Johnny’s Tonic Strain (2020 Review)

Johnny's Tonic Strain Overview
A rare CBD-rich strain, this hybrid offers up an excellent balance between a pleasant sativa buzz and endless CBD benefits.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
The seeds are difficult to get hold of, but if you manage to find a clipping to make a clone from, keep it warm and trim it frequently to promote excellent lateral growth.

If you go to any fancy bar across the world, the chances are that you will find a whole host of drinks with strange names you don’t understand. While they are probably quite tasty, you won’t know unless you try them.

This holds true for going to your favorite dispensary as well. No matter how well versed you are in cannabis, the chances are that you won’t know what you are looking at without giving some strains a try first.

Johnny’s Tonic is a strain with a name that would fit in both a bar and a dispensary. It is perhaps most famous for its incredible CBD level.

Let’s investigate this strain and find out what makes it so fantastic.

What Is Johnny’s Tonic Strain?

Johnny’s Tonic is a hybrid strain that leans heavily toward sativa, and comes from the famous Elemental Seeds. Anyone familiar with Elemental Seeds knows that they make some of the most potent and tasty high-CBD strains available right now.

Johnny’s Tonic continues this trend, offering up a pleasant mix of both THC and CBD that makes this strain’s high super balanced and intense.

Being a cross of Johnny Wonder and Cannatonic, this strain offers up a surprisingly mild yield of THC to make way for even more CBD. This feature makes it the perfect medical strain for all sorts of uses.

As it is primarily a sativa, the first thing you notice after smoking Johnny’s Tonic will be a familiar sativa buzz that will hit you steadily and leave you floating. The thing is, though, there isn’t really enough THC to feel like a real high. Instead, Johnny’s Tonic gives you a pleasant rush of sativa that leaves you a bit dazed, but only with a slight buzz.

You will find yourself feeling good about yourself and everything around you. There is a touch of classic euphoria on the edge of the high, but it doesn’t approach the feeling of some of the stronger strains that have psychedelic effects.

The touch of cerebral intensity is great for remaining productive, as the high isn’t potent enough to knock you off of your feet. Your mind may start to feel a bit sharper, with a renewed sense of focus.

Johnny’s Tonic provides a very chilled out and mentally stimulating high, but not so much that its high is overwhelming.


The initial aroma of Johnny’s Tonic is one of pine needles. The buds are especially pungent, but you need to be close to the buds and break them open to really figure out what you are smelling.

Before cracking Johnny’s Tonic open, it sort of smells nondescript and not really discernible. But as it opens and reacts with the oxygen in the air, more pine and earth will fill your nostrils, plus a tiny bit of Cannatonic’s famous skunkiness.

The end of the aroma is vaguely citrusy, but that becomes more apparent after tasting it.


The taste of Johnny’s Tonic is pretty similar to its aroma, but this quickly changes. The flavor blends and shifts, becoming far more citrusy and taking up the entirety of your mouth. Its strong fruity flavors linger for a long time.

This taste swirls into sweetness, eventually tasting quite exotic and a little bit oriental, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and a little bit tingly.


The appearance of the Johnny’s Tonic strain is pretty typical for weed strains, especially hybrid ones. It has a relatively average size and density, and possesses a strong green coloration.

There is a coating of resinous trichomes along the exterior, as well as orange pistils that coil around the external leaves.

Other than that, though, it’s surprisingly simplistic in appearance, without a whole lot to make it look distinct in comparison to other strains.

Johnny’s Tonic Strain Grow Info

Home growing marijuana has become a somewhat protected and revered activity among cannabis enthusiasts in the last decade. However, unfortunately, you are not going to have much luck with Johnny’s Tonic. Johnny’s Tonic strain seeds are not available online, as Elemental Seeds have kept them close to their chest.

They are only on offer at very select retailers, making getting a hold of seeds very difficult. This also makes finding information about growing Johnny’s Tonic very difficult, as there really isn’t a lot of information online.

Your best bet for growing your own Johnny’s Tonic is to find someone already growing it. If you can get a hold of a cutting, you can use a transplanted clone to grow your own and work from there.

As it is a hybrid strain, it’s likely to grow a bit tall. Make sure to keep it trimmed at the top to encourage more growth to the side. It is the lateral growth that encourages better bud production, so make sure you keep it topped.

Growing outdoors is ideal, as it will tend to produce the most usable bud and will typically flower after around nine weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

The thing about Johnny’s Tonic cannabis is that, while it’s a CBD-leaning strain, it still offers up enough THC to give you plenty of psychoactive effects. The precise quantity tends to vary from plant to plant, but you can expect roughly a 9% THC content from your Johnny’s Tonic bud.

This is strong enough to give you a gentle, pleasant buzz, but not strong enough to leave you shaky or paranoid, or leave you feeling too high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Johnny’s Tonic is predominantly a CBD strain, so it makes sense that it offers up so much more CBD than THC. You can expect to find around 12% CBD content in this bud, making it one of the stronger CBD strains out there.

Strangely enough, strains that are designed to contain CBD never really contain as much as they would do if they were designed to contain THC. This is why 12% seems like such a high amount.

Medical Benefits of Johnny’s Tonic Strain

CBD-rich strains are surprisingly varied in their effects. CBD can affect a huge number of bodily functions, meaning that people with a variety of ailments can use this strain.

The richness and intensity of its CBD content allows it to be used for things that typically only pure CBD strains could hope to treat. This includes things like epilepsy and seizures, as these require high doses of CBD taken frequently to have a proper effect.

You can also use Johnny’s Tonic to help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia. However, more generally speaking, Johnny’s Tonic can be used to help make everyday pain and irritation easier to deal with.

You can treat inflammation and the myriad of conditions that cause it with Johnny’s Tonic as well. This includes things like arthritis, but also conditions like Crohn’s disease.

Essentially, you can use Johnny’s Tonic to treat anything that you would use CBD oil to help with. It is essentially a pleasant, more balanced marijuana strain that acts like CBD oil.

Finally, people also use Johnny’s Tonic to try and help with mental issues, especially anxiety and depression. The high CBD load is perfect for fighting back against anxious thoughts and low mood.

Ultimately, Johnny’s Tonic helps you feel good and remain motivated, fighting off negative thoughts and dealing with all kinds of pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Johnny’s Tonic Strain

Pretty much all marijuana strains have some unpleasant side effects as a result of smoking. While they are not especially terrible, it’s pretty difficult to find a marijuana strain that doesn’t have at least some of the typical negative effects of cannabis.

However, because Johnny’s Tonic contains so much CBD and is so well balanced with THC, it has far fewer negative effects than other strains.

Not a lot of info is available about this strain, but you can expect to not suffer too badly. You will typically experience dry eyes and dry mouth, but these are familiar to every frequent cannabis user.

Otherwise, thanks to its super-low level of THC, it’s almost impossible to suffer from the typical side effects of overindulgence, such as elevated anxiety or paranoia. This makes Johnny’s Tonic one of the safer strains that you can enjoy if you are afraid of adverse reactions, making it an amazing strain for cannabis newbies everywhere.

Final Thoughts on Johnny’s Tonic Strain

Most cannabis strains are designed for those looking to get as high as possible, as quickly as possible. However, it is strains like Johnny’s Tonic and breeders like Elemental Seeds that are working to change this stereotype. They are changing cannabis from a thing to be enjoyed and indulged in, to something people use for health.

Whether you are looking for a potent CBD strain to treat a specific ailment, or you just want a well-balanced cannabis experience, Johnny’s Tonic has a little something for everyone. While its flavor and aroma are a bit commonplace, they are still pleasant enough to be paired well with the excellent effects of this gentle, therapeutic strain.