Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Do You Smoke Them? [Answered]

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Let’s be clear. When we say ‘moon rocks,’ we don’t mean the kind collected by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Instead, we refer to the expensive yet highly potent weed nugs that will very likely send you to outer space and back. Frequent users claim that smoking moon rocks is one of the best ways to enjoy the herb, so if you want to get extremely high, keep reading to find out about these potent little hitters.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are effectively weed buds dipped in hash oil (or sprayed with it), which you then roll in kief. It is relatively easy to create one, and it is a method of experimentation best enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs with a high tolerance to weed. You’ll need it because best estimates suggest that they contain around 51% THC! That’s more than double the potency of many powerful marijuana strains.

There is a suggestion that a dispensary named Starbudz60 was the first to conjure up these powerful balls of bliss. However, the famous West Coast rapper Kurupt has popularized moon rocks, and there is even a special trademarked ‘Kurupt Moonrock’ available for sale.

Lovers of rap will probably know that he signed to the infamous Death Row Records label back in the 1990s, and his partner Dr. Zodiak tagged along. Today, you’ll find that all the original moon rock products from that era are now known as Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock.

Don’t assume that all moon rocks for sale are of premium quality.

Sadly, there are plenty of shady individuals selling pretty bad versions. These unscrupulous dealers will create moon rocks using their lowest quality nugs, and downright terrible oil hidden beneath mediocre kief. Each rock will have a different effect based on the strains used, along with cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

While there are plenty of reputable sellers of moon rocks, it is worth trying to make your own first, and we’ll show you how to do it below.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?

moon rock weed

You can probably guess why moon rocks received their name! When you get a high-quality version, you will feel as if you’ve boarded a spaceship headed to the moon and beyond. A moon rock hit offers one of the most potent drug effects you’re likely to have while on marijuana.

First, you get a high-terpene taste of kief, which is gorgeous. Second, moon rocks produce immense-sized clouds, so you’ll have a whole new experience with each hit. Finally, the high is likely nothing you’ve ever experienced. Seriously, even the highest-THC marijuana strains offer a pale imitation of what a moon rock session will do.

It begins with an uplifting cerebral head high, which spreads right down to your toes.

Within 30 minutes, you’re in Jim Morrison territory, but instead of making sweet music, your mind will be in space for what seems like forever. Most users report smoking moon rocks and waking up 12 or so hours later wondering what the hell happened.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

While there are multiple ways of creating cannabis moon rocks, we’re going to show you a relatively quick and straightforward method.

The key to making outstanding marijuana moon rocks is, of course, the quality of the ingredients.

As you’re creating it yourself, you can control the potency by choosing strong or weak flowers, oil, and kief. However, most moon rocks users are seeking a monster high, and there’s no point making them if you’re not aiming for an epic sensation.

Therefore, we recommend using high-quality, freshly cured indoor flowers, bubble hash kief, and flower rosin, which is an extremely potent extract. If, for some reason, you want to reduce the potency, try a high-CBD strain or CBD isolate instead of kief. Along with the three primary ingredients, you also need tongs, a knife, and a liquid dropper.

A Few Simple Steps to Help You Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating marijuana moon rocks.

  1. Choose a fresh, whole nug that won’t fall apart, and make sure the kief is in a jar ready for the final step.
  2. Drizzle the hash oil on the nug. If you’re using your favorite concentrate, dab some on a knife, heat it, and apply.
  3. Pick up the hot nug with tongs and roll it in the kief until it is covered all over.
  4. Repeat for as many nugs as you can handle and wait for it to dry before smoking it.

As you can see, this is a handy alternative if you are unable to find moon rocks for sale.

Easy Moon Rock Smoking Tips

The ‘problem’ with this method of marijuana use is extreme potency. As such, you need to learn how to smoke moon rocks, or else you’ll feel as if you were shot out of a cannon. If you’re ill-prepared, the effects could incapacitate you, and it is normal for inexperienced users to miss work or important engagements because the high was so extreme.

Before you start, make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten recently. After your intense session, you’ll become extremely dehydrated, and cottonmouth is likely. We advise you to ensure there are several liters of water to hand so you can gradually drink it while you smoke. If you don’t, you’ll soon regret it when the high hits and eradicates your ability to move!

The best way to smoke moon rocks is in a quiet location where you can relax without fear of interruption.

If you become mind-numbingly high, remain calm and stay where you are! Take a few slow, deep breaths, enjoy the ride, and learn your lesson!

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

When learning how to smoke moon rocks, rule #1 is never to use a grinder. You must not fall into the trap of treating moon rocks in the same manner as flowers. If you make the mistake of placing your rocks through a grinder, they will become excessively sticky, and you won’t be able to turn them.

Also, you are guaranteed to lose a significant amount of kief and oil on the nugs to the grinder’s teeth; what a waste! The best practice is to divide the moon rock into smaller pieces by hand, if possible, before smoking.

If you enjoy a joint now and then, add some moon rocks to the mix for a superior high. Most users can toss some on their flower and roll it up. It is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with various marijuana strains. Favored combinations include Jack Herer kief with Bubba Kush hash and Diesel flower.

Once you’re ready to dig into your moonrock bud, pause for a moment. Have you completed all your tasks for the day? If not, get them done first before embarking on your mission to the moon. If you think we’re exaggerating the moon rock high, you’ve never tried it! Some users believe their creative streak will come to the fore but soon realize that even moving from one room to the next is hard work in the midst of the high.

Using a Glass Bong or Desktop Vaporizer with Moon Rocks

moon rocks weed

As smoking moon rocks is a long way removed from using traditional flower, you need to use a glass bong, pipe, or even a desktop vaporizer to derive the most significant benefit. You will have to break down the moon rocks with your fingers. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, or else the oil will melt in the heat between your fingers and cause you to lose some of the precious concoction!

After you have chosen a piece of moon rock, use some regular weed as the base in your bong to help the rock burn more evenly. Remember when moon rocks are heated, there is a delay, because the heat has to melt the wax and burn the flower. Therefore, you must add some weed first and pack the moon rock with it.

Due to the delayed heating reaction, most users tend to avoid ripping it hard to ensure the rock doesn’t burn unevenly. Instead, it is better to enjoy it via a long, slow, and continuous pull.

This process helps melt the first layer of the kief and wax and enables you to get to the nug, which will burn in typical fashion.

A desktop vaporizer is a better option for smoking moon rocks because it is more powerful than its portable counterpart and more likely to handle flower and oil simultaneously. If your vaporizer isn’t capable of this, don’t attempt to smoke moon rocks in it. While your device may have individual attachments for flower and concentrate, trying to use moon rocks could damage your vaporizer.

Final Conclusion on Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are called ‘caviar gold’ because they are the weed experience enjoyed by genuine aficionados. Moon rocks are not a specific strain of marijuana. Instead, they are a product made by combining various weed elements and creating a bundle of joy that will provide you with the best high of your life.

For a cannabis session you won’t forget (or remember) in a hurry, why not use Girl Scout Cookies as your base, soak it in premium grade hash oil for a week, and cover it in a layer of the best kief available?

While you can purchase moon rocks weed in dispensaries where weed is legal for sale, it is typical to pay over $1,400 per ounce! Yes, you are looking at close to $200 for an eighth, but on the plus side, you need far less to get high than regular weed. However, it isn’t challenging to create your own version. Just combine the three main elements of marijuana and follow the instructions outlined above.

As well as smoking moon rocks, you can elect to add them to edibles, although most users prefer the splendid smoking experience. You will need glassware to use moon rocks, and we don’t recommend trying them if you’re a cannabis neophyte. Once you’re ready to smoke your moon rocks, go to a quiet location, and enjoy a real lunar mission!

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