a rich earthiness with strong skunk smell. While this somewhat distracts from the strain’s primary aroma, the natural, earthy smell helps to relax your mind and reminds you of summer afternoons as a child digging through the mud in your back garden.

As Rare Dankness burns, subtle notes of grape fill the air which blends perfectly with the mix of different berries. This sweet combination can linger in the air for some time even after you breathe out your last puff of warming smoke and can sometimes prove challenging to remove.


Rare Dankness has a rich flavor profile with a grape base and a complex mix of spice and skunk hidden beneath. Less experienced smokers may not be able to pick apart the varying layers that are at work within Rare Dankness, and its flavor is often described as being grape-like.

While this is true, there is much more hidden below the surface that you are only really able to appreciate after a few slow puffs.

As Rare Dankness dances around your mouth, bouncing off of your taste buds, more observant users will be able to detect spicy notes slowly fighting their way through the strong grape flavor. There is also a note of skunk that reminds you of Rare Dankness’ roots and the naturalness of what you are smoking.

Rare Dankness produces a thick, harsh smoke which can be difficult for novice smokers, often causing uncontrollable coughing that even a glass of water cannot stop. Even those who smoke regularly often find Rare Dankness hard to breathe through at first, although the level of discomfort is not to the same extent.

Once the smoke clears from your lungs and the coughing fit finally comes to an end, you can pick up on and enjoy the sweet sensation that is left on your tongue – and maybe even a hint of pepper if your taste buds are on high alert.


Rare Dankness plants have small buds covered in a thick layer of bright white trichomes. These give the already colorful buds a vibrant and rather striking appearance. From a distance, the buds appear to have a frosted color to them, although upon closer inspection you can detect a range of pastel pinks and purples shining through the light green base.

The leaves of Rare Dankness are precisely what you would expect from an indica-dominant strain, very much following the traditional pattern of tightly packed curly leaves. The leaves are mostly a vibrant green color, particularly towards the top of the plant, although looking closely, you will notice patches of bright purple that add an extra spark to the overall appearance of the plant.

Rare Dankness Strain Grow Info

Rare Dankness is a simple strain to grow, and a great one for beginners who are looking to build up their confidence before moving on to more challenging strains.

A beautiful thing about Rare Dankness is that, while plants can be left alone and only occasionally checked for problems, more experienced growers can put their knowledge to the test and experiment with how they grow their Rare Dankness plants to create some interesting effects.

To achieve the mottled purple effect on the leaves, plants need to be exposed to colder temperatures throughout the growing process.

For those who live in a climate where the temperature drops drastically during the night, this should be enough to trigger the necessary chemical process that is required. For those who live in warmer climates, it may be better to keep Rare Dankness plants indoors where you can control the temperature.

Rare Dankness plants take between 8 and 10 weeks before they reach maturity and are ready to be harvested. When growing plants outside, they are generally ready to be harvested between September and October depending on your climate.

Given how easy Rare Dankness plants are to grow, they still produce a surprisingly large yield, making them an excellent investment in terms of your time and money.

Rare Dankness strain seeds can be purchased online through Rare Darkness, the original breeder. They can also sometimes be found on third party websites, although Rare Darkness seeds are going to be of a much higher quality.

THC Content – Highest Test

Rare Dankness cannabis strain has been found to have a THC content of 19% at its lowest and a crazy high 26% at its most potent. This higher than average level of THC is the main reason for the strain’s almost instant effects and a deep sense of sedation that quickly occurs.

What can you expect from Rare Dankness’ CBD in comparison?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of Rare Dankness is unknown, although it is thought that given the strain’s higher than average THC content, the strain is unlikely to contain anything more than 0.1% CBD.

Despite containing almost zero CBD, Rare Dankness still manages to have several different medicinal uses that make it a great medical strain.

Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider Rare Dankness as a medical strain and how it could improve your health.

Medical Benefits of the Rare Dankness Strain

Rare Dankness has been found to help those who suffer from severe anxiety and stress as it allows you to reach a place of calm and relaxation easily. Your mind feels as though it is unable to focus on negative thoughts, making problems seem that much easier to push to the back of your mind and forget for a few hours.

Rare Dankness can also help those who are struggling with PTSD for similar reasons. As you mind clears and you are unable to focus on particular thoughts, you instead find your mind drifting towards easy to process happy thoughts.

Rare Dankness’ intense physical effects make it the perfect strain for managing severe aches and pains, although it is important to note that your body being free of pain doesn’t mean that you will be active.

Rare Dankness instead gives you a few hours of being able to chill out with an easy to process film and a chance to block out reality. This short break from pain can sometimes be enough to keep you feeling positive and able to later work through chores in a way that did not before feel possible.

When taken in larger doses, Rare Dankness can quickly send you to sleep and as a result, is often recommended to people who are battling insomnia and are looking for a way to drift off to sleep stress-free.

Are there any potential side effects that you should be aware of before taking Rare Dankness?

Possible Side Effects of the Rare Dankness Strain

Rare Dankness is a strain that suffers from very few adverse side effects, something that is rare to find in a strain with such a high THC content. The few negative effects that can occur when smoking Rare Dankness are fortunately mild and usually only last for a few hours, having no long term effects.

Rare Dankness is no stranger to marijuana’s most common side effect, dry mouth. Often referred to as cottonmouth, dry mouth causes your mouth to feel as though someone has stuck a thin layer of cotton wool to the interior of your mouth.

While this can be slightly annoying, the sedative effects of Rare Dankness mean that your mind is unable to focus on the sensation for more than a few seconds at a time and it does not have a significant effect on the high experience.

When smoking large doses of Rare Dankness, some people find that they feel dizzy. This could be in part because Rare Dankness causes such a deep level of physical relaxation that your body becomes unable to cope with sudden movements.

An excellent way to avoid potential dizziness is to ensure that you are somewhere quiet and calming when smoking Rare Dankness and that you have no reason to do anything physically active.

Given that Rare Dankness has a higher than average THC content, you would expect it also to have several potential adverse effects for those who have a low THC tolerance. Surprisingly, this is not the case, and Rare Dankness is known as being a decent strain for those who typically have negative reactions to large quantities of THC and experience paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Rare Dankness Strain

Rare Dankness is an unusual strain. At first glance, it appears to be a simple indica-dominant hybrid, but instead, it provides a level of both mental and physical sedation that can be hard to find.

While some indica strains can help you physically relax, Rare Dankness pushes this one step further, fogging thoughts and allowing you to relax both mentally and physically.

From the very first fruity puff of Rare Dankness, you are transported to a state of calm, with effects that quickly take hold. The air is filled with a warming sweetness which perfectly matches the effects that are to follow.

Rare Dankness is more than just a recreational strain to help you relax after a long and busy day; it also has a number of medical benefits. Rare Dankness can numb both physical and mental pain, making everything from severe stress to chronic pain feel like a manageable condition.

Why not try Rare Dankness for yourself and experience a level of relaxation like no other.