How High Can Weed Get You?

Real stories from real people that got really high…

If you are at all involved in the world of marijuana, then you have definitely heard some stories of people getting high… way too high.

Honestly, sometimes this just happens, but some of these situations can turn out to be absolutely hilarious (and/or) ridiculously entertaining. Other times, people become prophetic when they get that high and begin making statements that are mind-blowing and out of this world. Occasionally, over-consuming cannabis simply heavily sedates the consumer, which can generate its own slew of funny stories.

Because every person is unique, and due to the immense quantity of strain types, recounts of being completely baked differ wildly from one another, with some holding small similarities.

In this article, we are going to cover just how high you can actually get on weed by discussing some of the laugh-worthy, real-life stories from real people that got really high.

Keep reading to discover just how high you can get on weed in this entertaining article…

So… How High Can You Get?

By looking at some of these real-life accounts, it is safe to say that you can get insanely, immensely high if you want to. And because it is essentially impossible to consume a lethal dose of cannabis, you can basically just keep getting higher and higher until you fall asleep, (if that even does end up happening).

Although sometimes getting way too high yourself is not all that fun, it is certainly entertaining and enjoyable to hear about some of these experiences from the outside looking in. Here are 4 hilarious and relatable “getting way too high” stories…

1. When You Become so High the Pot Makes You Come Up with All Sorts of Hilarious Nonsense…

high on weed

This story starts with four friends that decided to drive around and enjoy some smokes, as most of the 420-friendly tend to do.

The driver was not much of a marijuana smoker, so they did not partake, but the other three willingly got as high as they wanted to. 5 or 6 bowls later, the three of them were pretty damn baked and decided they wanted to go grab some food. The first thing they did was get In-N-Out (this was California, after all), and their munchies craving was satisfied pretty quickly.

Then they decided it would be a good idea to go back to one of their apartments and all chill-out. Somehow, the conversation developed throughout the evening and resulted in the three of them drawing eyes on their chins and filming themselves lip-syncing to the band Disclosure’s song “Latch,” facing upside down so that it looked as if their chins were little funny people with strange eyes that were singing.

After all that fun ended, they thought it would be brilliant to have an art drawing contest. One of them came up with the theme of “hot-boxing a pea pod” because they kept claiming that they had been like three peas in a hot-boxed pod while they were driving around in the car earlier. The three of them set a timer and began drawing, sharing their end results with one another and, of course, laughing hysterically.

They had all drawn one-another as little Rasta-looking peas, wearing the classic droopy beanie, joint in mouth. About a week later, one of them stumbled upon the drawings and sent the other two a message with a photo of the artwork. This ensued in plenty of endless laughter and a whole lot of confusion as to what exactly went down that night. Also, discovering the filmed videos of the chin lip-syncing performance really solidified that the evening had been a ridiculous, hilarious high mess.

The lesson in this story: smoking that much cannabis can make you do random, creative things you could probably never come up with sober.

2. A Ridiculous First-Time High Experience…

First-times getting high are normally a recipe for something crazy to happen, but this individual, in particular, had quite the eventful night.

This was technically the second time this person had actually smoked, because the first time they had, they didn’t get stoned (which is a pretty common reaction to the first hits you will ever take). This time around, on some level, this individual expected to be just as sober as they were the first time they tried marijuana.

However, that certainly did not end up being the case, which they realized the hard way: through some embarrassing, but funny, happenings.

Many who enjoy marijuana like to find a nice spot to light up at; sometimes this is termed a ponderosa. A West Coast slang term that describes: a place that cannabis lovers go especially to relax a little and enjoy some ganja, explains ponderosa down to a T.

These four friends went about their night, looking for a proper ponderosa, deciding on a cozy spot down by the water on a secluded beach. This particular person was a bit embarrassed about their lack of experience, so she decided to lie and not tell the other three that this was basically her first time ever trying cannabis.

They began to pass a bong around on the beach for about 10 minutes until the bowl was burnt out and ready to be packed again. One friend asked the inexperienced girl to blow out the bowl and pack a new one, which automatically resulted in the newbie getting a little nervous. She thought for a second, definitely already really high and slow at this point (low tolerance), and decided that blowing out the bowl meant basically backflushing the water out of the bong.

She proceeded to place her mouth on the bong opening, the top of the tube where you suck smoke from, which ended up with her getting drenched in dirty, nasty bong water and making a complete fool out of herself in front of the other three.

She wandered around for the rest of the evening with her friends literally reeking of old bong water, and we all know how nasty that stuff smells. Worst of all, it had gotten into her hair as well, so there was no way this smell was going away until a proper shower was had.

But the evening of embarrassing yet funny moments did not just stop there.

Right after the bong water incident, the four friends decided to go grab something quick to eat, to take care of those munchies. They headed to a local fast food joint, and the girl went into the bathroom. As she was walking towards the sink, she noticed her own reflection and it scared the crap out of her so bad that she stood there shocked by the image she saw for probably 10 minutes or more, basically just losing track of time.

By the time she got out of the bathroom, her friends were wondering if she was alright, as they had already received all their food orders and quite a bit of time had elapsed. After they ate, they decided to go sit in their cars for a little while and chat, as many friend groups like to do.

This was only about 9:00 o’clock in the evening, and they decided to park in the beach’s nearby parking lot which had only a couple of cars present at the time. They were all talking nonchalantly amongst each other and laughing when suddenly they saw red and blue lights behind them and a flashlight walking towards the car window. Suddenly, they all realized it was the police and started to freak out pretty badly, frantically trying to hide their paraphernalia.

The cop started to knock on their car window and they opened the door. He began to question them a bit, while they did everything they could to remain as calm as possible. After about 5 minutes, the cop decided to leave them alone and continued with his evening patrol. As soon as he was out of visible range, the four friends began to laugh hysterically, discussing how they just barely dodged a massive bullet, and how lucky they were that this situation did not end differently.

3. The Way Too High Fast Food Munchies Mix-Up…

We all know that when the munchies hit while being really freakin’ baked, they hit really hard…

Two friends were driving around after blazing, enjoying 4 or 5 bowls. They were pretty stoned by this poit, and suddenly decided that they had the craving for McDonald’s. They decided to go through the drive-thru, which had a pretty big late-night line, (apparent,ly a lot of people have this “craving” in the evening, or maybe they are all just mega baked too).

After waiting about 20 minutes to get to the order window (which probably felt like 2 hours for the two high friends), one of them looked at the other and suddenly exclaimed, “dude, we are at f**king Wendy’s!”.

The duo got pretty embarrassed about the whole mix-up, but decided to order nevertheless because they were just completely starving by this point.

4. When You Just Don’t Realize How Strong the Space Cakes Actually Are…

people high on weed

We have all heard of edibles gone a little wrong… Two friends had to learn this the hard way. They received some space cakes from a mutual friend, who claimed that these edibles were super strong. This provider was well-versed in the world of cannabis, a real cannaisseur as some might say, so in reality, these two friends should have really listened to his warning.

They decided to try the treats later that evening, attempting to keep in mind the intense potency. They began by eating between ¼ and ½ a cake each, and knew they needed to wait about an hour to feel the effects kick in.

After about 1 hour and 15 minutes, they were surprised that they had not started feeling any of the high yet, and so they decided that they needed to up the dose a bit because it was not working. They both split the rest of the cake and chose to wait one more hour.

About 5-10 minutes passed when suddenly one of the friends began experiencing a tingling sensation. He quickly asked the other if he too was feeling this sensation, and the friend exclaimed, “yeahhhh, I feel it too”.

As 10 more minutes passed, the high suddenly got way more intense, becoming more extreme as time continued to pass. At some point, the friends just heard buzzing and their vision became blurry, which really freaked them out, so they started pacing around.

One friend asked the other, “what are we going to do once the full effects hit in an hour?”

Suddenly the other friend’s jaw dropped to the ground and he began walking in quick circles for a few minutes worrying, finally saying, “what are we going to do!?”

The other friend muscled up some courage and they both decided they were just going to have to make the best out of the situation, because they had done this to themselves and they had even been forewarned.

They chose to just try and take it easy, so they put on a movie. They both laid in bed and felt as if they were paralyzed and not able to move, when suddenly the TV began to appear as if it was in 3D, popping out of the screen with the images hitting them in the face. They laid there for 8 hours unable to move or talk until finally, both fell asleep.

The lesson in all of this? Take it easy with the cakes, boys and girls — unless you’re ready to get extremely baked!

Final Thoughts on How High You Can Get on Weed

After reading all the accounts of these funny stoned experiences, the answer seems pretty obvious: you can get yourself pretty damn high as long as you’ve got the good green stuff and the desire to consume a whole lot of it! And even in the worst case experiences when you are freaking out and feel like you’re ready to call an ambulance, the story still ends up being pretty funny when all is said and done!

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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