Oriental Express Cannabis Review [Benefits, Origins, Potency]

Oriental Express Strain Overview
Oriental Express is a sativa-leaning hybrid made from crossing Vietnam Black and China Yunnan, which explains the 'oriental' aspect. This strain carries an earthy and piney freshness that is a defining characteristic of most Asian-originating strains. It can significantly lift your mood, as well as help with headaches and cramps as well - so it’s great for medicinal use.
Common usage
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-10 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

As the days become longer and we slowly drift into summer, there is nothing better than spending long afternoons unwinding in the sun and enjoying the company of close friends. The only thing that can make this summery dream better is having an uplifting, social sativa to share among the group, to get the conversation going and the good mood flowing. Oriental Express is just the strain for such a setting, being a sativa-dominant hybrid that is all about clearing your mind and helping you to relax while still remaining social.

Let’s take a closer look at Oriental Express and find out if it is the ideal strain for your next sunshine filled afternoon in the garden.

What is the Oriental Express Cannabis Strain?

Oriental Express is a 40% indica / 60% sativa hybrid, ideal for fun, chatty afternoons with friends when you are looking for an energetic boost and just generally to have a good time. Initially created by Ace Seeds, Oriental Express is the result of Vietnam Black and China Yunnan being crossed, resulting in an earthy strain with strong, traditional sativa effects.

Combining the flavor and aroma of its parents Oriental Express takes the best of both worlds, with an earthy yet herbal aroma and taste. Oriental Express is often recommended to those who enjoy Asian sativas and the flavor profile that tends to come with them.

Being a sativa-dominant hybrid, you can expect to experience a wave of euphoria washing over you as Oriental Express’ effects begin to unwind throughout your body. You are filled with a sense of calm that lifts your mood and adds a happy glow to everything around you. This is the perfect strain to take during the late morning and early afternoon when you are planning to chill out with friends and enjoy a relaxing summer’s afternoon together.

As the high develops, your mind begins to feel clearer; free from worries and stress you are able to focus on the moment and soak up all that is around. An Oriental Express high is very much about living in the moment, with it becoming difficult to think long term and fully develop thoughts and ideas about things outside of your immediate surroundings. As a result, it is a strain that is best enjoyed with a group of close friends, preventing you from feeling alone and having others to enjoy the here and now with.

You will quickly find social situations become much more enjoyable and that everyone appears to be on the same wavelength, with a deeper level of connection than you would normally experience. With all anxiety removed, you are able to talk comfortably with friends about even the most private of topics. You will find yourself becoming fixed on specific topics or items in your surroundings, losing chunks of time as you discuss them in-depth as a group and confusing anyone around you who has not joined in with the smoking session.

Unlike most hybrid strains, Oriental Express’ high is very much a mental one, with the only physical effects being an increased appetite. As a result, you do not experience the heavy, drowsy body high that can often occur towards the end of a high. Oriental Express’ high instead slowly winds down, as you start to feel less hungry and the mind buzz begins to wear off. The pleasant drift back to reality is best enjoyed when timed to coincide with the end of a social gathering, creating a natural end to both the events and the high.

What can you expect from Oriental Express in terms of its aroma and flavor?

Oriental Express Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Oriental Express has an earthy, natural aroma that mixes with its Asian lineage filling the air with a mix of herbs and spices accompanied by the smell of damp earthy grass. The first time you smell Oriental Express you will be struck by its almost humid aroma, similar to a rainforest floor; however, further sniffs unlock the more in-depth, herbal notes that are hiding within and quickly take over.

Grinding Oriental Express releases further herbal notes that are reminiscent of herbs and spices all being thrown together in a pestle and mortar and being crushed and blended. The smell conjures images of a busy kitchen in the midst of summer, food flying and smells drifting through the air.

Oriental Express’ smoke adds heat to the mix, warming the herbs and taking you deeper into the cooking process as the herbs and spices are tossed into a pan, traveling through your sinuses and making you hungry before the effects of the strain have even begun.

Does Oriental Express taste as good as it smells? Let’s take a closer look at what kind of flavors you can expect from a strain with such a mouthwatering aroma.


The earthy aroma of Oriental Express carries through into its flavor profile, with a smooth, nutty smoke that mixes pine and earth together and transports you deep into the rainforest shortly after heavy rainfall. The herbal aroma that comes from Oriental Express’ smoke combines with the pine flavor that lingers on your tongue, creating a strange but pleasantly confusing sensation.

As your lungs fill with Oriental Express, you begin to notice a surprising lemon undertone that does not seem to quite fit with all of the other flavors but is extremely enjoyable, adding freshness and lightness that contrasts the dense and earthy flavors. Exhaling leaves you with a slight muddy feeling in your mouth that slowly disappears as the lemon works its way around your palate, leaving you with a fresh, summery twist.

What can you expect in terms of appearance from Oriental Express? Does it look as interesting as it tastes?


Oriental Express is a beautiful, elegant plant that looks like it belongs in your living room as a Christmas decoration, rather than something you would want to grind and turn to smoke. The buds have a fir tree shape to them, similar to a mini Christmas tree, with white tufts that stick out to create a snow-like effect.

Oriental Express’ leaves are a deep, vibrant green color with a thin, elongated shape to them, making them stand out from the rest of the plant. Buds tend to be densely packed, adding to the tree-like appearance of the plant.

You might be wondering how you can grow your very own Oriental Express plant at home and experience all of the wonderfully unique aromas and flavors that it has to offer. The good news is that Oriental Express is easy to grow, even in confined spaces.

Oriental Express Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Oriental Express can be grown both indoors and outside and is able to cope with cold climates better than most. However, drastic temperature drops that can occur overnight could limit the plant’s growth and result in smaller yields and longer growth time. Therefore, if you live in temperamental climates, it is best to keep your Oriental Express plants indoors where you have full control of the temperature.

You can expect an average of 8 to 10 weeks before flowering; when grown outside Oriental Express is best harvested in early October before the temperature starts to drop. Oriental Express requires minimal care and attention, with the one exception being at the point that you begin to see flowers develop, the level of food and nutrients that the plant needs almost doubles, and it is important to ensure that your plant does not become starved.

As a result of its dense buds and compact, branchy structure, Oriental Express can be grown almost anywhere, even in tiny cupboards that would not be suitable for other strains. Despite being such a short plant, Oriental Express produces higher than average yields when grown in the correct climate and fed regularly.

THC Content – Highest Test

Oriental Express has an average THC content of 16%, with very little sway away from this figure. This makes its effects quite predictable. With an average level of THC for hybrid strains, it is not surprising that Oriental Express has limited physical effects and that its high leaves you with a relaxed, happy feeling.

How does its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Very little is known about the CBD content of Oriental Express, as is often the case for hybrid strains that focus on THC instead. It can be assumed that there is less than 1% CBD in Oriental Express, especially as this is a strain that has been bred for recreational purposes.

Oriental Express’ almost non-existent levels of CBD do not mean, however, that it is a strain that cannot be used for medicinal purposes, as it actually has a surprising number of medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Oriental Express Cannabis Strain

Oriental Express can be used as an all-natural alternative to traditional medication, helping to relieve and reduce the symptoms of a number of conditions. Unsurprisingly, the biggest use of Oriental Express is as an antidepressant. Being a sativa-dominant strain with such uplifting effects, it is an ideal way to boost your mood and clear your mind, allowing you to feel more like yourself. The energetic effects make coping with common side effects of depression, such as fatigue, manageable, giving you the push that you need to focus on the cheerful things in life.

There are a number of more surprising medical effects from Oriental Express, which you would not expect from a strain with less than 1% CBD content, these include acting as a mild painkiller and reducing eye pressure that can leave you feeling weighed down. The pain-fighting properties in Oriental Express have been reported to be especially useful with headaches and cramps, allowing you to continue with your day pain-free and ready to enjoy the mood enhancing effects of your weed.

Possible Side Effects of the Oriental Express Cannabis Strain

One of the best things about Oriental Express is the lack of negative side effects, so whether you are interested in the strain for recreational uses or as a medical aid you have almost nothing to worry about in terms of side effects. The only negative that has been reported with Oriental Express is its tendency to cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of marijuana, and while slightly annoying for a few hours, it can be easily countered by staying hydrated and has no lasting impact on your health.

Final Thoughts on the Oriental Express Cannabis Strain

Oriental Express is, above all, an experience; from the very first whiff of the buds, you are taken on a journey through a spice market, experiencing the crushing of herbs and spices mixed with a damp and dense earthiness, all before the effects of the high even get a chance to kick in. From the high itself, you can expect to feel uplifted and social; with a clearer mind and a new sense of focus, you are able to truly be in the moment and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Oriental Express is more than just a recreational strain, having a number of positive medical effects that can give you the control back over your own health that you have been searching for.

Oriental Express is ultimately a fun, social strain with almost no negative effects, so it is hard to find a reason why you would not want to try Oriental Express the next time you have an afternoon free and are looking to chill out and enjoy the sun.