Conscious Kush | Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Conscious Kush Strain Overview
Conscious Kush is a strain with some mysterious origins. Although most cannabis connoisseurs can't pinpoint its exact heritage, it is still quite popular. Users enjoy its uplifting and mood-shifting effects. While it doesn't have a pungent or exotic flavor profile it has a light and herbaceous taste many appreciate. Users of this strain rave about its smooth and mellow hits that don't burn the throat or aggravate the lungs.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Strain seeds are difficult to find, so growers must use clippings. This strain grows both outdoors and indoors and

In days gone by, most strains of marijuana were nothing more than a complete mystery. If anyone handed you some weed, there was an incredibly high chance that you would have no idea what the strain was whatsoever.

However, thanks to both the growing popularity of marijuana everywhere and the wonders of the internet, we can now just trace and track pretty much every single strain in existence and find out everything we could possibly want to know about it.

Despite this, though, there are still always going to be a few strains that manage to elude our search for knowledge, whether due to the fact that they are only recently developed strains or due to low popularity.

The Conscious Kush strain is one such strain that has managed to completely fall through the cracks of the compendium of all marijuana knowledge.

So, let’s investigate this elusive, unknown strain and find out whether or not it is worth it to track it down and give it a try.

What is the Conscious Kush Strain?

The Conscious Kush strain of weed is, essentially, a complete mystery. It has almost zero online presence, with no one really owning up to creating it, or what its parentage might be. Despite that, it is still cropping up in dispensaries and dealer’s stashes all over the place, especially along the Western Coast.

With a pretty typical appearance, aroma and smell, it is likely that Conscious Kush is being misnamed as a completely different strain – that, or it doesn’t exist at all and is instead an alternative name for a completely separate strain altogether.

Conscious Kush appears to be a sativa-dominant hybrid, though its exact percentages aren’t completely known. With no clue as to its family history or to its cultivation origins, we can only really guess as to its parentage.

Based on its rough flavor and distinctively skunky aroma, it has likely got some of the Kush genetics embedded within its history, but the odd thing is that its effects seem completely separated from that line.

On first smoking your Conscious Kush, you will immediately notice a sensation of intense silliness and uplifted mood. This kind of uplifting energy feels different from most other sativas that give this effect, however, lending this feeling of the world around you being somehow silly and farcical, but not in any way hostile or uncomfortable.

Expect to find yourself laughing pretty much constantly throughout the entire high, which is then undercut by a surprising feeling of general calm and serenity.

This feeling of relaxation and general peacefulness is indicative of its indica content, definitely making this Conscious Kush a hybrid, albeit one with a strong sativa leaning.

Alongside this relaxation, there will be a feeling of a pleasurable yet driven focus that almost forces you to pursue your goals and try and complete whatever task it is that you decide to put your mind to.

All of these myriad effects make Conscious Kush a perfect strain to enjoy during the day, especially if you plan on trying to complete something creative that requires way more attention than you are usually able to give it when you are not enjoying your favorite marijuana strains.

What about its aroma and flavor, however? The immediate smell of a strain is usually the first clue you get into what strain it is, so does the Conscious Kush strain have a noticeable, recognizable smell?


On first spotting the Conscious Kush marijuana strain, the immediate smell you will notice is one of a pretty standard, skunky diesel aroma.

If you have ever smelled any OG Kush or other typically indica-smelling strains, then you will likely misinterpret the Conscious Kush strain as belonging to a heavily indica-dominant genetic history.

However, considering its effects, it would appear that the Conscious Kush strain has managed to get its smell and general flavor profile from its indica minority genetics, but its effects from its sativa parents.

What about its actual taste, is it any better than the regular diesel quality of many other strains?


Conscious Kush has a surprisingly light flavor on first smoking it – while it does carry with it that consistent aroma of diesel and skunkiness, there isn’t really a lot going on in the initial flavor palate.

The main thing of note when smoking Conscious Kush is that it burns extremely smoothly, giving it a pleasant flow and feel in your mouth, not really choking you at all. However, there is still an atypical burn at the back of the throat that you can’t seem to get rid of, no matter what you do.

Smoking Conscious Kush with a water pipe or bong makes it a bit more pleasant, though it still has that ever-present sensation of burning in the back of the throat.

So, what about its looks?


Despite a pretty simplistic aroma and flavor, the appearance of this strain is surprisingly attractive. It is exceedingly dense and thick, as well as being covered with a fine layer of pleasant little trichomes and orange pistils that dot the entire surface.

The weight of the Conscious Kush bud is actually quite surprising – it is rather like being handed a brick of gold in that it feels dense and weighty in your hand, far more than you would expect. There is also a beautiful iridescent color hidden underneath the leaves that pokes through on occasion, showing a secretive, colorful quality that you really need to handle up close to properly see it.

Even better would be to grow your own, so what kind of special information do you need to know to be able to grow your own Conscious Kush?

Conscious Kush Strain Grow Info

The Conscious Kush Strain is, unfortunately, quite lacking in any kind of growing information. You will have a significant amount of difficulty in trying to find any Conscious Kush strain seeds, as it isn’t 100% clear exactly what precise strain it is.

Based on its effects, it is reasonable to expect that it would grow quite bushy like other sativa-dominant hybrids do, so try and keep your potential Conscious Kush plant tethered to a growing pole while at the same time rigorously pruning it so as to ensure the plant can dedicate the correct resources to its growth.

Make sure you are pruning away the inner branches that tend to stay towards the bottom of the plant, as these can wither away from lack of sunlight, all while using up a considerable amount of the plant’s resources.

Additionally, feed it a high nitrogen blend of fertilizer, but not so frequently as to choke it – overfeeding can be just as much a problem as underfeeding, especially for more sensitive strains. You might end up with a copious quantity of not very high-quality bud.

What about this strain’s eventual cannabinoid content? What kind of levels of cannabinoids can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Conscious Kush cannabis is, sadly, rather a mystery when it comes to precise cannabinoid content. Due to the fact that it is unclear exactly who grew this strain, or who its parents are, we aren’t really able to confidently determine the amount of THC within any particular strain.

However, we can extrapolate the quantity of THC based on its effects – due to the fact that it induces a significant amount of silliness, coupled with a driven focus that leaves you able to concentrate on a myriad of tasks, this strain is likely on the higher end, though probably not pushing about 18%.

What about its CBD content, however? Is there a similar amount of CBD within this strain?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is the case with THC, the only way we can get any clue as to this strain’s CBD content is by guessing it based on its effects.

In contrast to many other higher THC strains, which usually don’t contain any significant quantity of CBD whatsoever, the Conscious Kush strain seems to have at least some CBD, as it brings with it that mellowing, calming effect that higher doses of CBD usually inspire.

Best guess is around 1.5% to 3% CBD content within this strain, making it a good option for those that still want a light dose of CBD with their stronger, more THC orientated strains.

Does this higher CBD content lend itself to useful medical effects, though?

Medical Benefits of the Conscious Kush Strain

As the Conscious Kush strain is still pretty unheard of and not exactly properly cataloged, we can only surmise its medical effects through observation and extrapolating the body’s likely reaction based on the effects of the high.

As one of the first feelings you notice is one of intense silliness and relaxation, it stands to reason that the Conscious Kush strain would be perfect for helping combat issues arising from poor mental health, especially ones linked to anxiety and depression.

Additionally, the general serenity that follows after a while is perfect for helping overcome those that are incapable of avoiding stress, especially after work stress.

Perhaps even far more beneficial is the fact that thanks to the massive increase of focus and attention to detail that this strain offers you, it is perfect for helping overcome those incessant annoyances of procrastination and laziness.

Have a creative project you’ve been desperate to finish? A favorite novel of yours you’ve been waiting to work on? Conscious Kush is likely the perfect thing to help you regain that focus and allow you to keep working on your heart’s desire.

Finally, thanks to this strain’s potent CBD concentration – at least in comparison to many other hybrid strains – this strain is great for helping those with inflammation or other conditions commonly treated by CBD.

However, with all of these helpful medical benefits, what kind of side effects can you expect from the Conscious Kush strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Conscious Kush Strain

With all strains with a decently high cannabinoid content, both THC and CBD, there are always going to be a few side effects that you need to learn to deal with.

For starters, dry mouth and dry eyes are going to hit you pretty strongly, though, with Conscious Kush, you will usually find that the general sense of relaxation that overwhelms you is enough to get rid of it.

Additionally, there is the chance of developing some dizziness as a result of the sudden strength and intensity of this strain. So, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit down after first using this strain, for fear of finding yourself toppling over without warning.

Final Thoughts on the Conscious Kush Strain

Of all the strains that have yet to be awarded proper classification, Conscious Kush is perhaps one of the most interesting.

With a clearly Kush background, yet completely unknown precise parentage, this strain is both somehow an indica from its smell and flavor, yet a sativa with its effects. This odd mix is even starker than a usual hybrid strain, making Conscious Kush almost impossible to diagnose properly.

However, just because we can’t know exactly what kind of strain it is, or exactly who its parents are, doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy it. A big part of the marijuana experience is in being able to try out new and interesting strains, both for their difference in flavor and for their myriad of different effects.

The best way to truly experience all the different methods and types of marijuana is to try as many different strains as possible – so, if you happen to find yourself in a dispensary with a confusingly labeled Conscious Kush behind the display, don’t discount it just because you aren’t sure what it is.

All strains are worth a try at least once, so why not make a conscious decision to leave your comfort zone and try some Conscious Kush?